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Chapter 14 - Breaking a Trance

Who'd would ever think that Jack would have a identical twin brother, thats a PIRATE!!!???

Chapter 14 - Breaking a Trance

Chapter 14 - Breaking a Trance
Then Sally walked into the room. "Sally!" yelled Jack and ran to his wife and hugged her, "Are you ok? Did Zack hurt you?" But instead of replying to Jack's questions, Sally slapped Jack in the face! Jack backed away, dumbfounded. "Don't touch me!" Sally yelled angerly. "Sally its me Jack, your husband." said Jack in a loving tone. "Your not my husband! I've always loved Zack, never you Jack!" Sally yelled angerly. Then Gracie walked up to Jack. "Remember she's been brainwashed, she doesn't mean any of this." said Gracie in a calm tone. "I know but how are we going to get the real Sally back?" questioned Jack in a worried tone. "Maybe if we just remind her of who she really is then she will go back to normal." said Melissa in a reashuring tone. "But what if that doesn't work?" questioned Kelsey in a worried tone. "Then we would have to go drastic." said Deseree in a serious tone.
Then Zack walked up to Sally. "You see dear brother that Sally now belongs to me. And there is nothing you can do about it." he said as he put an arm around Sally. "But why Zack? Why did you brainwash Sally? You didn't even like her. You always called her a worthless ragdoll." questioned Jack in a hurt tone. "Zack never called me a worthless ragdoll, you always called me that!" yelled Sally angerly at the top of her lungs. "She won't listen to you. She is under my control." Zack explained. "But you hated Sally." Gracie explained. Then Ann tugged on Gracie's robe. Gracie got to her knees so that she can see eye to eye socket with them. "Zack brainwashed Mom because he didn't want Sally to try and stop him." explained Kim. "And besides, the citizens would notice something if our mom and dad started fighting." said Michael. "Oh I get it now. Zack is using Sally as a pawn in all this." Gracie said in an understanding tone.
Then Zack drew Sally closer. He was about to kiss her! Jack, in all his rage, ran up to his brother and punched him in the face before his lips can touch Sally's! "Stay away from my wife!" yelled Jack angerly.
"So this is how you want to settle this. Ok fine. Bring it on brother!" yelled Zack. Then Jack and Zack started fistfighting and wrestling each other to the ground. "Go Jack!" cheered Gracie. "Don't be a fool. Zack is going to win this and you stupid humans won't step foot in Halloween Town ever again!" said Sally in an angry tone. Then Gracie grabbed Sally by the arm and took her away from the fight so that she wouldn't get hurt.
"Get your bloody paws off me!!" yelled Sally as she got her arm free from Gracie's grip. "Sally this isn't like you. We're your friends please listen." said Melissa in a begging tone. "Why would I listen to you freeks? You were never my friends." snapped Sally in responce. "Yes we were your friends! Sally please listen! We were bridesmaids in your wedding with Jack." yelled Kelsey hoping that would make Sally remember. "I never married Jack! I married Zack, the true pumkin king!" yelled Sally the anger rising in her voice. "NO YOU DIDN'T! DON'T YOU REMEMBER ANYTHING?" Deseree yelled at the top of her lungs. "You love JACK, NOT Zack. You risked your life for Jack during the Christmas insident. Remember?" questioned Gracie in a hopeful tone. "I did not save Jack on that day. I saved Zack." said Sally in an angry tone. "This is hopeless! Whatever Zack did to have Sally forget he did a good job of doing it." said Melissa in a stressed tone. Then Ann, Kim, Michael, and Vince walked up to Sally. "Mommy please listen to Gracie and her friends." said Kim in a sad tone. "Please, we want you to get back to normal." said Michael in a sad tone. "We want you to love Daddy again." said Ann in a sad tone. "Why, I have always loved your father. And I will always love Zack." said Sally in a loving motherly tone. "Oh great! Its getting worse!" said Deseree. "Now she thinks Zack is the true father of Ann, Kim, Michael, and Vince." said Kelsey.
Back at the fight it looked like Jack was winning. "I don't get it. Of all the ghouls in Halloween Town you had to choose Sally as yours. Why?" questioned Zack dodging some of Jack's punches. "Sally means everything to me. I love her with my dear heart. And you, Zack, shall pay for what you have done to her!" yelled Jack in an angry tone throwing more punches at Zack. "She's just a worthless ragdoll." said Zack in an evil tone. "NO SHE ISN'T" yelled Jack at the top of his lungs. Then Jack threw one final punch at Zack and it knocked him to the ground, defeated.
Sally moaned a little and rubbed her eyes. "Jack?" she questioned in a soft tone. She looked at Jack and ran into his arms. "I'm so sorry. I should of kno..." started Sally in between sobs. "Its ok Sally. I'm here now and thats all that matters." said Jack in a loving tone, he was rubbing her back calming her down while she was sobbing on his shoulder.
"Well Zack," said Gracie "It looks like your plan is done for." "Thats what you think." said Zack in an evil tone.


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Vikstar on March 12, 2006, 4:01:03 AM

Vikstar on
VikstarWhy do u stop??!!! MORE! U have 2 write more becasue this is alos one of your best!
Just a suggestion, but I think it would be good if you did another story but put more Lock Shock and Barrel in it :)

minespatch on August 16, 2004, 12:38:37 PM

minespatch on
minespatchmore! more! more!
just please don't hurt zack! he's my favorite character!