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Chapter 9 - 32% Barbie

Okay....So It''s easier to post all my quizzes here...instead of put them in my blogs...AND YEAH....

Chapter 9 - 32% Barbie

Chapter 9 - 32% Barbie
How much are you like Barbie?
To find out just delete the other persons X's and put your own!

[] you own a hair straightener
[X] you own a hair curler
[] you wear make up most of the time
[] you have a pink car
[] you have a pink camera
[] you have a mirror in your room

Total so far= 1

[] your room is pink and/or with a different color
[] you have blonde hair
[]you have blue eyes and kinda green
[x] you own more than 4 pairs of shoes and or sandals
[x] you have at least one pink pillow

Total so far = 3

[X] your friends call you dumb/stupid (Yeah as a joke...)
[] you straighten your hair almost everyday
[] you dye your hair
[X] you have or had high-lights
[] you have/had a pink phone

Total so far = 5

[] have your own bathroom
[X] you look in the mirror at least 5 times a day
[] you have/had pink lights in your room
[X] you have/had pink lip gloss

Total so far = 7

[] you have at least 1 pink photo frame
[] you have a mobile phone
[] you have a computer in your room
[] you have a TV in your room
[X] you have an iPod or mp3 player
[] you had to use a calculator to add up this quiz

Total so far= 8

Multiply your answer by 4 to get your percentage. Copy and paste. Put your percentage as the subject of this message then the word 'Barbie' after it.


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