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Chapter 14 - A Continuing Siege

After the Battle of Long Valley, the KH team reached the waning stage of their adventure.

Chapter 14 - A Continuing Siege

Chapter 14 - A Continuing Siege
A Continuing Siege

It had become apparent that there was no stopping the Aryan Faction from their destructive path of chaos, which they rained upon Kairis hometown. Fortinbras, determined to redeem his honor and reputation after the failed attempt during the Oceansburg campaign and the Battle of Long Valley, had closed his fist, vowing not to give in. He had complete superiority over the Mulian and the small military force of the former Arakis Foundation. Yet, despite his attempts to break their lines, his soldiers were driven back, forcing to give up all they had gained over the course of the second days fighting.
It was already the high peak of a noon time lull and both sides were at a stand still, with minor raids and skirmishes erupting up and down the line.
Inconceivable, Fortinbras growled, How is it that theyre able to maintain their line even after a massive attack on their defenses.
You must understand, sir, the captain said, Many of the men under your command are former soldiers of the Arakis Foundation. Its not surprising that they would be slightly reluctant to fight their old comrades. Some of your soldiers might have brothers, fathers, close friends, and relatives wearing the other uniform.
That is no excuse. Those men facing us are nothing, but traitors to the Imperial cause! Our goal is to realize the dreams of the Three Excellencies and see to it that the ideals of the former Dark Empire reign absolute throughout all the worlds.-
But at what cost I wonder. The captain thought to himself, not willing to have another outburst from the general.

At the same time, Kirin, Imetriarch, and the rest of the Arakis Foundation had dug themselves deep, watching the results of the battle unveil before them. They looked on as more of their soldiers lay dead or dying upon the already formed no-mans-land between them and lines of Fortinbras. The cannons upon the ship were quiet and no sounds of bombardment had commenced just yet. Still, the soldiers were a little apprehensive, waiting for that second when the Aryan batteries would sound off and further death would fall upon them.
I wonder why theyre not attacking again. Kirin said.
Most likely, the soldiers are regrouping. Imetriarch replied. As soon as they have reformed their ranks, theyll be rushing at us again.
We wouldnt stand a chance against another massive attack like that. After this mornings fight, our men are exhausted.-
You forget, young prince, their soldiers are just as weary after that morning engagement. Theyll keep quiet for a while.-
Yeah, but until they regain their strength, that carrier of theirs is going to blow the hell out of us, depriving us of our sleep as well as resources and man power.-
Look on the bright side. At least they cant get their ship airborne. Otherwise, we would stand no chance whatsoever.-
And if they do manage to get it airborne again? Kirin asked.
Ive already taken that into consideration and am contemplating a way to keep that ship in a neutral position. Imetriarch replied. Until then, the only thing we can do is keep it quiet.
It was then that the two saw Kairi and Tidus approaching them. They walked in a crouching position, hoping not to be spotted by Aryan soldiers on the opposite side of the field.
How are things coming along? Kairi asked.
So far, all is quiet. Kirin replied. The Aryans havent renewed their attack yet.
How is Muli doing? Imetriarch asked.
Hes alright, Kairi assured him. Selphie is watching over him. Man, I never thought that such a young boy would be so active in this.-
Hes going around helping with the moving of the supplies and ammunition. Tidus added. Hes even helping to dig those bomb shelters you ordered.-
As should be expected, Imetriarch said. He is His late Excellencys son after all.
You say that so calmly. Arent you going to detest that thought of your leader digging ditches and fox holes like a common soldier?-
Master Mulian has matured significantly since he left his sheltered life back home. He has completely changed his attitude towards the rest of the universe and all worlds coinciding. He in turn had changed me and many loyal followers of the former foundation. He realizes that to win respect, he must make an example of himself, which is why he works alongside his men. Imetriarch sighed. I cant keep being a caretaker forever. Muli has grown stronger, stronger than even me.
It would be a shame for him to do all this work only to have it be in vain.-
So, Kirin inquired, Whats the casualty figure from this last morning battle?
There was a role call. Kairi replied. At least three hundred and fifty have been killed, two hundred wounded, and fifty-seven are missing in action.
Thats almost a third of our entire force out of commission so far. Imetriarch said. And its only been the second day.
Suddenly, there came the sound of distant thunder. The group was fully aware of what it meant, the bombardment had commenced again. Following the distant booming of the batteries from the cannons, there pursued a high pitched whistling that accumulated from the incoming beams of light that drew closer upon the entrenched soldiers. The screaming grew louder and louder before making impact with the ground and causing incredible destruction upon the defenses.
Here they go again! Kirin said. Everyone get down!
Explosions bellowed around them and debris fell upon the team like a summer shower.
Send word to our battery! Imetriarch ordered one of the soldiers. Have them target those guns on the Aryan ship! Make every round count.
Yes sir, the soldier replied and scurried down the line, passing the word to the battery.
No sooner had the soldier left; the little group saw one of the beams heading straight for them.
Incoming, Tidus shouted.
Get out of the way! Imetriarch cried, telling his comrades to scatter. All got out of the way, except for Kairi, who, unaccustomed to such extreme danger, was suddenly frozen in her tracks. Her legs suddenly went stiff and she couldnt move.
Kairi, get out of there! Tidus shouted.
Miss Kairi! Imetriarch added. Bu their words did not seem to reach her. She was petrified. The sight of her demise came in the form of an enemy projectile. She could only cover her head with her arms and scream.
Sister, Kirin shouted. He threw himself at Kairi, grabbing her and pulling her out of the shells path. There was a massive impact and the two were blown away, blasted with falling debris and dirt. In the aftermath, both Kairi and Kirin raised their heads. Are you alright, Kairi?
Yeah, Kairi replied, I guess so.
The front line is too dangerous, Kairi. Get back to the rear now.-
But, brother,-
Do as I say! Kirins tone had become hard and stern, like a strict disciplinarian. His eyes, however, expressed a different emotion, not at all firm as the rest of his body language. Kairi could see that his anger was only based off his concern for her safety. Not wanting to burden her brother anymore, she withdrew without another word.
Kairi can be rather stubborn at times. Tidus said. You have to be firm with her.
Im not surprised though. Kirin explained. I have that same kind of attitude.
Gentlemen, Imetriarch said, Keep down and stay close to the matter at hand!
Sir, the two young men replied. They dug themselves deep and stayed close to the earthworks, avoiding the effects of the barrage.
In the meantime, the hidden battery was coordinating its guns to aim and hit the Aryan Faction artillery. The degrees were set, the power levels increased to their maximum for maximum effect.
Were ready to fire, sir! One of the officers declared.
Then prepare to open with full battery fire on my signal! The battery commander confirmed. Aim well for the cannons themselves.
Yes sir, the cannons were carefully positioned to hit their intended target. Standing by for your orders, sir, were locked onto the target!-
Fire, the commander bellowed. There was a series of loud booms and five beams emerged from the grove of trees. They sped off towards the open hatches of the Fortinbras battery.

We have detected incoming energy sources! an operative of the Aryan faction shouted.
What was that?! Fortinbras said.
Where from? the captain asked.
It came from the foundation entrenchments! the operative replied. But the damage had been done and the blasts struck the side of the ship, shaking the entire carrier violently. The commander, the general, and all on board held of for dear life. Others fell to the floor and tumbled about.
I want a status report! Where did they hit us?!-
Sir, our port battery had been hit. At least thirty-seven percent had been rendered out of commission.-
Damn it, thats what they were aiming for. Fortinbras growled. Theyre hoping to knock out our batteries to prevent further bombardment.
This is a definite drawback, sir. The captain declared. We wont be able to fire at will anymore without the threat of incoming counter-barrages hoping to deprive us of our heavy artillery.
Well just have to find a way to resolve this. Fortinbras looked at the screen. Detect where the source of this counter fire is coming from and blow it to hell!
Yes sir. The captain turned to his operatives. Prepare countermeasure, aim towards the foundation barracks!
But sir, we cant do that. One of the operatives said. If we open fire, no doubt well get struck by another counter-barrage.
At least well be able to see where the source of that fire power is coming from. I know its a risk, but we have to take it. Instruct those who are ready to fire to commence with their operations.-
Aye, sir. The operative contacted the battery row. All artillery ready commence firing for aftereffect. Close your hatches as soon as your projectiles are deployed.
Confirmed, one of the gunners replied. There was another blast from the side of the ship and all cannons, still in operation, fired away.
They watched carefully for any possible counter. Sure enough, there came the booming of distant guns, followed by the emerging of bright glowing beams that against struck the ship. This time, however, the guns still in operation were able to close their hatches just before the impact. Some of the guns did not have their hatches closed in time and were struck and crippled. But they were not entirely out of commission.
So, Fortinbras demanded to know. Where did those blasts come from?
We picked up a signal of origin. One of the attendants replied.
Where at? the captain asked.
The blasts originated from that grove of trees just at the outskirts of town.-
I see, then that means Master Mulis troops have entrenched their guns behind that protective shield of trees.-
I will not have you calling that traitor Master! Fortinbras scolded when overhearing the captains statement. The captain backed down.
I apologize for that, sir.-
So the foundation has their cannons behind those trees, eh? Fortinbras chuckled to himself. Very clever& Very clever indeed, but not clever enough, I want all batteries to concentrate on that grove of trees and blow that position to hell!
Aye sir, the orders were transferred and the cannons began firing at the grove of trees where the foundation cannons resided. Blast after blast struck the wooded barrier, tearing away at the trees and shrubs that grew around the area.

Those bastards are targeting our battery positions. Kirin growled.
It was bound to happen sooner or later. Imetriarch replied. But even if they were to shell twenty-four hours a day for the next fortnight, they wouldnt be able to penetrate through that thick barrier of debris and mud as well as those high canopies.
The artillery returned fire, pummeling the sides of the ship, destroying more of the batteries that had remained open.
Two more of our guns have been severely damaged, sir. The operative said.
Damage to the enemy battery is unconfirmed, sir. Another added.
Damn it. Fortinbras growled.
Theres no way that well be able to deploy covering fire so long as that battery is in place. The captain replied. And its well fortified behind enemy lines.
We have to destroy that battery somehow. Otherwise, there will be no hope in prying those idiots out of their trenches.-
How would you suggest we handle this, sir?-
Theres only one other option I can think of, well just have to use the random fire method.-
The random fire method?-
We pre-calculate the elevation and level of power needed for each shot and deploy the projectiles at the intended target. And we do this while maintaining a continuous rotation of the turret and temporarily opening the hatches while firing!
But, sir, with that tactic, theres no way we can guarantee a successful hit if the battery turret is still in motion. Wed be firing at random, chancing our attempts to hit our mark.-
Its either that, or halt the turret, taking time to aim, thus allowing the foundation to concentrate their fire power on our own guns. If the turret is still in motion, their chances of maiming our cannons have been reduced to less than half of what would be expected if we remain stationary.-
Right now, our remaining guns are the backbone of our assault and our only counter measure to repel a possible attack from the foundation. If our guns go, that gives the foundation complete advantage over us by means of fire power. Superior numbers alone will not be enough.-
I see,-
We cannot afford to lose this fight. We are the only force left that stands between The Arakis Foundation and their hopes of forming an alliance with Sneer. Mulian Arakis is still a threat. The Aryan Faction is already experiencing rising tensions and rifts between its followers. Many citizens are still loyal to the former foundation and the Arakis family. Should Mulian form a pact with the Universal Alliance, he will have the means to rally those still loyal within the Aryan Faction and topple the government. Then itll be we, the loyalists of Lord Marcus Montague, who shall be regarded as the traitors.
I understand,-
That is why we cannot afford to lose this fight. Lord Montague may no be of the Arakis family, but at least he is still willing to obtain the ideas of the former Imperial Regime.-

It had become apparent of the strategy deployed by Fortinbras. He had continued his barrage upon the defenses of the foundation, but this time, the aiming of his cannons was not as precise.
What the heck are they doing up there? Kirin wondered. Now, all of a sudden, theyre just aiming randomly at us.
Im not surprised, Imetriarch replied. Take a look at this. He handed Kirin his scouter. Kirin placed the devise on lift left ear and looked through the red lens. Sure enough, he saw the reason why the aim was now not as accurate. The faction is getting desperate now. They realize that their own superiority is not as absolute as before. Otherwise, they wouldnt be taking this action.
I see, theyre keeping the battery turret in continuous motion so our own cannons wont effectively hit and cripple the cannons they have left.-
Thats right,-
Still, even if they dont hit our battery, they still have the capability of hitting someplace else. So that ship is still a menace. And to top it all off, we have no means of making any contact with the outside world for any reinforcements. We got to take that carrier out for good. Perhaps there is some way that well be able to penetrate their line.-
Thats impossible right now. We cant afford to storm the ship. Even we were to initiate a night raid, thats out of the question. From what my scouts have observed, the Aryan Faction has set up a perimeter of skirmish lines, each one intersecting in separate intervals with the other, so no gaps are present. They also have entrenched themselves deep on the northern outskirts, that way even a task unit wouldnt be able to make it through without getting caught in a crossfire. And right now I cannot afford to lose any men in a mission that has no guaranteed success.-
There is one way. Tidus suddenly uttered from behind. The two former Imperials looked at him.
Do you know how to defeat them? Kirin asked.
There might be a way for you to get passed their lines without having to confront their pickets.-
Hows that, Tidus? Tell us?-
Theres an old underground waterway that leads from this area to that peninsula. The entry way can be found at the base of the mountain at the center of the island. Its no more than a half a mile out of town. It leads directly to the cliffs of the northern peninsula, just behind where the ship is. With a handful of men, youd be able to sabotage the Aryan carrier and they wont even know about it until its too late.-
Excellent insight, young Tidus, Imetriarch praised, This information will work to our advantage. Well bring the Aryans to their knees in no time.
So what should we do? Kirin asked.
Kirin, would you be willing to take the lead of the raiding party?-
Of course,-
And Im sure Tidus wouldnt have any objections to helping?-
The sooner we get rid of these guys, Tidus remarked, The sooner my town is spared.
Well then, assemble twenty of my best men and have them gather at the town square. Wait until nightfall, when the enemy is off guard and exhausted from todays action. Then take that passage way and initiate the plan. Crassus ordered. And be careful.
And Kirin, I leave you to do the planning.-
I understand. Kirin replied. He turned to Tidus. Lets go.
Gotcha, The two young men quickly withdrew, preparing for their night raid. Imetriarch Crassus in the meantime, maintained his visual at the front lines. He called forth one of his subordinates.
Captain, captain, he shouted. A captain crawled over to him, keeping his head ducked behind the barricades.
Yes sir? he asked.
Weve planned a night raid. Go to our battery and tell them to unleash a barrage of ten shots per cannon on my signal. Tell them to aim for the enemy carriers cannons.
Yes sir.-
Crassus looked on, eagerly awaiting for the operation to begin.

As shells flew from Aryan cannons onto the foundation trenches and the town itself, Kirin had assembled twenty of Mulians elites. Each one was a battled hardened veteran. One by one, Kirin went over the background of each soldier, where they were qualified and if they were willing to take on such a dangerous task. Kirin was especially amazed at how the soldiers remained standing in steadfast attention without flinching, despite the fact that shells and projectiles exploded around them. Their sturdy action alone was enough to convince him of their expertise in soldiering. After brief interviews with the twenty hand picked men, Kirin addressed the entire company.
My brave men, he said, You have been chosen for your dedication to your cause, your expertise, your strength and skill upon the battlefield, and your cunning. There is a chance, however, that many of you will not make it back. This is a tough mission were facing. We twenty will be penetrating deep behind enemy lines and attacking the very stronghold of the Aryan Faction, their carrier. Now before I begin the briefing of the mission, is there anyone here who wishes to decline in helping with this mission? Remember, this will be a dangerous operation and your lives will be put at risk. So if there is any man among you who does not wish to participate in this, please step forward. There was no movement. Not a man came before him. Again Kirin assured them. I ask you again, is there any man here who wishes to back down from this mission? There is no turning back after your decision has been made. I cannot afford to have the faint at heart on this operation. Im offering you this one last chance. Anyone wish to second guess their decision?
No sir, the twenty men replied. Kirin smiled.
Wow, Tidus said in awe.
Very well then, Kirin replied. Then let me explain what it is we are aiming for in this operation. Kirin took out a hologram image of the ship and pointed to the different areas targeted and pointed at each part as he explained. Our main objective is to sabotage the enemy ship in ways which will give us the complete upper hand. It will be a night raid, so save your energy as best you can for the upcoming battle. First, we must sever the communication links between the carrier and any reinforcements that might come to aid them. Therefore, to isolate the Aryans here, we will have to cut off all communication. Hit the exterior communication facilities. Then, to open up our own communication, we have to bring down the communication scrambler system. And our final objective is to destroy the remaining batteries on the ships exterior, so our forces wont fear about being bombarded. Kirin retracted the hologram. That is the mission, men. You know your duties. This is for the good of our cause. Is that clear?
Yes sir?! the soldiers replied.
Get some rest. Tonight, we head out to finish this confrontation with the Imperial Axis once and for all. Troops dismissed. The soldiers saluted and withdrew to rest up before their nocturnal operation.
As the troops departed, Selphie had arrived at the scene. Seeing the ending stages of assembly, she was curious and approached Tidus, who had been present at the assembly from the start.
Whats going on here? she asked him.
Were planning a night attack on that faction ship. Tidus replied.
Are you guys planning on going through that open ground when there are enemies everywhere?-
Were not going to go across the field. Were planning on using the underground water way.-
Oh, that one, but dont you think itll be a little risky?-
Our lives will be in danger, but our sacrifice will be worth the salvation of our home.-
Will you be taking charge then, Tidus? Selphie asked.
No, the young man replied. Ill be leading them through the waterway. Kirin will be the one in charge.
I see,-
Well, I better go take some time to sleep if I can. Its gonna be a long night.-
You be careful alright.-
Give my regrets to Wakka and Kairi when you see them. This may be the last time I see them.-
I will,-
Tidus only smiled and walked away.
Youre planning on dying arent you?-
If it comes down to it, I am prepared to give my life.-

Fortinbras on the other hand, watched from his position in the ship. So far, his barrage seldom struck the entrenched battery behind foundation lines.
Intolerable, the general growled, That entire barrage and we didnt even put a dent in their defense!
I told you, sir. The captain replied. Were firing at a random chance. Were predicting the aim. And even when we aim well, our continuous rotating throws that coordination off.
Then if I cant blast them out, Ill overwhelm them! Fortinbras stood up. I want the next wave to concentrate their attacks on that battery! Break the line and send the foundation crashing!-
But sir,-
Our overwhelming numbers will destroy them! If we attack without hesitation, then we will be victorious! Send out the next to waves to attack that one point! We will take that battery, even if every last soldier has to be sacrificed!-
Those are my orders! Send them out now! The captain could only lower his head, fearing the fate of the factions finest. But he had no other choice, but to concur.
I understand sir. He turned to the bridge. Send in the next wave. Concentrate all our efforts on that grove of trees where the enemy battery is located.
Yes sir, the bridge replied.
Sure enough, within minutes, the order was given and five thousand men were sent out into the field. Charging like screaming banshees, the Aryans assaulted the sector of the line where the battery was closest.
Theyre concentrating all of their men on our battery! one of the lieutenants cried.
Reinforce the trenches around the battery position! Crassus shouted. Send out skirmishers to slow them down! Fight to the last man if necessary!
Yes sir,-
Soldiers were rallied to defend the position at all costs. Like hornets, they were prepared to aggressively fight off their attackers. A line of skirmishers came over the trenches and lined themselves up. They took cover behind rocks, bushes, and trenches and began firing at the mass of enemy troops. The soldiers kept attacking. Though slowed for a time, they pushed on until they reached the skirmish line. Then they started a counter fire, killing a quarter of the skirmishers. The skirmishers withdrew back to the trenches.
As soon as the skirmishers reached their own lines, their comrades began their own intense barrage. By the score, Aryan soldiers were killed and the line stagnated. The intensity of the foundation fire was so great, it was said the enemy seemed to hit an invisible wall and could not advance any further as death rained upon them.
Keep up you fire! the officers cried. Keep them at bay! Pour it onto them, boys!
It came to the point that both sides were so close, they started firing point blank into each other. There was hand to hand combat on some parts of the line and men fell with ghastly wounds and hideous gashes upon them. The bodies piled in hills along a few parts of the line. It was deaths carnival that afternoon as both sides gave all they had to achieve their goal.
The confrontation continued up and down the lines, even as night began to fall with both sides taking on heavy casualties. However, the toll was far too great for the already limited number of foundation soldiers. Each soldier lost was one step closer to a lost cause. Though still holding, the troops in the trenches were losing morale due to exhaustion, the loss of comrades, and the continuous swelling of the enemy ranks. Even though only the course of an afternoon had elapsed, it seemed like an eternity to live through, not knowing if death was mingling about the corner waiting to strike down its next victim.
However, as the sun set over the horizon, the battle ceased with its final outcome. The Arakis Foundation held and the Aryans were again forced to withdraw.

Damn it, Fortinbras scowled, They held again?!-
These are the elites of the Arakis Foundation, sir. The captain replied. The majority of them are the personal bodyguards of the Arakis family and they are willing to give their lives for their leader.
And what about our troops, are they not former Arakis Foundation soldiers?-
Theyre not really willing to go against Mulian Arakis. They fight because they have no other choice.
They have a choice! But these soldiers must get it through their heads that they must find a cause greater than the sake of a leader who has dishonored their Imperial cause! It is the cause that matters, nothing else! Prepare to unleash another barrage!-
Yes sir,-

This time, however, Crassus battery was ready. He watched as the turret once again began to rotate.
Theyre ready to initiate another barrage. He said. Prepare to fire on my signal!
Yes sir, the battery commander replied. The cannons were aimed at the turret on the ship. Artillery is ready to fire.
Fire ten shots for each battery piece in a five second interval!-
Yes, sir,-
The command was given and the artillery began to fire away at the ship. Explosions erupted on the carriers surface, inflicting terrible damage.

Kairi, back in the rear, watched over young Mulian Arakis, who kept his head covered behind the barracks set up.
There they go again. Muli said. Hand to hand combat by day, bombardment by night, a typical strategy of the Imperial Regime.
Its been two days already. Kairi said. And there hasnt been a single peaceful moment. Everyone has been driven from their homes and the people are hiding in the hills on the outskirts. Kairi curled up in a ball. I never would have thought that war and chaos would have come to our home. Her mind wandered on the people she cared for. I hope that Riku and Sora are alright. If only they were here, at least I wouldnt have to feel so alone.
But what about your brother, Kirin? Hes here for you.-
I know, but its only been two days and we havent seen each other since we were children. I know that hes my brother and all, but hes more like a total stranger to me. I have no idea what hes been through and Im sure he has no idea what Ive been through. In these past couple of days, weve seldom seen each other.-
Does it really matter though? Hes your brother and hes here. The only reason why hes not always around is because he is a soldier. And as a soldier, you have two objectives. You must follow orders and you must give your heart and soul completely to the cause in which you battle. In this case, he fights to protect you. You may not know much about your brother, but to him, you might be all that hes got. You may be the only other person who might accept him, the only other living family member. You might just be the only world Kirin has left and hes willing to fight and die for you.-
Despite Mulis tender age, his words had such passion and meaning. It struck Kairi to the very core of her soul.
Am I really that important to him? she thought to herself.
It was then that Selphie came along to join them in their slight rest. She gave a positive sigh as she sat and put her hands close to the fire.
Well, she said with perk, I can guarantee you guys that this battle with the Aryan Faction will hopefully be over by morning.
What was that? Kairi asked.
Where did you hear that? Muli added.
Well, apparently Tidus is gonna guide a whole bunch of soldiers through that old water way that leads to that northern peninsula. Selphie replied.
But thats insane. Theyd be going right into the thick behind enemy lines.-
Well, from what I understand, they are going to emerge just behind where the defenses are concentrated and our guys will tear them up when they least expect it.-
But even so, even if they did go unnoticed, theyre would be immense casualties.-
Thats why I fear for Tidus and Kirin.-
What did you say? Kairi uttered. Selphie saw that disturbed look upon her friends face.
What is it, Kairi?-
Are you saying that Kirin is going with them?-
Hes the one thats leading the company. Hes assembling his men at the town square.-
Oh my God& Muli whispered.
Why do you ask?-
But Kairi did not respond. She quickly got up and hastened to find her brother.
What did I say? Selphie asked.
You said Kirin was involved. There may be a chance that he might not survive.-
Oh dear& Selphie realized that her words had caused mixed emotions within Kairi.
Kairi quickly scurried to the town square, despite the bombardment of shells that randomly struck the town and defenses from the carrier afar. Sure enough, as she came within sight of the town square, she beheld the twenty and some odd soldiers standing at attention, with Kirin and Tidus standing at their front. Kairi overheard the speech given from Kirin.
Gentlemen, she heard him say, The time has come for us to end this fiasco with the Aryan Faction. Now remember to maintain your vigilance. This is the eye of the storm we will be entering. There will be no one to help us from here on out. No one is to reveal the whereabouts of the waterway, no one is to retreat. There will be a slim chance that we will survive, but you should know that already. I had made it clear this afternoon. There is no turning back from this point on. So fight well, stay safe, and if you must die with honor!
Yes sir, the soldiers replied.
Tidus rally them to the access point and make sure to cover your tracks. We dont want scouts spotting our activity.-
I gotcha, Tidus replied. He turned to the soldiers. Alright, you men, lets go!
The soldiers began their march to the outskirts at a double-quick. Kirin stayed behind to make sure there were no stragglers. As the last soldier passed him, he heard the distant cry of his sister calling him.
Kirin, Kirin, the young prince looked to see Kairi running towards him. Kairi panted and looked up at her brother.
It is true, are you really going to attack the enemy from behind with so very few?-
Its the only way to end this battle. Attacking head on would only be suicide for us. This tactic is the only other measure I know to attack the Aryan lines without being observed. We could end this and spare a great deal of lives in the process.-
I have to go now, little sister.-
But its been so long since Ive seen you. Now, weve only been reunited for two days and yet you have to go again?-
And look at what the faction has done to your home in two days. Your people have suffered a great deal because of our irresponsibility. Therefore, we have to end this with the faction once and for all.-
But Kirin,-
Itll be alright, I will come back to you.-
But what if you dont?! Kairis eyes were filled with tears. What if you die?!
I will not die. Kirin replied.
But what if you do?! Youre my brother after all, dont you care about me?!-
I do and that is why I must go.-
Kirin put his hand on his sisters shoulder.
All my life I have been trying to find you, knowing that you were the only real kin I had left, the only flesh and blood remaining. You are the only reason for my existence.-
You are all the world to me, Kairi. And I am prepared to give my life for you.-
Kairi, overcome with grief, put herself in her brothers arms and cried. Kirin wrapped his arms around her and tightly embraced her. Kairi was comfortable in her brothers arms. She felt the warmth of his breast, the beating of his heart.
Thank you for accepting me, little sister. Kirin said softly. Ill come back to you. I promise. With that, he released his sister and ran off into the dark.
Its a promise, Kairi cried, still sobbing, You will come back to me!


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