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Chapter 3 - The Chambers

After the Battle of Long Valley, the KH team reached the waning stage of their adventure.

Chapter 3 - The Chambers

Chapter 3 - The Chambers
The Chambers

The night was cold and unforgiving as the two key bearers slept in their individual beds. Sora and Riku were curled up like little balls in their blankets. The night was restless and neither key bearer was able to slumber soundly. Their minds were cluttered with continuous thoughts of past events, which made them uneasy. Because their cell had no windows to peer into the outside, they couldnt tell on whether it was still evening, or if the sun had already risen.
Just then, the door bursts open and Thundro storms in like the apocalypse.
Riku, Sora, he shouted, Get up now, its your first day of training. The two key bearers groggily opened their eyes and gave out a fatigued moan.
Its morning already? Riku grumbled. I barely even slept.
Thats too bad! Youve got five minutes to get up and get dressed! Move it!
Alright, alright,-
Just give me five minutes& Sora mumbled. Im not ready to get up yet.
You get your sorry rear end up! Youre under my jurisdiction now, boy! Thundro declared.
Just five more minutes, thats all Im asking. Thundro sneered as he watched Sora flop his head back onto his pillow. He then gave a sudden sigh to calm his nerves. He walked up to the head of Soras bed.
You want five minutes do you? He knelt by Sora. His voice seemed subtle and not at all aggressive. Then perhaps you would like a good burking to go with it too.
A what&? Sora asked.
A burking&-
If itll make me sleep better, sure Ill have one.-
Oh itll do more than make you sleep better& Thundro suddenly snatched the pillow from under Soras head and then tightly pressed it against his face. Sora was taken by surprise. Itll definitely make you sleep permanently!
Hey, Riku said as he watched Thundro smother his friend, What are you doing?!
To burke, Thundro explained the definition, To murder someone by suffocating them, so as to leave no marks on the body. This was named after the infamous William Burke who smothered to death several healthy men and sent their bodies for medical dissection.
I cant breathe, Sora cried, muffled beneath the cushion. His screams were stifled as he violently kicked about.
You encountered a similar situation with the Asphyxia twins didnt you, Sora?-
Thats enough, Thundro! Riku shouted, ready to intervene. Youll kill him!
Very well, Thundro eased his grip and Sora fell out of bed gasping and coughing. Thundro stood up and straightened out his frock.
Damn it, he growled as he took in deep breaths. You could have killed me!
All the better for you to obey my orders, as I said, you obey me to the letter or you will be punished. Thundro turned to the doorway. Now, no more levity, get dressed and meet me in the main hall in five minutes. The Imperial walked away without remorse or regret.
Riku knelt by Sora and helped him up.
Are you alright, Sora? he asked.
I couldve died because of that. Sora grumbled.
Thundro isnt going to go easy on us from here on out, thats for sure. Were his for the next three weeks.-
What are we gonna do, Riku?-
The only thing we can do, Sora. Well just have to tough it out.-
Yeah, youre right.-
Now lets get dressed.-
The key bearers opened up the old wardrobe and took the uniforms folded for them.

Five minutes had elapsed and Thundro still waited patiently for the key bearers. Sure enough, Riku and Sora emerged from the East Wing, dressed in their Imperial Uniforms. Both wore black shell jackets and trousers with gold and red trim. The jackets were similar to Ophelia Billiards shell jacket except for the number of gold chevrons on the cuffs and gold braids on their right shoulder and chest area. They both wore white belts with gold buckle, bearing the symbol of the former Imperial regime. On their left should, both wore an upper shoulder guard, much like what Cunla wore with his entourage. Upon their hands were white gloves and upon their feet were white boots with the Z realms golden tips.
So, you two decided to take my words seriously. The Imperial chuckled.
Alright, Thundro, Sora said, Were here, now what do you want us to do?
Follow me. Thundro headed towards the North Wing. The key bearers quickly followed behind him.
The North Wing doors were no different from the west, east, or south, but as they entered, what stood before them was not another hall, but a white washed chamber bearing four grandiose doors on two separate levels. On the bottom level, to the far left, there was a door made of ivory and mother of pearl. Straight ahead, there was a door made of silver. And to the far left of the chamber, there was another magnificent door of glimmering gold. And on the second level, a lone door made of Jade and precious stone.
What are these? Riku asked.
Standing before you are the Doors of Might, Thundro explained. Behind each one, there is a different training facility, each bearing its own challenges and own obstacles. It is here that you will do the majority of your training.
So whats behind them? Sora wondered.
Im about to go over it. Thundro walked to the ivory door. This door leads to what I would like to call the Scenario Chamber, popularly known as the Pendulum Room. This facility will test your mental abilities, both in cunning as well as philosophy.
What happens in there?-
Ill get to that later, on to the next door. Thundro walked up to the silver door. This room is known as the Gravity Chamber. It will help you increase your physical stamina, heighten your abilities, in speed, reflex, and agility, and raise your bodily strength. Thundro then moved on to the final door, the door of gold. Then there is the final door, which is popularly called the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Goten and the rest of the Z fighters can tell you all about it. This chamber will test your spiritual strength, or your endurance and determination.
I see, Riku implied.
Now, the first of these three you will undergo is the Scenario Chamber.-
Wait a minute! Sora said.
What is it?-
I was wondering, Sora peered to the second level, glaring at the lone jade door at the top, Whats that door?
That door, Thundro looked to the door, but did not dare to explain a thing. That door I will not tell you about until the end of the final week that youre here.
Is it that secretive?-
Its not that. Its simply because youre not ready to advance to such a level of training just yet. You will start with the basics. Thundro came before the ivory door and opened.
Before the key bearers, a dark domed chamber came before them. There was no lighting system within the room say for the bizarre, glowing light accumulating from the series of transmutation circles drawn about the place. And above them, swaying back and forth like a clock piece, the great gold pendulum swung back and forth, giving a loud ping every time it hit its climax before descending again. Riku and Sora were awe inspired by the sight of the massive pendulum. Thundro shut the doors behind him.
So what happens in this room? Sora asked.
As I said before, Thundro continued, This room will test your mental abilities, both in cunning and in philosophy.
Now exactly what do you mean by that? Riku implied.
What this chamber does is it transports you to a different time and place. Therefore, you will find yourself engaging in famous battles and wars fought in all different worlds in different eras. Participation in these battles will heighten your mental stamina, making you ready for any type of psychological warfare that you enemies might use against you. However, this chamber will also cause you to question your own philosophies and beliefs. You might say that this chamber is a good example where one is able to achieve ultimate enlightenment. Thundro stepped to the center of the room where four circular platforms were raised. To the center of them, a long pillar, about waste high, emerged from the floor. On its top was a control panel.
For your first exercise, you will undergo a series of battles. Thundro continued. All of them different. He calculated a series of scenarios. Now, some of them may seem familiar, while others seem more distant. Thundro finished with his coordinated insert. The scenario chamber is ready now. Please step onto one of the four circled platforms.
The key bearers did as they were told.
So what will we be feeling in this? Riku asked.
While the scenario is commencing, your body will enter a nullified, hypnotic state in which your senses will be affected as if the battle were really taking place. You will feel pain, you will feel fear, you will feel fatigue, etc. You will feel as if the battle was really happening.
So we dont really have to worry right? I mean, its all a fake and we can come back right whenever we have to, right?-
Not exactly, you see, your body will simulate every physical and mental situation you get in. If you are wounded and you start to bleed, you will feel the blood oozing from your wound, though the wound is not really there. You will feel its sting and you will feel the fatigue of blood loss. And if you die, your body will simulate death as well. And so you will remain in a demised state until the next scenario. However, the only way to actually reach the next scenario is to fulfill the missions given to you. If you fail and you die, your body will enter a death phase, shutting down your mental capacity altogether. Only an outside force can bring you back. And even so, it may take days for you to recover. And as you know, we dont have that kind of leeway.-
The way that sounds, its more than virtual reality. Sora uttered. Its the real thing. So if we die, we really die.
Thats why Im saying to be careful. Also, when entering each scenario, a few things will change. Though your keyblades will still be wielded through each battle, there may be a few techniques that you wont be able to use. The reason why is because the scenarios and logistics are based off the natural laws in those individual worlds. So dont expect to charge into battle as if you were invincible. Furthermore, your wardrobe will change every time, provided what kind of battle you engage in.
Exactly how many battles to we have to fight? Riku asked.
Since this is your first time, I have contemplated three major conflicts for you to engage in. I wont tell you what order they come in, or where they will take place. Your job is to fulfill the missions given to you. Thundro stepped away. Now all you have to do is close your eyes and concentrate. Hear nothing, but the ticking of the pendulum. And when you awaken, you shall find yourself in another world. Good luck, boys, youll need it.
Are you ready for this, Sora?-
Lets do it. Sora replied. They closed their eyes and took in no other sound, but the ticking of the pendulum. Within seconds, the pendulums clunking seemed to muffle itself into the distance, further and further with every tock. Eventually, a different sensation was felt. The atmosphere was no longer the inside of a room, but rather the fresh air of the wilderness.
Its time, Sora thought himself. He opened his eyes and&


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