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Chapter 7 - Wolkar Wyvern Data

Simple bios that I have created for the species that I have made throughout the years. Each one of these creatures belong to me. Please do not claim them as your own creation.

Chapter 7 - Wolkar Wyvern Data

Chapter 7 - Wolkar Wyvern Data

Main Species: Wyvern

Specific Species: Wolkar Wyvern

Life Span: Birth-100 (Human Years) 5,000 (Draconic Years)

Where it Lives: Mountainous Regions, they live in these specific areas to get the lift they need for flight.

When it lived: These dragons (Wyverns) lived during the prehistoric age and up until now. There long serpent like bodies and large wings allowed them to swim in the water which allowed them to avoid most of the KT event that happened. These Dragons still resemble what they looked like from their prehistoric cousins and nothing much has changed on them except their wing style.

Eating Habits: The Wolkar Wyvern's specialize in fishing, with their long muzzles that have a sharp point at the tip; they can use it like a spear to catch fish. Despite this feature they also have fangs, although they specialize in fishing they will take on cattle and larger prey if the need arises. These creatures also eat a special mineral found only in their mountainous living habits, this mineral looks almost like silver but has a wide array of colors in it that make it look almost like a rainbow like shiny rock.

Behavior: They take on an almost human like personality. Having developed a specialized social order and even their own special language as well as learning the human language as well. The Wolkar's have a sort of `law' system and live in large `city' like groups; they create their own homes and live almost like humans. Having small well like structures to bring up water, and they have even created fence like structures to house animals such as Deer, Elk and cattle (This they learned from watching Humans) to keep for food. Mild in Temper they aren't easily anger.

Lungs: The Wolkar Wyvern's have an average of 6 lungs. 2 are meant for breathing in air, the second set is used for storing energy reserves which allows them to live in the colder climates, and the last set is used for the special mineral they eat, this set of lungs stores the energy the creature gets from the mineral and uses it for a wide array of things that help the Wyvern's body run. The third set of lungs basically acts as a second heart.

Wing Span: 19ft-25ft

Height: 10ft-12ft

Width: 3 ½-5 ½ ft. (Space meant for lungs)

Weight: 350-600lbs.

Breath Weapon: They Wolkar Wyverns have a specialized breath weapon, they use the energy they get from the minerals they eat to power a blast of almost UV like rays, this can be turned into a flame if they wish or they can breath a beam of Ice out. They basically have 3 types of breath weapons, Fire, Ice and the Ray.

Weapons: Besides their breath weapons the Wolkar's have specialized claws on their wings which resemble that of a raptors hooked talon. Their wings claw like fingers are almost like human hands, they can grip onto things as well as fly with them. The Wolkar's fangs can also be used as a weapon; the long jagged fangs can grip onto things as well as rip. The last weapon they can rely on is their long slender bodies, their wings attack to about half of it but their tails can be used as a long whip and be capable of breaking several bones if they hit a human with enough force and power.

Hunting Tactics: Swift and cunning they can swoop down and catch a cow without warning. The Wolkar's use their tails to coil around their larger prey like a serpent does, constricting it until the animal is dead. When in the water they will sink down to the bottom with their prey and drown it, just like the crocodilians of today. Lastly when they are fishing they will spear a fish with their sharp tipped muzzle and just simply flip it down their gullet.

What it eats: Cattle, Elk, Deer, Fish, Humans (If it gets the chance), Horses, and other land based animals.

Number of Young Per Year: The Wolkar Wyvern's have between 1-4 live young every 5 years. The young stay around their mother until they have learned all of the habits of their species, including the human language.

Skin Covering: A hard scale like covering that has many different colored patterns on it. These pattern resemble that of a Japanese Fighting Fish (The Beta)


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