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Chapter 1 - The Invite

a funny KH fic i had on, so if u see shout-outs to ppl unkown to this site...their from ff.n, anyways the story is about a party i'm throwing and it's very cute..enjoy n.n

Chapter 1 - The Invite

Chapter 1 - The Invite
Okayu: HEY PPL!!! I gots a new story for ya!!

Osuku: T_T even though she didn't finish her other stories.

Okayu: ^^U yah but I jus had to make this story. I hads to make a funny KH story now here it is.

DISCLAIMER: Osuku: Okey *Okayu glares at Osuku* ^^U hehe I mean Okayu, does not own KH so no sueing thank u.

~*~*Chapter 1*~*~

::Okayu is sitting in her parents room looking through all their stuff::

Okayu: hm..i wonder what they keep in here *opens parent's closet* nope nothing *closes it*

::Osuku walks in::

Osuku: what are you doing? *crosses arms*

Okayu: looking for something to do, why?

Osuku: oh, because I was thinking maybe we could call up some people an have some what of a get together, neh?

Okayu: *jumps up* YEH AN I KNOW JUS WHO TO CALL!!

::Ghost Buster's music starts to play::

Okayu: --;; that's not what I meant

::Music stops::

Okayu: OK!! FOLLOW ME!! *points importantly*

Osuku: -_-U why do I even bother

~*In the kitchen*~

::Okayu grabs the phone an looks down a list of phone numbers::

Osuku: Any day now

Okayu: hush up.AH HA!!!!

Osuku: What?

Okayu: ^-^ We could call Sora

Osuku: And?

Okayu: We could call Sora

Osuku: -_- Sora is NOT gonna be the only guest

Okayu: Why not?

Osuku:'d be fun to have other people too.I mean with just Sora, that really isn't a party

Okayu: Aahs! *sly grin spreads across face* it is to me

Osuku: *throws book at Okayu* GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER!!

Okayu: @_@ o okay


Okayu: k got it *dials number*


Sora: Ello?

Okayu: ^-^ Ello

Sora: O hi Kayu-chan

Okayu: Hey Sor! Guess what!

Sora: What?


Sora: And.

Okayu: And.I'd like you to come

Sora: IT isn't just me is it?

Okayu: Mayyyyyyyyybe

Sora: --;; That's it I'm hanging up!!

Okayu: NO NO!!! I was just kidding

Sora: O okay, so who else is coming?

Okayu: You, Riku, you, Kairi.I guess, you, Osuku's gonna be here, you, Cloud, you..


Okayu: ^-^ good I'm glad o and before I forget.there's gonna be a special guest

Sora: Who?

Okayu: YOU!

Sora: *hangs up*

Okayu: Hey..


Okayu: *hangs up the phone*

Osuku: So what'd he say?

Okayu: He said he wanted to marry me so I has to go pick out a dress now

Osuku: o okay.HEY wait a second.WHAT DID HE REALLY SAY BAKA!!

Okayu: ^_^ He hung up on me.I wonder why?

Osuku: --;; hopeless

Okayu: maybe.I'm hopelessly inlove

Osuku: *anime fall*

~*Sora's House*~

Sora: *picks up phone* hmmmmm..i guess I'll call Riku *dials Riku's phone number*


Riku's mom: Hello? Sora: HEY! Hi it's Sora can I talk to Riku?

Riku's mom: sure hold on

::5 minutes later::

Riku: Ello

Sora: Ello, so did Okayu call you yet?

Riku: Hm? no why?

Sora: o cause she's throwing a party

Riku: She is? Does it include sugar?

Sora: I dunno

Riku: I'll call her k? hold on

Sora: k

~*Okayu's House.Kitchen*~

Okayu: K now who's left?

Osuku: Riku

Okayu: ewwwwwww..i think I'll call-

::Phone starts to ring::

Okayu: *picks up phone* Ello?

Riku: HEY! So I heard your having a party

Okayu: T_T Let me guess, Sora told you?

Riku: yep ^^

Okayu: Be here at

Riku: OO um ok

Okayu: Tell Kitty to

Riku: WA?

Okayu: *giggles* I mean Sora *hangs up*

~*Riku's House*~

Riku: Kitty? *goes back to Sora* Guess what.T.T Kitty?

Sora: What?....wait a second.did you jus call me Kitty?

Riku: I didn't call you that Okayu did

Sora: o

Riku: so is it some secret code name or something?


Riku: -.- uh-huh suuuuuuure. Well anyway, she told me that she wants us over there now so see ya *hangs up*

Sora: HEY!!!


Okayu: K that's all sorry if it wasn't funny.I'm jus starting out..but I promise it will become funny

Osuku: yah so R&R


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KingdomHeartsQueen on June 6, 2006, 6:25:21 AM

KingdomHeartsQueen on
KingdomHeartsQueenI like how you make riku dumb and sora like whatever and kairi like a .. wait she's not here yet make her like explode
SORA: everyone loves me
Cynth: Especially me
Sora: ohh of course *smiles*
Cynth: *smiles*

moonstar_neko on March 6, 2004, 5:37:56 AM

moonstar_neko on
moonstar_nekoactually, it was hillarius. my sugar!*runs in circles*

AnGeLsNeSt on March 4, 2004, 9:34:46 AM

AnGeLsNeSt on
AnGeLsNeStlol, that waz cute! ^-^

PunkPrincessAshie on January 24, 2004, 11:36:49 PM

PunkPrincessAshie on
PunkPrincessAshieok what's that suppose to mean?!?!