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Chapter 2 - Fin Crested Serpent Data

Simple bios that I have created for the species that I have made throughout the years. Each one of these creatures belong to me. Please do not claim them as your own creation.

Chapter 2 - Fin Crested Serpent Data

Chapter 2 - Fin Crested Serpent Data

Main Species: Giant Serpent Dragon

Specific Species: Fin Crested Serpent/Viper

Life Span: Birth - 250 years

Where it lives: In rocky regions and in jungle habitats where the giant serpent can move around and heat up more.

When it lived: During the Prehistoric years up until the middle ages. Some descendants can be seen today.

Mating habits: For every 20 males there are 5 breeding females within an area. Just like snakes they form a huge mating ball.

Eating Habits: Generally Ambushers and stalkers. Also known to be constrictors. Carnivorous predators.

Behavior: Highly aggressive, these serpents have been know to destroy and entire town when they are in search of a new territory. The Fin Crests come in a wide variety but their reputation as being the most vicious and dangerous creature during their time, Males of the species can be known for their huge, brightly colored fins that atone their heads where ears should be. The males dull colored bodies are general a mixture of dark colors while the fins on their heads are the only brightly colored thing except for their eyes. The females are the complete opposite with small dull colored fins and brightly colored bodies. Legend has it that if you are bitten by a Fin Crested Serpent their special poison will turn you into a Fin Crested Hydra* for a week, their poison was designed to kill animals and not humans so this side effect can be deadly.

Lungs: They have 5 lungs, two for breathing air, 2 for storing a toxic gas and the last for story a special breeding chemical.

Wingspan: No Wings Present on the animal

Height: When up to full height in strike position they can be about 15 foot tall, that is without their large fins.

Length: Averaging 45 - 55 foot in length the largest found was 65 foot in length.

Width: 4 - 5 ft depending on length.

Weight: 850 - 1000lbs.

Breath Attack: These serpents have been know to spent a noxious corrosive gas that dissolves any organic matter. They have also been known to spit out their poison almost like a spitting cobra.

Weapons: These serpents have their entire body that they can use as a weapon; the immense weight of the serpent is enough to knock anyone off their feet if they are hit. These serpents also have their poisonous bite as well as they deadly glare. If a person were to stare to long into the serpent's eyes they will find themselves immobilized and then the serpent can have an easier target.

Hunting Tactics: Usually known for being an ambusher these serpents will lay in wait in a heavily covered area for their prey to walk by. Sometimes they will go in search of prey, their long slender bodies making it easy for them to move through some of the most difficult areas, such as small opens amongst other things.

What it eats: These serpents will eat anything from small mammals up to a whelpling Volcanian Dragon.

Number of young per year: A Female Fin Crested Serpent/Viper can lay an average of 50 eggs per year, these serpents generally lay between 50-75 eggs in a single nesting. Once the young hatch they are on their own to fend for themselves, nearly half of these young serpents are killed within the first 3 years of their lives.

Skin Covering: Scales on their bodies the fins finger like plays are made out of a hard bone like material and the membranes between those are made out of thin leather like material.

*Fin Crested Hydra's: A rare sub-species of the original. These serpents generally have 3 heads. 1 out of every 20 eggs laid will bear a Hydra embryo in it.

*Fin Crested Armored Hydra's: A rare sub-species of the original. These serpents are known for their armor plated backs and their colorful spines. 1 out of every 45 eggs laid will bear a Armored Hydra embryo in it.


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