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Chapter 10 - The Boongoo Wolf

Simple bios that I have created for the species that I have made throughout the years. Each one of these creatures belong to me. Please do not claim them as your own creation.

Chapter 10 - The Boongoo Wolf

Chapter 10 - The Boongoo Wolf

By: Jennifer Crenshaw

The Boongoo's are © TO Jennifer Marie Crenshaw 2005-2006 do not claim them as your own creation and/or yours in anyway.

Main Species: Mammalian

Specific Species: Boongoo Wolf

Life Span: Birth - 25 years of Age

Where it lives: Dense Forested areas, and wide open plains. The Boongoo's prefer open areas over forested but the forest provide wonderful cover for hunting prey/

When it lived: These beasties live today, they are rarely seen anymore due to over hunting for their fur coats.

Mating habits: The mating habits of the Boongoo Wolf are rather unique. Each Boongoo will search out for the perfect mate, they judge which male/female is worthy and then accept them as a mate. The creatures mate for life, and if one of the two were to die the living mate would die as well.

Eating Habits: The Boongoo's are pack hunters, usually hunting in packs of 10 to 20. They use a pincer attack when it comes to hunting, where a group of about 8 (Or more) go up ahead of the herd of creatures they are hunting and about 4 from the pack stay behind. 2 groups of 2 usually stay off to each side of the herd they are hunting. The first group will rush in from the rear, driving the herd forward, when the herd tries to escape from a side the 2 packs will rush in to keep them from running. Leading the herd straight to the main attack, the wolves will only kill what they need to survive which usually is about 2 - 3 of the creatures they were hunting.

Behavior: Aggressive only when cornered, the Boongoo's will try to bluff out of an attack rather than fight. Only when they are cornered will the show any aggression towards the attacker. Boongoo's are very loyal to their pack which tends to make them ideal pets for many, although sadly since they are more endangered getting one as a pup is very hard. But even when they are a pet a person could never get rid of the wild instincts in them.

Lungs: They Boongoo's have 2 sets of lungs (4 lungs in total). The main reason for this is they need a lot of air for running. Usually when in hunting the hunting area is rather large, the Boongoo's need enough air to out last their prey.

Wingspan: There are no wings present on the animal

Height: A full grown, adult male Boongoo can reach up to about 6' in height with their back mane. Females are about 4 1/2' in height with their back manes.

Length: The Boongoo's usually average about 10' in length, their tails are extremely long in order to keep them balanced when running. Their tails usually average about 4 - 5' in length.

Width: Due to their extra set of lungs the Boongoo's have a rather large chest width. Their chest generally measures about 1 - 1 ½' across.

Weight: The general weight of an Adult Male Boongoo is about 550 - 650lbs. while a female averages about 600 - 650lbs.

Weapons: The Boongoo's fast speed could be considered a weapon, but the main weaponry of a Boongoo Wolf is their claws and fangs. The large back fangs of their jaws are meant for latching a hold of their prey's neck and breaking it.

Hunting Tactics: See Eating Habits.

What it eats: Ranges from small fish and up to large mammals.

Number of young per year: A female Boongoo can give birth to up to a dozen (12) pups a year. Usually there are 1 - 3 females that are left at the den to take care of all the pups while the rest of the pack goes out to hunt.

Skin Covering: During the summer time the Boongoo's have this rather shaggy looking fur, the main colors of this are a range of grays and browns, sometimes black is seen but that is on a rare occasion. During the winter time a Boongoo Wolf has a very dense fur covering, this makes them look like a rather shaggy dog. The coloration during the winter time is generally a mixture of grays and whites, to help them blend into the snow. Down their backs is this rather high risen mane, this is generally always dark brown during the summer time and a dark gray during the winter time.

About the Boongoo's Foot Structure:

You see the Boongoo's have a very strange legging/foot structure. Their legs appear to be long and gangly, not even like they are meant to be on the animal. And the Boongoo's walk on their tip-toes, this is another strange feature on the beasts. Some think the reason for this is because it gives them more speed. Their long legs giving them greater, longer strides; and their tip-toe styled feet giving them this better footing. Their claws are made up of a very thick bone like structure, almost like a horses hoof but yet very unlike it; their claws are very sharp towards the tips but are very thick towards the back of the nail structure. The Boongoo Wolf only has 3 main toes, with the `dew claw' on the upper section of the foot.


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