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Chapter 3 - The Key of Light

Sora has seemingly lost his memory can Riku and the others find it?

Chapter 3 - The Key of Light

Chapter 3 - The Key of Light
Riku leapt backward, away from the creature as it stretched it's limbs, as if waking from a longs sleep. The creature's eyes scanned it's surroundings, and ultimately fell on Sora, who was watching it curiously. Hefting it's large blade, the creature stepped forward and raised the blade above it's head. Riku dashed forward to attack. The creature turned it's head as he approached, and swiftly twisted it's weapon downward to block Riku's attack at it's abdomen. Riku, surprised at it's speed, slashed yet again with Sora's Keyblade, only to be blocked once more. He hesitated and the creature quickly swept Riku's legs out from under him with the pole end of it's weapon. Riku hit the floor and raised the keyblades above him, expecting another attack. The monster swung with all it's might at Riku, who closed his eyes, bracing for the impact. The blade crashed loudly against the two Keyblades sending a clang echoing throughout the darkness. The vibrations of the strike rattled down Riku's arms violently. The creature raised it's weapon again, but this time, struck with the opposite side, knocking the Keyblades out of Riku's hands. They rattled several yards away onto the shadowy floor. Riku opened his eyes in fright, gazing at the winged monster then looking over at the Keys, which were hopelessly far away for him to reach. Once more the beast reared back it's obscene weapon to prepare for the final, obliterating strike.
"Hmmm I don't think Sora will be needing this anymore."
Adam appeared from behind the beast and picked up the gold and silver Kingdom Key. The creature had paused to wait for his master's command. Riku tried to get to his feet but the monster kicked him back down onto the invisible floor pointing it's weapon at Riku's neck.
Riku eyed Adam with malice.
"Give back the Keyblade!"
Adam paced before him, relishing the moment.
Suddenly there was a flash, and the keyblade was gone.
"What!?" he cried out, looking around for the missing weapon.
Without warning, three bolts of energy shot at Adam, who blocked them with his own Keyblade. He strafed to the side to dodge three more.
Riku looked for the source of the attack and saw, standing next to a black-robed figure, Sora, holding his Keyblade. The robed figure removed it's hood, revealing a short haired blonde woman with two long antennae-like strands of hair traversing her head from front to back. When their eyes met the lady looked away guiltily. Sora stepped forward while a fierce expression crossed Adam's face.
"How did you summon the keyblade!? Didn't you lose your memory?"
Sora approached them, ignoring the beast that loomed over Riku.
"True, my memory had vanished, but there was something in my heart that I knew very well, friendship. The light of friendship can never be taken away, and so it guided me to the rest of my heart, and I found the Keyblade. All of the memories rushed over me, and I finally found my purpose, and that purpose is to find the perfect light, one that not even shadows can exist within, shadows like you."
Adam smiled strangely.
"This might more difficult then I first thought. Oh well, there's always next time."
He looked at the creature, nodded, then vanished into the air.
Sora stepped forward angrily, then looked at the strange beast that threatened his friend. It had raised it's weapon high into the air and was preparing to strike. Sora lunged forward and struck at the creature's abdomen. The strike hit home and the creature hesitated, looked at Sora, then vanished in a puff of smoke. He lowered his keyblade and offered his hand to Riku, who took it, and pulled himself up.
"Thanks, Sora."
Sora smiled, picked up Way to Dawn, and handed it to Riku.
"Let's go."


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