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Chapter 6 - Voidwalker Dragon Data

Simple bios that I have created for the species that I have made throughout the years. Each one of these creatures belong to me. Please do not claim them as your own creation.

Chapter 6 - Voidwalker Dragon Data

Chapter 6 - Voidwalker Dragon Data

Main Species: Mutated Dragon

Specific Species: Voidwalker Dragon

Lifespan: Birth - 9000 years in age

Where it lives: These dragons live in a special realm that they create. They are known as the Voidwalker Dragons for this. Their realm consists of fiery rivers, volcanic mountain ranges, open savannahs, and things you would normally find in the deserts of Africa and from the deserts and plains around the world.

When it lived: These dragons lived during the age of the dinosaurs and still live to this date. They are never seen because they rarely journey or venture far from their outer realm.

Mating habits: These dragons are normally solitary, the only time they ever come together is during the breeding season. During this time Males will court the females with the neon bulbs on their heads, the colors of these bulbs vary from a bright neon green to bright neon pink.

Eating habits (Herbivorous, Carnivorous, and Omnivorous): Omnivorous, they eat a mixture of plant life found in the plains and savannah's and also eats fresh meat from kills.
Behavior: Very mysterious to man kind, these dragons have little known about them. The only things that can be told are that they are extremely aggressive when someone enters their territories and they are placid when they feel like they are going to die.

Lungs (Number): 6, 2 of these lungs are for normal breathing, 2 are for a black fiery breath the dragons shoot out, the 3 set is unknown.

Wingspan: 35 - 45 feet

Height: 20 - 25 feet

Width: 5 ½ - 6 ½ Inches

Weight: 750 - 950 pounds

Breath Attack: A Black Fiery Breath that petrifies anything it touches.

Weapons (Other then fire): Other than their Black breath attack these dragons use a wide array of weapons. Their Claws are long and slender and meant for slicing through the thickest of steels, their fangs are based off that of large serpents, jagged and meant for holding onto things. The mane that runs down their backs and the tufts of fur fond on their legs can be launched off like a Tarantula's hairs to cause blindness in the target for an immense period of time. The spider like decorations on the sides of their jaws can also be used as a weapon as well as their long tails.

Hunting tactics: Using a teleportation type of hunting style these dragons vanish into the shadows and show up on top of their prey grabbing it in a death hold by the throat with their jaws. Their tails act like a pythons and coil around the victim's body squeezing it until there is no life left.

What it eats: Plant life, Leaves, Grasses, others of their kind, and a mixture of small and large mammals found in their realm.

Number of young per year: 1 - 2 young every 20 years.

Skin Covering (Scales, Fur, etc.): These dragons are covered in a layer of jet black scales; these scales are extremely tiny and cannot be seen unless the viewer is up close. Lining their backs in the thick layer of hairs that can be launched off as a weapon. Their wings membranes are a very thick and durable type of material, some think it is leather others think it is something completely new.


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