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Chapter 8 - Saiyans

After the Battle of Long Valley, the KH team reached the waning stage of their adventure.

Chapter 8 - Saiyans

Chapter 8 - Saiyans

Riku and Sora once again had been transported to different world again. They no longer found themselves before the remnants of Hu Lao Gate. Instead, they entered a green yet rocky terrain. There were strange mountains and rock formations that popped up in random places, separated by fast flatland. However, the region was not a foreboding, hostile place. The greenery of grass and shrubbery hit the jaggedness of some of the formations, giving the place a smoother look.
Where are we now? Sora moaned.
I dont know. Riku gave a huff of fatigue. Good grief, I wish we wouldnt be thrown into some other parallel world like that.
Thundro really needs to rethink on how he works his simulators Sora and Riku then looked at each other. Again surprised, but not at all shocked, they found themselves wearing different clothing this time. They were strange outfits at that.
Riku was wearing what looked like a dark blue body suit that was tightly snuggled up to his every curve, revealing the hardness of his muscles. Over his chest and abdomen, he wore what looked like a futuristic armor piece, with gold straps and lined center for his lower torso and lower back. He wore white gauntlets and white boots with gold tips.
Sora on the other hand had more elaborate entourage. Like Riku, he too wore a jumper, but unlike Rikus, the color of the jumper was black and it did not extend the full length of his arm and leg. The sleeves were cut short reaching up the middle of Soras upper arm. The leg length was cu short, reaching slightly over his knee joint, much like a cyclists wardrobe. His armored piece had an extension over the shoulders that if he were to extend his arm, the length would reach his elbow. He too wore gauntlets and boots. But unlike Riku, Soras gloves had a reinforced, gold band around them, which separated the hand piece from the arm guard.
It looks like were in different clothing again. Riku said.
Do you think its a little revealing though? Sora asked.
What makes you say that?-
Well, Im armored all over my upper body, but& Sora slightly blushed. Riku looked down seeing that nothing else was below that, except the bare jumper and a little skin. Not to mention, the jumper was tight against Soras body, giving perfect muscle tone. Riku only sighed.
I see what you mean. Well, deal with it, Sora. We dont have any other means for wardrobe.-
I feel like Im wearing tights.-
Considering that you are. But you shouldnt complain, Sora. Im wearing the same kind of clothing you are. Besides, I think it looks great. The armor isnt too loose, but it isnt too tight. Its like Im wearing nothing at all.-
Thanks for that detailed description. Sora was blue in the face.
Well, enough about that. We gotta find out where we are.-
Hey, you two! a voice suddenly shouted. The key bearers stood in their place. The voice was deep and threatening. Im talking to you two! Are you the Saiyans?!
Saiyans&? What the heck is a Saiyan?
The key bearers turned to see who was addressing them. When they gazed upon the face of the person who addressed them, they were in utter shock at what they saw. Before them was a large green man. He had a stern and ferocious look upon his un-browed face. His ears were pointed like an elfs yet his teeth bore fangs like a vampire. He was dressed in a purple get up, a top tucking to baggy trousers which tightly caressed his ankles at the end. Sleeveless, his arms showed a strange design of muscle, lined and colored an almost pinkish hue, representing the flexing muscles such as the biceps. His fingernails were sharp and pointed, much like a demon. Upon his feet were two brown shoes with a smooth point at its tip. He was cloaked in a white cape that extended the length of his elbows, giving him a more menacing look. At the collar, the cape was fluffed like a lions mane. Upon his head he wore a white turban with a purple top.
Oh my God, Sora cried. But he was quiet all of a sudden after Riku knocked him on top of the head.
Shut up, Sora. He grumbled.
Answer my question. The tall green man demanded. Are you the Saiyans that were prophesized to come here to earth?
You still havent told us what the heck Saiyans are. Riku said. What the heck is a Saiyan?
Now I dont look that ignorant do I? Ive already come into contact with that type of battle gear. The key bearers looked down at their wardrobes. Only Saiyans wear that type of armor!
Listen, pal, I still have no idea what youre talking about, but you have the wrong guys. I dont even know what a Saiyan is.-
I think a Saiyan is like what Goten and Vegeta are. Sora whispered. Their hair turns to gold when they power up, a Super Saiyan I think Goten called it.
Well were not Saiyans then are we? We cant turn our hair into gold.-
What are you prattling on about? The green man demanded. If youre not Saiyans, then what are you?
I dont think they are Saiyans, Mr. Piccolo. A voice implied. The key bearers looked to find a small boy peering behind one of the rocks. He was small, no higher than three feet. He wore a similar outfit to the green man, except without the cape and turban. He wore a white band around his head in place of a turban instead. He seemed an innocent young lad. His skin was a beige color and his hair was dark and flowing, reaching slightly down to his neck. He came out from behind the rocks and took his place alongside the green man. He walked up to the two key bearers and looked behind them. You see, Mr. Piccolo, they dont have tails like the Saiyans do.
Tails&? Sora uttered.
This just keeps getting weirder and weirder. Riku grumbled.
Alright, Piccolo said, If youre not Saiyans, then explain those uniforms.
How can we explain them?-
Youre wearing them arent you?-
Well, yeah, but we didnt know they meant anything.-
I see.-
I think hes telling the truth, Mr. Piccolo. The boy said. He turned to Riku and Sora. My name is Gohan. That man is my teacher, Mr. Piccolo. What are your names?
Im Sora. Sora said.
And Im Riku. Riku added.
So you honestly didnt know what garments you were wearing, is that what youre trying to tell me more or less? Piccolo asked.
For the hundredth time&-
I suppose youre right. Piccolo folded his arms in front of him. Besides, from what I can pick up, you two arent even worth detecting.
What do you mean by that?! Sora grumbled.
Drop it, Sora. Riku said. Were getting nowhere with this conversation. He looked at Piccolo. Piccolo was it? Tell me, why would you mistaken us for Saiyans and why would you be so interested in them?
Youre not fully aware of this probably, but it was prophesized about a year ago that two Saiyan warriors would come to Earth to challenge us and attempt to take over this world. But perhaps their main goal is to track down the seven dragon balls and have a desired wish granted.-
And who told you about this?-
It was the first Saiyan that tried to do battle with us one year before. His name was Raditz.-
Raditz, eh? Sora was curious.
Thats right. Piccolo continued. Thats why I was concerned the moment I laid eyes on you, because Raditz was wearing a similar entourage.
Well, you have nothing to worry about, Mr. Piccolo. Were not your enemies.-
What did he want in this world anyway? Riku asked.
He was originally hoping to entice his brother, Goku to join him. The name immediately struck a chord in the memories of the key bearers.
Goku&? Sora asked. We know him.
You know my dad? Gohan asked.
How is it that youre acquainted with Goku? Piccolo asked.
He had to deliver some senzu beans to us. Riku said. It was about six years ago.
But before Riku could initiate a conversation, a sudden surge of energy caught all their attentions. And unlike most, the strengths they felt were extraordinarily high.
That surge of energy. Sora uttered. What was that?
I dont know. Riku added. Sweat drops appeared on his brow. But whatever it is, its huge.
There are two of them.-
So, Piccolo uttered, Theyve finally arrived.
Who has?-
The Saiyans, The key bearers were stunned. The energy they felt was beyond comprehension. After a full year of waiting, theyve finally made their presence known. But their strengths are far greater than what I had imagined.
Youre kidding, Sora wavered as he sensed the energy. Those are the Saiyans.
Thats them alright.-
My God, Soras thoughts returned to days long passed. I havent sensed this kind of power since we battled with the Dark Empire. The power levels are nothing compared to what Vegeta unleashed back in Lyzand, but its still just as formidable, especially for us.
It feels like theyre not moving anywhere. Riku said.
I hope my dad gets here soon. Gohan said.
Suddenly, there came a bright light that bellowed in the distance. Then came the aftershocks as powerful sound waves, uplifted the soil and caused the winds to blow profusely, nearly sweeping the warriors off their feet. They threw their arms in front of them, blocking the debris that flew into their eyes at the same time protecting their pupils from the blinding light. A low roar was heard, like that of a distance explosion.
After less than a minute of mayhem, the chaos suddenly ceased and things were as they were before, say for the clouds of chaos that bellowed high into the sky. Soon after, there was an uneasy lull, like a great part of the world had suddenly vanished from existence.
This feeling, Riku said, What is this feeling? It feels like life was just purged in that area.
It was. Piccolo explained. The Saiyans landed in a city not too far from here. They must have obliterated it from existence.
But why&? Sora asked.
Because theyre Saiyans, they value no life. Ive seen the extension of their cruelty. I wouldnt be surprised if obliterating a city was just their way of showing off, or if thats the Saiyan manner of a formal greeting.-
No sooner had Piccolo finished his statement, the two great powers suddenly started moving fast and towards the very spot they were standing.
Theyre coming this way.-
Get ready. Piccolo turned to the key bearers. So do you intend to stand by us and battle against these Saiyans?
Of course, Riku replied, We cant just let those two get away with what theyve done, destroying a whole city without a second thought. He turned to Sora. You ready for this, Sora?
After battling against the Dark Empire six years ago, we should be accustomed to this kind of feeling. Sora, however, had something on his mind. But seriously, Riku, despite that, were still highly outclassed to both power levels. Do you really think well be able to hold our own against such a threat?
Its the right thing to do.-
Be on your guard, you two. Piccolo ordered. Theyre coming in fast. He looked at Gohan. Gohan, stay focused.
Right, Gohan replied.
Well be having our hands full with this lot. Piccolo took off his cape and turban, revealing the full size of his biceps. His head was completely bald. And just above his brow, two little antennae stuck out, slightly limping at the ends. The key bearers looked on in awe.
Look, Sora snickered, A Martian... Riku slapped him at the back of the head.
Shut up, Sora. He grumbled. Mind your manners.
Get it together. Piccolo said. This is gonna be a very difficult fight. I dont think that well be able to fend off such powerful foes on our own. It was then at that moment, another twitch of energy was felt. What was that, another twitch of energy?
Thats impossible, Gohan said, I thought there were only two of them.
There should only be two.-
I dont think so. Riku said. This power doesnt seem as threatening
Suddenly, from out of nowhere a young man appeared. He was a small built man, bald and nose-less. He had upon his head six dots, in two columns, inscribed on his skin. He wore an orange battle outfit, consisting of slightly baggy pants and a sleeveless shirt with the insignia titled Turtle. Both were secured by a blue belt tide firmly around his waist.
Hey there, the short man said, Whats up? I hope Im not late.
Its dads friend. Gohan implied.
So Krillin, Piccolo declared, You decided to join us, eh? I havent been training all year for nothing you know. Krillin then happened to look at the key bearers. The striking similarity with Saiyan armor caused him to jolt back. Are those the Saiyans?! Stand back, Ill take care of those two!
Hey, hey, relax Krillin, they arent the Saiyans.-
How do you know?-
They dont have tails, see? The key bearers turned around. And there, where a tail was expected, there was no sight of a simian fifth limb.
Oh, I see. Krillin had a sheepish grin on his face.
I hope we dont have to show off our butts all the time. Sora grumbled.
Well, when the real Saiyans come, we wont have to worry about that. Riku replied.
Sorry about that. Krillin said. Im just a little antsy thats all. He approached the key bearers. My name is Krillin. Im a member of the Earth Special Forces.
Im Riku.-
And Im Sora. Sora added.
You guys certainly fooled me the way you were dressed. Krillin implied. You almost look like Saiyans in that battle armor.
Its not the first time.-
So, Krillin turned to Piccolo, Goku isnt here yet?
So far, Piccolo told him, I havent sensed his approach.
Well, I hope he gets here soon.-
I hope so too. Gohan added. You grew up with my dad didnt you, Krillin?
Thats right? He and I are almost the same age.-
But how is it that he got taller? Of course Krillin took immediate offense, but tried to laugh it off.
Heh, heh, kids say the darnest things. He put his hands upon his waist. Well, I wish I could have grown taller like your dad, the little& He grumbled behind his tongue before quickly changing the subject. So tell me, Gohan. What was it like to train with Piccolo of all people?
It wasnt as bad as you think. Piccolo may be a little rough around the edges, but you get used to him.-
You must be a hard taskmaster, eh Piccolo? Riku chuckled. But he later noticed that the green man was rather silent. Are you alright?
Thats enough of your pointless bickering, you four. Piccolo replied. We have company.
The four looked up to behold a frightening sight. Above them in the sky, like a terrible omen, the two Saiyan Warriors hovered in the air like vultures. One of the Saiyans was a big, bald behemoth, with a thin moustache just above his lip. His muscles were bulking, at least two to three times the capacity of any of the warriors present. By the look of his size, he must have stretched at least eight to nine feet tall. He wore the full fighting jacket of a Saiyan Warrior. A full body suit of blue and gold with extended shoulder and hip guards. He wore thick metal arm guards extending from middle forearm to palm. His boots were heavy as well, blue body with gold ankle guard and toe tip. Upon his left ear, he wore a purple lens scouter.
His companion was smaller, at least half his size. He wore the same type of armored fighting jacket, except with the absence of blue. He wore a blue jumper, similar to Rikus outfit, along with white gauntlets and boots, except without the gold tips. He wore a red lens scouter, like Thundro wore. Upon his head, he had an impressive plumage of hair that spiked up like the head of asparagus. Down his forehead was a deep and formidable widows peak.
Around the waists of both warriors was a brown furry band, indicating that they were tails. These were without a doubt the Saiyans so grimly anticipated would arrive.
What powerful auras. Krillin slightly wavered, sensing the magnitude of the Saiyans strength. I can feel it, its overwhelming. Were supposed to contend with that?
Quiet, Piccolo ordered, Theyre descending.
So those are Saiyans, eh? Riku said.
I didnt even sense their approach. Sora added.
We were too occupied in our conversation, thats why.-
They watched as the space invaders descended towards them. A dark shadow loomed like a bringer of doom. This was without a doubt, a judgment day for the entire earth and all its inhabitants. The only thing standing in their way was the Earth Special Forces. Lightly settling upon the soil, they stood as an unstoppable fighting duo. The little Saiyan had his arms folded in front of him, while the larger Saiyan stood tall with one hand upon his waist.
So, we finally meet at last. The little Saiyan chuckled. I was wondering what kind of warriors the Earth had to offer. But I realize now that youre not much to look at.
Youre pretty overconfident arent you? Piccolo said. But youll soon realize the extent of your folly.
That voice, I see, youre one of the warriors who was responsible for killing Raditz a year ago, arent you? Piccolo was baffled.
How do you know that?-
Come now, Im sure that Raditz didnt leave out that little bit of information. Our scouters also act as universal transmitters. We can hear any message received as clear as crystal from anywhere in this universe.
Hey, Vegeta, the big Saiyan uttered, The green ones from Namek isnt he?
Vegeta&? Sora said inwardly. It cant be.
Yes, hes a Nameccian. Vegeta said. Im not surprised that Raditz would have such a hard time against such warriors.
Im an alien? Piccolo thought. Could this be true?
You were unaware that you are of an extraterrestrial origin werent you? Perhaps youve be meandering about this miserable little planet for so long that you have forgotten your true ethnicity. But you should have had a clue that you were different from everyone else. The green skin and pointy ears, as well as those little sprouts sticking out of your forehead should have been a dead give-away.-
So I am not originally of this world. Its surprising, but for some reason, I believe its true. This sudden nostalgia with where I came from. No wonder such mixed emotions had inhabited me for so long.-
You were the ones who told Raditz of the dragon balls. So tell us where we can find them.-
Where can you find them? Krillin was puzzled. How should we know?
Dont play dumb with us, pal, The big Saiyan shouted, We know that the dragon balls are here. We came here only for those, aside from obliterating life from this planet. One way or the other, we will get our hands on those balls. So if you know whats good for you, youll tell us what we need to know.-
So you wish to find the balls by force, eh? Piccolo chuckled. You wanna play hard ball with us. Well, as far as I can see, its a lose-lose situation for us. You want the dragon balls, but at the same time, you want to purge earth of its life. Well, we cant have that. The only way for you to get what you want is to go through us first! Piccolo and the others took their battle stances. So go ahead and threaten us until youre blue in the face. We wont budge from this spot.
So you prefer death over negotiation, eh? Vegeta chuckled. So be it.
Vegeta, Sora suddenly shouted. The two Saiyans laid eyes upon the key bearers. Beholding their dress conduct, Vegeta and his partner were stunned.
Nappa, Vegeta said, Do you see what Im seeing?
Yeah, Vegeta, Nappa replied. Im surprised I didnt notice those two warriors before. Why is it that theyre wearing the same type of armor we are?
I dont now. Vegeta suddenly turned his attentions towards the key bearers. You there, who are you, what are your names.
You mean to tell me you cant remember us, Vegeta? Sora asked, Its me, Sora. And this is my friend, Riku.
What do you mean? Ive never laid eyes on you before!-
So you know those two Saiyans? Piccolo asked. The Z fighters backed away from the key bearers, once again apprehensive on whether they were really friends, or if they were possible enemies.
I knew it. Krillin shouted. You two were on their side all along werent you?
No, no, Sora said. He walked up to Vegeta. Vegeta, why is it that youre acting this way?
I have no idea what youre blathering about! Vegeta growled. Are you trying to make me look like some kind of any idiot?!
You should know me!-
Well, I dont. All I see are a couple of defectors!
No use trying to explain to him, Sora. Riku implied. You forget that were engaged in battles long past. This was before Vegeta even met us. Like Lu Bu, he has no idea of who we are or whats been going on in our own world. Riku glared at the small Saiyan. Besides, you can tell from those eyes that he intends to kill anyone and everyone that gets in his way. Vegeta is the antagonist in this world, which might explain his attitude and the declaration he gave back at the Lyzand Valley in our world.
So you mean& Sora looked at that familiar face. He started as a bad guy?
Theres no doubt about it.-
No wonder Vegeta has such a big ego.-
Tell me, Vegeta interrupted suddenly, where did you acquire those uniforms? Are you a part of our organization and have taken it within your own power to turn against Lord Frieza?!-
Frieza, Riku wondered, Who the heck is Frieza? The key bearers explanations began to wear down on the Saiyan.
Dont patronize me as if Im some sort of an idiot, you little fool! Nappa and I have been accustomed to those style uniforms for as long as we can remember. Only members of Friezas empire have that sort of dress, unless the earthlings have somehow developed a similar style, which is highly unlikely. Now tell us, who are you really?!-
If you must know, Piccolo declared, Their names are Riku and Sora. Now of course, Piccolos reiteration of the key bearers statement further aggravated Vegeta.
You need to learn how to listen a little better, you incompetent Namek.-
What was that?-
Im fully aware of their titles. Vegeta folded his arms in front of him once again. Riku and Sora was it, so what business do you have here?
Its really none of your business now is it, Vegeta. Riku replied.
Heh, cocky arent we? Well, youll regret showing such insolence to me.-
The conversation was broken when from out of the blue, the sound of a dozen rockets were heard. Above the heads of the warriors, cruisers and flying vehicles approached. Each one bore a news crew that had destined themselves to the battlefield to supposedly record events of the upcoming battle with the two Saiyans.
News crews, Sora gasped, What the heck are they doing here?
Dont they know its dangerous? Riku added.
But danger was not a thing to fear to an eager reporter hoping to get the scoop. But they realized their own mortality soon enough. The big Saiyan, Nappa, suddenly turned towards the air space where the camera crews hovered. Using an energy wave, he sent a burst of power flying towards the news hawks. In the attack, two to three of the cruisers were destroyed, obliterated before the eyes of the key bearers and the Z fighters.
My God, Krillin uttered. He watched as those who were still alive, plummeted to their deaths alongside falling bits and pieces of scrap metal.
Well, if its dangerous. Nappa said. Theyre a little too late to think it over.
They blew up some of those cruisers. Riku was shocked, And with all those people in them.
The bastard& Sora growled. He and Riku drew out their keyblades at the same time the Z fighters took their fighting poses. But their sudden aggressiveness did not waver the Saiyans who only looked at their futile intimidation with gusto.
So you wont cooperate, eh? Vegeta said. Are you longing for death that much? Youd rather have more suffering?
Well, thats fine by me. Nappa chuckled. If those idiots want to die so much, then Ill be happy to oblige them. Nappa suddenly raised his hand. Now, lets se how strong you really are. He clicked the button on is scouters earpiece. And he examined all five of the warriors present. He first examined the key bearers.
Heh, Nappa chuckled at the readings, Nothing to worry about from them. The pip-squeak with the big hair is at level 125. And that silver-haired upstart is at around the same. Not much of a threat there. He then turned towards the three Z fighters, starting with Gohan and going down the line. Lets see, the brats at 1000, the Namek is at 1400, and the midgets at 1100.
Is that so? Vegeta said.
The scouters readings are accurate. We dont have anything to fear from any of them, though I must say that those three, the kid, the Namek, and the small fry, are ten times stronger than those little imps with the funny looking swords. Nappa put his hands upon his. You little imbeciles, do you really think you can beat us with such puny power levels?
I wouldnt underestimate them if I were you, Nappa. Vegeta advised as he discarded his scouter and dropped it on the ground. Have you forgotten that the fighters on Earth also have the capacity to concentrate their energy and raise their fighting powers? They can suppress their true strength and later reveal the full capacity of their auras when we least expect it. Dont forget that Raditz was enticed to believing his scouters reading was absolute. The figures are thus unreliable in this case.
Oh yeah, good call, Vegeta. Nappa took off his scouter too. Yes, Raditz did allow himself to be persuaded by the scouters readings, which is why he lost his fight with Kakarrot and the Namek, the weakling. The big Saiyan released his scouter, dropping it to the ground. But then again weaklings usually do.
Impossible, Piccolo uttered. He called Raditz a weakling.
A guy who could even take out Goku, Krillin said, And hes the runt of the litter? Great, just when you think things couldnt get any worse. I thought Raditz was a monster. But compared to these two, he looks like a toothpick.
Perhaps we can open these festivities with a little entertainment, eh Nappa? Vegeta implied. Lets start by sending in our front men to test out the full capacity of these earthlings.
I get ya. Nappa said. Are you talking about the Saibamen?
Thats exactly what I mean.-
Saibamen, Sora asked, What the heck are Saibamen?
I dont see any men. Gohan said.
Maybe these guys are just pulling our legs. Riku thought to himself. But then again, Im known to be wrong at times.
They watched as Nappa pulled out a small transparent capsule from beneath his armor. The capsule contained two sides. One was filled with what looked like little greens peas. The other contained what looked like a purple liquid. Nappa inspected the capsule, counting the pea size spheres in one compartment.
Well, well, he said, were in luck. There are six left.
Six will be just fine. Vegetal remarked. Except for the Namek, Im sure that the others would find the battle more than intensifying enough.
Nappa poked six holes into the fertile ground. Later, he dropped in one pod in each hole then buried them. He then drew out the purple liquid, letting every drop fall upon the soil.
What the heck are they doing? Krillin asked.
I think were about to find out. Piccolo replied.
That should do it. Nappa declared, throwing the empty vial away.
Sure enough, there was a slight rumble in the soil where he planted the seeds. From out of the little holes, little green men appeared. They stood no higher than three feet tall. The Saibamen were a hideous bunch. Their eyes illuminated a solid red, say for the little black pupil that looked about. Their heads resembled a brain with its wrinkles and crevices separated in two hemispheres, almost like a head of cauliflower. No brow was born upon their faces. There were two pointy ears at the side. Their main body was a solid green shell, resembling the exoskeleton of a rhinoceros beetle, while its limbs were short and striped looking, bearing a trio of claws on each limb. They snickered and twitched like narcissistic junkies, yet their movements and reflexes were fast like monkey or a lizard.
The key bearers looked at the grotesque little creatures like victims of a plague or pandemic.
Gross, Sora grumbled, They just popped out of the ground like moles.
Theyre more like giant insects. Riku added.
Gohan in the meantime, started to get a little scared. Being a young boy who had never once fought with anyone, he seemed to waver and back away slightly.
Gohan, Krillin advised, stay focused, buddy. We need you.
R&right& Gohan tried to summon as much courage as he could.
You dont have to be scared. Piccolo said. Remember your training, concentrate!
This should be a pretty good match up. Vegeta remarked. These Saibamen are thirsting for a little blood and action.
Alright, Piccolo said. Lets split these guys up. Riku, Sora, you take those two on the right. Ive got those two on the center left.
Ill take on that one on the very left. Krillin added.
That leaves you, Gohan. You take on the one on the center right.-
Youre pretty confident to fight the Saibamen one on one. Nappa chuckled.
Let them have their fun, Nappa. Have them indulge in their overconfidence before they meet their end.-
You certainly have a mean streak dont you, Vegeta.-
I enjoy watching low levels being put in their place.-
Watch who youre calling low levels, Vegeta. Sora shouted. Were tougher than we look.
Then by all means, show us your power.-
Alright, you six, Nappa shouted, Teach these arrogant earthlings a thing or two about real fighting!
Suddenly, the six Saibamen suddenly attacked without warning.
Here they come! Piccolo shouted.
Get ready! Sora declared. Out of the five warriors present, four rushed into the fray. Gohan, however, being his first engagement in combat, was reluctant to join in the defensive. He could barely see the movements of his friends as they jumped about almost invisibly around him. There were kick-ups of dust and flashes of light, gusts of wind and sudden pangs of striking fists, but he could not see their movement.
They suddenly reappeared, lulling on the ground or in the air. Just as things seemed to have clamed down, the Saibaman Gohan was supposed to battle suddenly appeared behind the boy. Gohan looked to find the creature about to strike.
Oh no& he said in his mind as time itself seemed to slow down.
But suddenly, a burst of flame appeared and struck the little alien, deterring it from its attack. It fell to the ground and skidded along the dirt, but it quickly regained its stamina and jumped back on its feet.
Are you alright, little guy? Sora asked. Gohan looked to find that it was Sora who had deployed the defensive attack.
Uh&Yeah&thank you, Mr. Sora.-
Thats good to know. The key bearer lowered his weapon.
Stay focused, Gohan, Piccolo growled in an almost scolding tone. Dont rely on others to save you! Thats a weakness, you know that! Gohan lowered his head in shame. I taught you better than that!
Sorry, Mr. Piccolo&-
Dont apologize, just do it!-
Right&! Gohan stood up with renewed determination.
Well, well, Nappa mocked, Isnt that cute, you got yourself some good bodyguards kid.
Theres no need for losers like you to be here. Vegeta added. Why dont you go back to your mother?
Shut up, Krillin shouted. Gohan has every right to be here.
Well, as far as I can see, hes only getting in the way.-
Both sides separated to reform their ranks again. Sora in the meantime, went to check on Gohan. He smiled at the boy.
That was a close one dont you think? he asked.
Yeah& Gohan replied. But Sora noticed Piccolos cold stare towards him. The Namek then shook his head. Though words were not spoken, Sora understood Piccolos jester and he immediately backed off.
Dont get too dependent on those two to protect you, Gohan. Piccolo implied. You let Sora and Riku come to your aid in the heat of battle and youll be expecting it. Youll only burden them. And that may prove to be fatal.
Not bad for a first skirmish. Vegeta chuckled.
This is bad. Krillin thought to himself. No casualties so far and those sprouts dont look fatigued at all.
Just then, a voice much like that of a small child was heard from above.
Krillin, it cried. Krillin looked up to find two young warriors descending.
One was a large, bald individual. Named Tenshinhan, or Tien for short, wore green pants supported with a red sash and locked at the shins with yellow shin warmers and black footwear. He wore no shirt, thus revealing muscular torso and abdomen. There was deep scar across his chest, possibly inflicted by some sharp weapon. Strangely enough, he had three eyes, the third just above the bridge of his nose.
Are you seeing this? Sora uttered.
That guy has three eyes. Riku added.
The second young man, Chaozu, was smaller, no larger than two feet high. He wore black trousers with red sash, yellow shin warmers, and black shoes. He wore a sleeveless shirt to cover his pale white body. His face looked like that of a doll with eyes that never seemed to blink and red dots on his cheeks. On his head, he wore a Chinese cap with a balled, red tassel at the top.
Hey, Tien, Chaozu, Krillin cried, jubilantly waving. Im glad to see that you two made it in time! More insects, Nappa grumbled. The two stood before the group.
So I see that the Saiyans didnt come alone either. Tien said. They even brought their cronies with them as well.
Actually, they grew them here.-
What&? Chaozu asked.
Dont ask.-
Well, it really doesnt matter. Tien gave that unbroken glare at each of the enemy before him. He then happened to look to his right to find a young boy standing next to Piccolo. Whos the kid, is that Gokus little boy?
Thats right. His name is Gohan. Hes been training with Piccolo for the past year.-
Hes strong like his father. Tien then gazed at the key bearers. And those two, who are they?
Thats Riku and Sora. They came to help us fight too.-
Who is that? Sora asked.
Thats Tien and Chaozu. Krillin explained. Theyre old friends of ours.
So why is it that theyre dressed in the same battle armor as the Saiyans are? Tien asked.
Dont ask, Riku grumbled, Itll only make things more complicated.
Just know that were your friends and not your enemies. Sora added.
Well, as long as you stand with us, thats all that matters to me. Tien said.
Enough of this chatter, Nappa shouted. You know theres no point in continuing. These Saibamen are worth every one of you. They can take you down all on their own.
The Saibamen advanced ever so slowly, biding their time, feeling the urge before striking. But their advance was once again halted by another voice and the appearance of another Z fighter.
Wait up, you guys! the voice cried. Everyone, including the Saiyans, glanced to the direction the voice originated. Suddenly, another young warrior appeared. He wore the same outfit as Krillin did with the same insignia on the back. He was a tall and brash youth with long black hair. Upon his left cheek was a cross shaped scar and above streaking over his right eye was another scar, most likely caused by a sharp weapon.
Hey, Yamcha, Krillin gave an excited greeting.
Glad you could make it, Yamcha. Tien said.
Sorry, Im late though.-
Nope, Krillin chuckled, You got here just in time.
Cool, Yamcha turned to see the serious faces upon some of his comrades. He then happened to glance at the Saiyans. So I take it that those are the ones, the Saiyans.
Thats them alright. Piccolo implied.
Well, they dont look so tough. Yamcha then happened to glance at Riku and Sora. And who are you guys? Ive never seen you around before.
I doubt anyone has. Riku grumbled.
Dont mind my friend. Sora said. It signifies nothing!
Thats Riku and Sora, Yamcha. Krillin explained. Theyre gonna help us fight.
Is that so? Yamcha said. Then why is it that theyre dressed in those Saiyan uniforms.
It was merely a bad suggestion of wardrobe. Riku explained.
Like we really had a choice though, Sora whispered in his friends ear.
Look Nappa, Vegeta chuckled, Another cockroach to squash.
Will we be expecting more of your friends? Nappa said.
Now, now Nappa, this could work out better than expected.-
Hows that, Vegeta?-
Let our Saibamen soften them up a bit. If they are indeed compressing their power levels, at least the Saibamen will be able to deprive them of their stamina.-
I see&-
Gentlemen, Vegeta declared to the key bearers and the Z fighters, What do you say we make this confrontation one to remember. You get to battle us once you finish off our pod soldiers. What do you say?
You think this amusing dont you?! Piccolo growled. This is all just a big game to you isnt it! You think were here to frolic about and waste our time! No, weve come to battle!
Now, now, Krillin advised, Take it easy there, Piccolo. You forget that Goku hasnt arrived yet. Perhaps if we abide by their request for a while, we can buy more time for Goku to get here.
No Krillin, thats exactly what they want. This is all just an attempt to soften us up. That way they can finish us off faster.-
Well, Krillin pondered on what Piccolo had said and realized that that may have been what Nappa and Vegeta were hoping for. I never really thought about it that way.
If thats the case, Riku said, stepping forth before the Z fighters, Then Ill go first.
Well go first. Sora remarked, stepping aside his comrade.
Look at that, Vegeta. Nappa chuckled. The little weaklings are gonna fight first.
Ill give them credit though. Vegeta said, Volunteering to start off the battle.
Alright, Sora declared, Which one of you little green freaks wants to start off first?
Very well, Vegeta looked to one of the Saibamen, you go battle him. Finish him off and be quick about it.
No, Riku suddenly shouted. The Saiyans and the Z fighters were bewildered, Were fighting them all at once.
What was that? Yamcha uttered.
They want to fight all six of those things by themselves? Krillin added. But thats crazy!
Pretty brash for a guy with only a power level of 125, Nappa scoffed.
Riku, Sora whispered, Dont you think thats going a little overboard?
Im not about to back down to weeds! Riku replied. Are you just gonna stand there and let a bunch of cabbage heads push you around, Sora?
Of course not!-
Then lets take em all on at once. If we can battle head to head with Imperial troops, then these guys should be no more of a challenge.-
Yeah, Youre right, Riku! The key bearers drew up their keyblades. Lets do this!
So be it. Vegeta said.
Alright, Nappa bellowed, You want it that way, then you got it! Saibamen, hold nothing back! Kill those two upstarts! I want their hearts on a plate!
The Saibamen acknowledged and suddenly sprang forward at incredible speed. The key bearers, however, did not hold back. They unleashed their full potential as well.
Sora, Riku cried, Evasion technique!
Gotcha, Sora replied. Thus, then unleashed their double attack of light and darkness. The flashes of light and lingering of shadows bewildered and awed the Z fighters. The Saiyans too were impressed. Within seconds, all six of the Saibamen were found prostrated on the ground. The key bearers on the other hand still remained fresh.
Impossible, Nappa said.
Those two took down all six like they were nothing. Krillin uttered.
Where the heck did these two guys come from? Tien wondered.
Riku and Sora, Piccolo thought, How in the world could they have accumulated that kind of strength? I could barely even sense them before. Now all of a sudden their energy has boosted itself beyond what I could even comprehend.
It looks like you have a hold of a weak batch there, Nappa. Vegeta scoffed.
No, its impossible, Nappa growled, These Saibamen are the crme of the crop amongst their peers. They should have won without any trouble. Their power levels are at least 1200. That means that each and every one of them has a fighting strength equal to&equal to Raditz.
Then it is as I had predicted. The earthlings are compressing their power levels to deceive us in the long run. Vegeta slightly snickered. But still this is a situation that we can handle on our own.
What shall we do then?-
Let the Saibamen continue with their little onslaught, lets see how far theyre pushed.-
One by one, the Saibamen staggered and once again surrounded the key bearers.
Those little buggers just wont give up. Sora said.
Thats fine. Riku replied. They want to keep going, let them.
Again, the Saibamen attacked. But again, the key bearer managed to hold their own.
Man, Krillin said, Riku and Sora are awesome.
Theyre actually holding their own against all six of those little freaks. Yamcha added.
The Saibamen simultaneously attacked, but their efforts proved ineffective against the key bearers. Two of the Saibamen unleashed a strange attack. Their heads suddenly split wide open, much like the mouth of a Venus fly trap. From out of their hollow skulls, white ooze spurted out.
What the heck is that stuff? Sora said, cringing at the sight of the milky liquid. The key bearers evaded the wet substance. And it was a good thing they did. The moment the liquid splattered onto the ground, it dissolved through the soil, creating rather deep holes.
Thats acid, Riku said, watch out and make sure it doesnt hit you!
Man, Krillin grumbled, what else can those things do?
Look what they did to the ground. Tien implied.
Youll have to do better than that, you little maggots! Sora shouted. Using their keyblades, both youths pummeled the Saibamen once more. Lets see you try this on! He looked to his friend, Riku, combination wind technique, flaming funnel!
I gotcha, At once, the key bearers unleashed one of their combo attacks. A mighty twister emerged. And combined with Rikus Cinder Canister, the flames engulfed the column of wind, turning it into a flaming inferno. The Z fighters were astounded, the Saiyans concerned.
Look at that. Vegeta uttered.
How powerful are these guys?! Nappa wondered. Not only are they taking on the Saibamen by themselves, but they can also do something like that!
Thats exactly what their weakness is. Vegeta smirked a little.
The flaming funnel surged upon the battlefield, sweeping up each of the Saibamen, singing and burning them, at the same time slicing away at their bodies with strong air currents. In the end, as the fiery column diminished, all six plummeted to the ground. Their impact with the soil caused shallow craters to form and clouds of dust to billow. Motionless they lay. No doubt that the attack finished what was left of them.
Impossible& Nappa uttered. All six have been defeated?
Inconceivable& Vegeta added.
Well, Riku said, It looks like you little makeshift army failed to defeat us, Vegeta.
They were nothing compared to us. Sora added with a smile.
Why you little& Nappa growled.
Nappa, easy, Vegeta advised.
Now with all six of those squealing sideshow freaks down for good, that leaves you. Riku chuckled.
Alright, Riku and Sora, Krillin cheered.
They did it! Chaozu added.
Its a good thing that theyre on our side. Yamcha said.
But their jubilation was short lived as Vegeta suddenly began to chuckle uncontrollably.
Whats so funny? Riku said. I must have missed something.
You honestly think that youve won? he asked.
Of course we won. Sora replied. Why would you think otherwise?
But no sooner had Sora blurted out those words; one of the Saibamen suddenly sprang back to life. The key bearers tuned to see the thing rushing at them. It was Sora the creature was going after. Sora had no time to react. But Riku at the last minute pushed him out of the way. Sora tumbled to the ground. The creature latched on to Riku, locking its hands and feet together, putting Riku in a submission hold. The Z fighters were shocked at this sudden twist. Sora quickly looked to his friend seeing him grapple with the green enigma.
Riku, he cried.
Let go of me, you little bastard! Riku strained to get out of the submission hold, but it seemed that the harder he struggled, the tighter the Saibamans grip became.
Hes got him! Tien uttered.
Fight it, Riku! Yamcha cried. Fight it!
I told you to let go of me! Riku again tried to break free, but the Saibaman would not let go.
Vegeta suddenly cracked a smile, watching the events unfold before his eyes.
As I said before. He said. Did you honestly think you have won? Theres one thing that the Saibamen are most feared for. If they cannot win a battle, then they will unleash the one attack only used as a last resort&self-detonation.
What&? Sora asked. His eyes wide with fear.
Thats right, theyll latch themselves onto their enemy and never let go. At the same time, they accumulate their energy from within, set to explode. Thus, they blow themselves up and take their foe with them.-
No, Sora turned to Riku and rushed to his aid. Riku, But the other Saibamen, much like the one, suddenly sprang back to life as well and attacked Sora. Sora saw the other five coming and quickly evaded and fended them off. In the meantime, Riku could was still struggling.
With a sinister grin upon its face, The Saibaman suddenly started to glow. Within seconds, its body detonated still clinging onto Riku. Sora could only watch on helplessly as the little green sprout erupted with a terrible explosion. There was a bright flash of light, a sonic boom, which nearly knocked the Z fighters off their feet, and a billow of dust and debris into the clear sky. Behind the chaos, the sound of Rikus bloodcurdling scream as death fell upon him. Sora covered his eyes, at the same time the other Saibamen withdrew to a safer distance.
Eventually, the smoke cleared and those present now beheld the carnage of the aftermath. There, lying upon the ground was Riku. His body smoldered, his once unsigned uniform had been torn about and charred with heat. Sora could only look on at the horror.
Riku, he uttered. He quickly ran to his friends side. What he found caused him to shriek out in bitter terror and sorrow. Rikus entire front had been blown off. The armor had shattered at the front and the jumper was torn to shreds. This bare abdomen and chest, once delicate and beautiful skin, was not burned in some places, and rattled with pieces of shrapnel sticking out, some of the shards from the armor, others from the detonating Saibaman. His eyes had lost all signs of life. There was no breath, no stir. Riku was dead. Sora roared out as he picked his friend up in his arms.
A kamikaze, Piccolo said, Theres no way to defend against that kind of tactic.
Oh well, Vegeta sighed, It looks like a draw. Your little team has been broken up. And with it, your so called invincibility. Lets see how strong you are now fighting alone.
That little bastard, Sora growled. Riku&Im sorry&
What a waste of a life. Nappa chuckled. Well, at least thats one less insect to worry about.
Pick up that worthless trash of yours, boy. Vegeta mocked.
Sora could only grip onto Rikus lifeless body and hold it tightly against him. The tears of sorrow quickly turned cold and transformed into tears of hate and anger. He glared at the two Saiyans.
Vegeta, he sneered, Youll pay for this! There was a sudden change in his eye, a look of loathing. Youll all pay for this! Sora lay Riku down and glared at the Saiyans. His body started to glow that bright gold.
The Saiyans were astounded by what they saw. The Z fighters trembled at what they sensed. Sora had unleashed Lu Bus infamous Musou Rage.
What is this power? Piccolo thought. Where did it come from?
That kid is something else. Tien said.
Sora stood before the Saiyans, sternly and unwavering.
Ill kill you. He declared.
Is that so? Vegeta said. Then lets see you try.
Sora suddenly attacked, swiftly and without mercy. But the Saibamen quickly entered the fray too and all of them attacked Sora at once. But the key bearers strength had increased dramatically and moved about the Saibamen without trouble. Using his keyblade, he struck and slew two with one his. He then pushed the remaining three away from him and struck two more dead. He then turned towards the last of the Saibamen and slashed his keyblade upward, slicing the thing in half.
Man, Krillin was frightened, He cut those things up so fast.
Look at that heat in his eyes. Piccolo added. Thats pure rage!
Sora then drew up his keyblade. A sudden ball of energy appeared before its tip and without hesitation or second thought; he practically fired the beam point blank at the Saiyans. The Saiyans, however, seemed not concerned and allowed the blast to hit them. There was an earth shattering rumble and an ear-piercing explosion. Light, dust, wind, and debris were heightened.
In the aftermath, the Musou Rage diminished and Sora fell to his knees. He gasped and labored in his breath, realizing that he had wasted over half of his fighting strength to unleash that one powerful blast.
Man, he pounded em! Yamcha stated, Both those little green men and the Saiyans.
At a boy, Sora, Krillin cheered.
Thats showing em, kid! Tien added. Sora looked on with a smile on his face, sweat drops falling from his brow. He looked to carnage he caused with energy wave.
I did, Riku, he uttered, I did it.
Oh, yeah, a voice suddenly thundered, You did it alright!
Immediately, Soras smile turned to a fearful stare. The Z fighters joy turned to terror. The impossible could not be happening. Sora hoped that it was all an illusion. But such a dream proved a reality as the forms of Nappa and Vegeta emerged from the screen of dust like phantoms in the shadows.


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