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Chapter 5 - The Zaskna Species Data

Simple bios that I have created for the species that I have made throughout the years. Each one of these creatures belong to me. Please do not claim them as your own creation.

Chapter 5 - The Zaskna Species Data

Chapter 5 - The Zaskna Species Data

Main Species: Feline Anthromorphs

Specific Species: Zaskna

Lifespan: Birth - 6000

Where they live: Forested Areas, Mountain Ranges, as well as cities

When they lived: The Zaskna was common in the early medieval ages up until now and is very common amongst human cities.

Mating habits: The Zaskna is a very loving race, if they were to get mated (AKA Married) they would do it for love and not because they were told.

Eating Habits: The Zaskna are Omnivores. They farm crops and raise livestock and also hunt and fish. They have a wide range of eating habits.

Behavior: The Zaskna are generally a very calm race, they will stick to their own laws as well as their own territories but are naturally curious. Based after the larger cat races (Lions, Tigers, Leopards, etc.) they have a natural flexibility to their bodies and are well sought after when it comes to jobs. The Zaskna have been known to have a natural `easy angered' temper when around their young (Children) and are extremely protective of them. There are actually two classes of Zaskna, the Ferals and the Regulars. *See more under History of the Zaskna

There is only brief information about the race available at this time.

Height: They range from the average 5ft to almost 9ft in height

Weight: They weight from 150lbs. to about 350lbs. at most

Weapons: The Zaskna have a wide array of weapons, they use anything from swords and spears to their claws and teeth.

Hunting Tactics: The Zaskna are a pack hunting type of feline. They will generally hunt like that of the ancient raptors, stealthy and in groups targeting weaker prey first. The Zaskna will only kill enough food to last their tribe and will NEVER kill more than they need.

What they eat: Anything from bread and corn to meat and fish.

Number of Younger per Year: The average is about 1 child every 18 years, occasionally twins and triplets can be seen.

Skin Covering: The Zaskna have a nice silky fur covering their bodies, their wings are covered in a nice layer of feathers.

The Zaskna were thought to be gods back in the early medieval times. Since back then they were a rare breed and had been hunted to near extinction before then by primitive man. When man became more civilized they soon learned that the Zaskna were ones to be looked at with respect, since the feline anthromorphs had actually taught these humans how to farm in some areas. Humans learned from these wonderful creatures, and the humans had called them gods of hunting. Although the Zaskna had kept hidden during these times they liked the title of god and soon became more common. Living in clans of up to 50 at times they usually settled down close to a human camp or town. Guarding these people from anything that had came near; the Zaskna had become guardians to many. Although the Zaskna law prohibited humans to fall in love with their species and thus if a Human or Zaskna fell in love with the wrong species then they were taken care of in a most horrible fashion.

Time went by and soon the Zaskna came into a new threat, the elven race that had taken their forest. This had caused a great war between the races that lasted for many years, each side seeming to never weaken. Until one day when the chief (Ramous) of the Zaskna clan saw the Elven Princess (Thalami). It was a love at first sight sort of deal and the two had to get away from their duties in order to see each other. The two had eloped and this created a half breed between the two races (Drakkena), a half breed that no one knew of. When the elven king found out about this he had his daughter executed and soon captures the chief of the Zaskna clan holding him captive. Thought dead Drakkena took over as the cheiftess, with a sworn hatred for the elves that took away her family, although she didn't know that her mother had been one of the creatures she hated.

The Zaskna had been at war for well over 700 years before they finally settled down. Moving slowly into the human towns to explore new things, although Drakkena kept to herself to keep the law going she watched as several of her clan members had went to town. By now she had found her own mate (Karn) and had a son (Dementor). Although her son had grown to be a Feral* and was soon taken care of, then she had her daughter (Morning Star) who had grown up to be quite the looker for many of the clan. During her years of leading the clan Drakkena had seen many battles, the scars she had on her body are proof of that. She was resistant to go to the human clans until one day her mate dragged her there. This was when she found out about her fathers little elopement with the elf and what had happened to her true mother. In a rage Drakkena rushed out and went directly back to her clan grabbing her weapons before charging off to where the elves were. Killing many on the way in Drakkena was covered with blood by the time she had reached the elven king, in her fury she nearly ended up killing him. With her spear at his throat the maddened tigress was in a rage yet she held herself back from killing him, knowing well she wouldn't solve anything by killing him. Slamming her spear into the floor beside the king Drakkena looked at him once before walking out; her clan members were both stunned and scared by the sight of their chieftess when she returned. When she reveled what she had be told the clan to was shocked but also accepted Drakkena for what she was, for disobeying their chief would be a crime that none wanted to commit. Although after finding out that Drakkena was born from and elven maiden the clans soon set aside their differences and were soon allianced with each other. This lead to be an important thing, trade was good since the Zaskna could gather a good supply of wild animals that the elven hunters couldn't get and the elven race could make better weapons for the Zaskna. Although Drakkena was still uneasy about the alliance with the elves she soon let it go, allowing her clan members to let love go where it was needed, even if that love involved a human or an elf.

The Feral Zaskna is a feared group. Completely insane these creatures are feared by both the Zaskna and the other races. Ferals have a natural tendency of being extremely violent, aggressive and are capable of ripping a human to shreds within seconds. There are only a few ways that a Zaskna can go feral.

They are alone and slowly grown insane over time.

They have been tortured to near death in captivity

They a born when the female is in a natural state of insanity.

A natural example of the third listing would be Dementor (Drakkena's son); born when she was in a period of insanity the child was infected with a feral like instinct. This was an extremely dangerous thing for both Drakkena and her clan. When the child was capable of crawling he had become a menace to the clan, trying to destroy anything he could get a hold of. At the simple age of 10 the child had to be taken away and locked away by his mother.

Ferals show no feelings at all, the feel no love nor do they feel pain. The insanity drives these beasts on, and will eventually get them killed. If you were to put a mirror up to a Feral Zaskna the feral would instantly try to destroy the mirror and would end up killing itself if the situation continued.


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