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Chapter 9 - Coralisk Naga Data 2

Simple bios that I have created for the species that I have made throughout the years. Each one of these creatures belong to me. Please do not claim them as your own creation.

Chapter 9 - Coralisk Naga Data 2

Chapter 9 - Coralisk Naga Data 2

By: Jennifer Marie Crenshaw

The Coralisk Naga species is © To Jennifer Crenshaw 2003 - 2005 DO NOT claim the species as your own if you have drawn a fanwork piece of the creatures.

In this Bio of the Coralisk Naga's you will be learning about the different types in the species. Some may consider these guys as just ordinary Naga's but the truth is they are not.

Land Based Naga's (Landies)

Flying Based Naga's (Flyers)

Sea Based Naga's

All Around Naga's

The first species we will talk about is the most commonly seen of the group. The Land Based Coralisk's, while all of the Naga's can live in both land and sea the Land Based species prefers to stay inland and in towns. Their bodies are more slime lined, for faster transportation through towns and tight spaces.

Landie's as they are called are commonly seen around towns, and in forested areas. They are the most placid of the species, able to get along with most living things that they come in contact with. When in town they are a more happy go lucky type, constantly looking for new things chatting with people and a mixture of other things.

The common features of a Land Based Naga are

They have a slime lined body; their bodies will resemble that of a Vine Snake or Black Racer. Slime for speed and maneuverability.

Landie's don't have wings, nor do they have special features such as spines, ear fins, etc. Too much weight would slow them down.

They are found mostly around Towns, Forested areas and highly populated areas.

Only work in light weight jobs, such as Painter.

Landies tend to have wild hair styles, ranging from spikes to regular straight hair.

Land Based Naga's are extremely loving creatures. When it comes to love, these Naga's are the ones that take it to an extreme; they will pamper their mates to the up most extreme. Buying them whatever they want, getting them things they dream of, and pampering them with massages, vacation times, and sweet little get togethers, and many other things.

Landie's mate for life, if their lover doesn't feel the same way, like say if a Male Landie fell in love with a Human Female and the Human doesn't love him back, then the Landie will be in the biggest slump. Going days on end without eating or drinking, willing to die for its love rather than going off to find another one. In such cases the lover will eventually give in, because he/she cannot bear to see the creature suffering anymore. Usually when this happens the chosen lover will realize something, either love or hatred for the creature. If it's hatred then the `lover' will tell the Landie to leave, rather than having to put up with him/her anymore. Love is pretty much self explanatory.

Or Flyers, these guys are a truly interesting part of the Coralisk Naga species. Evolving wings for flight from their ancient ancestors the dragons, these guys can fly to great heights.

Almost like their land dwelling friends the Flyer's can be found in most towns, and up to the highest of mountains. Although they are a bit more aggressive than their Land based relatives these guys aren't all bite and no bark.

Now their body structure is a tad bit different from the Landies, slightly more thick in body to help support their wings, and they are much more muscular in the upper torso than the Landies. This also allows them to do more heavy weight jobs, and allows them to do more than the Landies.

Now the wing structure of the Flyer's is rather interesting, since they have the long serpent bodies they have to have at least four wings to get them off the group completely. The main two right above their shoulders, in the typical wing area, and the other two either in the middle of their serpent body or just a hair below the ending of the wing membrane for the first set of wings. Usually for the wings in that section there is a 3rd set of wings in the middle of the serpent body, to provide better lift.

Each wing is rather large in size, and has a bigger frame than some dragons; each wing has four fingers and a thumb. Most of the time when you see a Flyer in a city they will have their wings folded up tightly against their backs, making the wings look small, very small, and look like they are not capable of getting the bearer off the ground.

Very unlike their land based relatives these guys always carry a weapon with them, for protection reasons as they say in their native tongue (Which is a base of hisses). Although this isn't the true case, Flyer's have a short temper at times; carrying a weapon with them means if they get into a fight it will be a quick and easy one. Whipping out a blade, whip or sword will always lead to a quick death for the aggravator. The most common weapons found on Flyers would be the Curved Fang Dagger, made from the fang of the largest of Fin Crests. The Dagger is tipped with poison and even a knick from it will lead to a quick death for anyone.

Another common trait of the Flyers is the Numbered Tattoo's on their Left (Our Right) shoulders. These numbered tattoo's are a symbol of how many kills the beastie has performed, so if the number is 987 then the Flyer has killed 987 different things. For each kill the number will go up.

Example: If a Flyer has 987 kills and killed another then the tattoo will go up to 988.

The Common Features of Flyers

Thicker in the serpent body with more muscle. Meant for supporting their wings.

Two sets of wings, sometimes more depending on the position of the second set.

Very easily angered

Always carry a weapon of some sort with them.

Special tattoo on their Left shoulder (ALWAYS on the Left)

Typically found doing heavy based jobs, such as construction.

Usually always have their hair in pony tails, tend to have Ear Fins as well and spines down the bottoms of their throats.

These guys are lovers just like their Landie relatives. Although they won't go in a slump if the one they love refuses them.

Ah the rulers of the waters, the Sea Based Naga's are probably one of the most unique of the Coralisk's. Beautiful and also deadly.

You see Sea Based Coralisk's are one of the most brightly colored naga's of the species. Usually always having some sort of bright vivid color in their pattern. Now onto the main features of these beauties.

Unlike both the Flyers and Landies these guys have a muscled, slightly thick body base. Their tails are flailed out (Like those of the Sea Snakes), to propel them through the waters in which they swim in. The flail is usually around 7 foot in length, sometimes more if the serpent body is much larger. A common feature on these guys is also a line of scales that stick out just above their underbellies; these scales are usually always a different color from the main body. The last common feature would be the large fins they have on their bodies; these fins can fold up against the body so the Naga can come on land but since they are most common at sea these fins are almost always stuck out.


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