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Chapter 18 - I'm Bored.

Okay....So It''s easier to post all my quizzes here...instead of put them in my blogs...AND YEAH....

Chapter 18 - I'm Bored.

Chapter 18 - I'm Bored.
Name: Paige
Age: 14
Grade: 9th
Location: Tay U.S.A.

Deeper into the mind:
Crush: Not telling
Boyfriend/girlfriend: none
husband/wife: none
Hate: Not Much
Miss: Peoplez

Recent history:
Last time you brushed your teeth: Last night
Brushed Hair: An Hour Ago?
Showered: Uh… Yesterday Evening?
Ate: Lunch
Laughed: When I was Reading
Used the computer: This. Very. Second.
Typed: Read Above!
Cried: Like… an Hour Ago?
Blogged: Uhm… A long time ago.

Long ago history:
Birthed: August 6th 1996
Ate something gross: I Can’t Remember
Did something embarrasing and your parents got a picture of it: No Idea
Experienced something tragic to your mind: All the Time.
An event you'll never forget: A lot of Stuff.

Hoped career: Pastry Chef
College?: Some Arts College
Location: Florida.
Wealth: Millionare....I wish...XD

Actions; Likes/Dislikes:
Often doing mentally: Thinking
Often doing physically: Typing or Drawing.
Instrument?: Violin
Music?: Pop-Rock
Like to sing?: Yes
Favorite musician/band: Adam Lambert!
Favorite songs: TOO MANY! And I’m lazy.
Manga: Black Butler.
Most common hobbies (2): Drawing, and Using the Computer
Favorite color: Grey

Glasses: No :(
Braces: Not yet
Acne: Tiny bit
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 117?
Natural hair color: Goldish Redish Brown
Eye color: Grey

Black/white: White
Pink/Purple: Purple
Winter/Summer: Summer
Spring/Fall: Fall
Snow/shine: Shine
Clouds/clear: Clouds
Stomache ache/head ache: WTF? Head Ache?
Christmas/Easter: Christmas
Toothfairy/Santa: No Thanks/
Computer/Laptop: Computer -shot-

Tag some people:
You….. and You…. And You!


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