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Chapter 8 - Coralisk Naga Data 1

Simple bios that I have created for the species that I have made throughout the years. Each one of these creatures belong to me. Please do not claim them as your own creation.

Chapter 8 - Coralisk Naga Data 1

Chapter 8 - Coralisk Naga Data 1

Main Species: Naga Dragon

Specific Species: Coralisk Naga

Lifespan: Birth - 100+ (Exact Age Span is unknown)

Where it lives: These naga's are from a far off planet where humans and creatures live together. They are commonly found amongst cities but they can be found in their own home made villages which are located in forests close to rivers.

When it lived: When they lived is unknown, but they might have been around since the early medieval years up until now where they are found on the distant planet. The planet itself has not been named yet.

Mating habits: The typical mating habits of both a serpent and a human. These nagas are like humans, they will go out on dates, movies, etc. and in turn they get married.

Eating habits: Typical eating habits, they will either hunt for their food or go to the local restaurant or make their own homemade meal. They are pretty sophisticated in the local town areas.

Behavior: Each naga has their own personality. There are bound to be several with the same one but each one have something different about it. Males and females can look the same and they are based off serpents from earth and their own serpents. Most of them are usually social, hyper active crazed nut balls when it comes down to it, you only have very few (For the most part these few are have a common relation/look of a cobra) that are the more silent and evil types.

Lungs (Number): 2 just your typical breathing lungs.

Wingspan: They have no wings.

Height: Usually averaging about 7 - 8 ft. Until they stand up on half of their serpent body that will make them about 15 - 20 ft in height.

Width: It really depends on the species of the snake. If it is a constrictor their body width will be larger probably around 5 - 6 ft and if it is a poisonous type of species it could be around 3 - 4 ft.

Weight: Once again this truly depends on the species. Constrictors will be more heavy in weight probably around 2500 - 3500lbs while a poisonous serpent based body will be around 1500 - 2000 lbs.

Breath Attack: Only the species based off a spitting cobra will have something like this. Where they can spit their venom from their fangs.

Weapons (Other then fire): They will use a wide range of weapons, from their claws, fangs and bodies (And Venom if they have it) to guns, knives, swords, etc.

Hunting tactics: When and if they do hunt it will depend on the species. Constrictors won't rely on a weapon; they will mainly rely on their massive bodies. While the venomous species will rely on seeking out their prey and poisoning them.

What it eats: Oh it ranges, from the typical hamburgers and human foods to their hunted prey of deer, elks, moose, etc. and the large game on the planet.

Number of young per year: A female Coralisk is almost like a human. They are impregnated by the males and have a typical 9 month gestation period. When they are ready to give birth it will depend on the mother, some give live birth to 1 - 4 live born children. And others will lay between 100 - 200 eggs.

Skin Covering(Scales, Fur ect.): Scales cover their bodies, slick more sleek scales on their upper halves while they have the large plate scales for their under bellies.


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