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the storry of how milas family got cursed enjoy
The title Got info from pokemon and
My RP chericters
The dragon gems for my Indy story.
My OC's Profile and her family's for my secret saterdays fanfic........
this is my ferst idea for TSS. TSS Fanfic hope you enjoy!!!! (including me)I LOVE DOYLE!!!!) chps1 and 2 are up
When the group fineds a girl with no memory of WHAT she is, thay start questioning whether she is helping them or not.
Princess Zadu has spent her hole life protected in a butifull palce for as long as she can remember then she takes a hunting trip that changes her life forever.
when Alice bracks her ankle she is taken to the moon dormitory by Aido and descovers the secret of the night class and about herself.
Arisu go to the world of the living and findes her family and some secrets