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Chapter 1 - Would You Show Me The Way

old as dirt and totally not my style anymore.. it's to happy.... DIE DIE DIE!!! **kills with a piece of gum**

Chapter 1 - Would You Show Me The Way

Chapter 1 - Would You Show Me The Way
If I told you,I was leaving,never to come back.
Would you weep,or would you be glad?
If I told you,that you were to die.
Would you be happy,or break down and cry?
If I told you,that i will always love you.
Would you stay there beside me,or tell me a lie.

It always starts with a 'what if' and always ends with a vow.
So do me a favor and take your vow now.
Would you be there beside me,
would you show me the way?
would watch while i frolic,
or join in the play?

Do me a favor,take your vow now.
Tell me ,would you show me how?
How to love,how to play,
how to get through the day?

Would you be there for me?

Would you show me the way?


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