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Chapter 4 - Meronixin Dragon Data

Simple bios that I have created for the species that I have made throughout the years. Each one of these creatures belong to me. Please do not claim them as your own creation.

Chapter 4 - Meronixin Dragon Data

Chapter 4 - Meronixin Dragon Data

Main Species: Dinosaur Based Dragon (Walks on hind legs)

Specific Name: Meronixin Dragon (Swift Runner Dragon)

Lifespan- Birth - 75 (Human Years) 1500 (Draconic Years)

Where it lives: Large plains, open fields and can be seen living amongst humans

When it lived: In the early Medieval times up until now

Mating Habits: Usually living in herds with one dominate male that breeds with all the females.

Eating Habits: They mainly eat veggies depending on where they live. Usually grazing like cattle in the open fields under trees.

Behavior: These dragons have two totally different personalities, Males are usually dull colored and have a mild placid nature the females of the species are brightly colored and have a more vicious attitude. Highly territorial the females will guard their lands with all their might, males help out but not as often. There is generally one alpha female to a group, she will be the leader of the herds and will keep things in line. The alpha male of the herd has no say in the matter; the Alpha female is in charge of everything. Moving through the lands to find more grazing lands these animals have been captured by humans and tamed to become riding mounts in some areas, highly sought after in several areas these animals are prized mounts for many. Usually the Meronixin's are used in county events such as rodeos; the bests make more challenging bulls and are graceful when it comes to events like Barrel Riding.

Lungs: 4 one set of lungs for breathing and a second set of extra lungs to help keep them up to speed. Their lungs are slightly large than a normal dragons.

Wing span: 12ft (Without Width, Meant for gliding not flight)

Height: 8 - 9 ft

Width: 3 ½ ft

Weight: 650-700lbs

Breath Attack: The Meronixin have no breath weapons at their disposal.

Weapons: As stated before the 7 inch claws these dragons have on their hind legs are their main weapon. Raptor like they can slash out with these claws which can prove fatal if they hit a vital area. The saber like fangs these creators sport are also used as a weapon, just like a Saber tooth Cat the Meronixin have a jaw that can open to about 180 degrees, allowing the dragon to fit a human sized head in it's mouth. Their long whip like tails can be used as a strong whip to knock back and enemy and if hit hard enough the enemy could end up with several broken bones.

Hunting Tactics: Herbivorous by nature the Meronixin spends most of it's time wandering the grasslands chewing on grassy stalks, they will occasionally go to a fruit bearing tree and climb up to eat some of the juicy fruits the tree bears.

What it eats: Fruits, grass, occasionally leafs

Number of young per year: A Female Meronixin can have between 10-15 live born kits, during the times when the herds move usually only one female will watch all of the kits.

Skin Covering: Scales, these scales are rock hard and provide rough armor plating on the creature's body.


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