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Chapter 1 - No memeries

When the group fineds a girl with no memory of WHAT she is, thay start questioning whether she is helping them or not.

Chapter 1 - No memeries

Chapter 1 - No memeries
It was a dark and ominous night in the forest for anybody to be outside and yet a group of young kids out with wired outfits on.
"So what are we doing here?" the one in the Yellow and Red Outfit asked.
"The League sent us on a Simple reconnoiter mission...... So just don't mess it up like last time" the one in the Red and Black outfit, with a Yellow and Black cape on.
"Alright I'll try not to"
"I'm serious Kid-"
"Ok Robin, no need to get your feather's in a bunch."
"Ok where here" the girl with the Blue and Black cape, a blue skirt, and White and Red top on. They quickly and quietly pulled out some night vision binoculars to see what was happening, what they saw was disturbingly amazing, a girl with angel wings That was wraped around her body with ribonds arownd her. She was cureled up in a ball covering herself she was floting in a glass chamber. She had shining blue and silver hair. Her skin was pale.
"Wow" Kid said. Her eyes began to slowly open and the glass began to brack and than it shaderd. Impeling the gareds around her.
"She took down almost every one in like 2 secents flat." Kid yelled as he piked her up and disipered.

"Is she going to be ok?" Robin asked.
"Yes, yes she will." A femele voise said.
"Un........... Where am I? and who are you? and what is this please?" She rubed her head."I can't remember hardly anything but my name, Luna.


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