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A fresh group of Cubs join the Pai Zhua school to learn to harness and unleash their animal spirits. Among them are a Lion and Tiger, which worries Master Mao, because it is said that a Lion and Tiger will tear asunder what was once wrought. 

Power Rangers belongs to Hasbro

Young people start going missing around Blue Bay Harbor, Stone Canyon and Mariner Bay. Another prophecy may be about to come to fore. New Rangers are needed when the Shadow Ninja Academy makes itself known when it's five Shadow Generals begin to make their move. Join Taylor Hicks, Kane Watanabe, and their friends as they protect the three Ninja Academies.

-Ninja Storm Sequel
Druids Professor Kieran Morgan and his daughter Mena prepare to open the way to Tir Na Nog, the mythical land of the Fairies with the help of the latest Gatekeeper, Neall Bly. Enzi Teague and Schylar Stapleton, daughter of the Red Lord, are there when things go horribly wrong. They all end up trapped in the Mystic Realm with the fate of magick resting on their shoulders.

*Power Rangers/Mystic Knights tie-in/crossover

Sydney Drew has been B-Squad Pink for five years. Her promotion to he Omega Project, a fugitive retrieval unit, is unexpected. When her first assignment is to contain escaped convicts including A-Squad Pink, her world opens up as revelations rock her to the very core.


Former Samurai Rangers, Saeko Stapleton and Daiki Singuji attend a national Kendo tournament in Leawood. Though they haven't been Rangers for over a year, they're still at the tops of their games as the Vassal of Fire and Vassal of Water. They meet a pair children that will change their lives and put them back in action. It's Showtime!

*PRSC/Masked Rider Crossover.
*Heavy Romance.

Nodroz Corp. presents Power Rangers Dino Charge. Scott Sterling is an average high school kid. One day a mechanical dinosaur appears to him and his world is never the same. Join, his friends, mysterious music teacher and an impossible pilot as they battle the forces of Discord. 

* Kyoruger Adaptation 
* There is no relation to Saban's version of Dino Charge

When Widow and Roki return to the Moon after acquiring new powers, they are stronger than ever. The Power Rangers must band together with new allies and discover new abilities to face the new threat and more powerful enemies.


Taylor Hicks works for Astral Dynamics which has recently come upon a floating island in the sky with a cache of half finished Morph Tech. He soon finds himself embroiled with a secret project to test the technology and an alien plot to conquer the planet. He, along with the Dynamic Power Rangers, must now protect the Earth from this new threat. 

* Goseiger Adaptation

Power Rangers Samurai Clash follows the adventures of Angel Grove resident Tai Stapleton, who becomes the reluctant Lord of a Japanese Clan. He accepts his destiny to protect the world from other-wordly creatures called Gedoushu. 

*Samurai Sentai Shinkenger Adaptation

In 2005 Angel Grove and the Power Coins are out there, broken, awaiting their other halves. When Roki and Zita Repulsa take residence in the Palace on the Moon six ordinary young people find themselves in the middle of a Z Putty attack. They become Power Rangers. It is then up to them to complete the other halves of their coins and defend the world against Evil.