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Chapter 1 - The Summoning

It's the year 1944.
Demons and summoning has declined dramatically over the years.
Jake is a curious and spellbound child who was brought up on stories and tales of great and powerful demons. He feels summoning is his only option.

Chapter 1 - The Summoning

Chapter 1 - The Summoning
The boy’s hands wavered over the carefully drawn out summoning circle at his feet, unsteady trembles coursed up and down his arms in a continuing wave. His face was a twisted contortion of apprehension and resolve as he tried to gain control over his emotions, the color had long ago drained from him, a ghastly white hue remained clearly intact.

Yes he was frightened, so scared in fact he wasn’t even thinking correctly which was a rare occurrence with Jake since thinking was his natural and strong talent. Anything and everything could go wrong, which would result in his death. Summoning was very difficult and terrifying especially if you —like Jake- were working with limited materials half of them wrong. He was lacking in the right amount of incense and with the decline of magical parcels and materials it had been very difficult for him to learn the proper incantation and spell for the summoning process.

Why was he doing all of this?

Who or what did he care about so much that he would risk his life for?

The answer was simple, Gabriel his brother.

The English economy was almost in ruins. Hell seemed to be breaking lose all across Europe and its central target was England. Hitler’s armies had just about conquered all of Europe. They were seemingly unstoppable and the last country that stood in their way was England and once England was out of the way they would be one step closer to controlling the entire world.

The English people knew the consequences of being captured. Not only would it’s Jewish population almost cease to exist be there would be almost no hope for the allied forces and the conquest of Europe if they had no where to go on the entire continent. So far they had been fighting gallantly and been able to withstand the worst of the war only during the crushing blow in 1940 bombing that destroyed shipyards, industries, and cities annihilating whole neighborhoods and killing many innocent people did they falter. Hitler wanted to break English morale before invading but they new did stray from fighting. The battle for their homeland lasted till October and thankfully the Germans never gained complete control over the country.

On June 6th 1944 operation ‘Overlord’ or more commonly known as D-day began.

Jake had been there when the soldiers launched from South Hampton where he used to live. The soft crashing sounds of waves hitting the barnacle-covered seawalls were drowned out by the horrific sounds of air raid sirens or bombings and gunfire. All the peace and serenity that had once inhabited this place was gone, swept away by the cold and ruthless sounds of war.

It was terrifying.

It was now June 10th, 1944 four days after the animated D-day.

No word from his brother yet.

He was a sniper for a team of commandoes that had been sent over there. Word spread quickly and rumors started. They said already thousands were dead which Jake wasn’t sure wither or not to believe.

And still no word.

He hadn’t been expecting it that soon anyways but one could only hope, he cared for Gabriel. He was the only family Jake had left.

Mist began to form from out of nowhere, engulfing the room in it’s eerie presence. Jake instinctively took a small step backwards careful to remain in the circle as his eyes remained fixated on the other circle ahead of him.

First came the rotten stench, which was so horrid it made him gag inwardly.

Next the slight ringing that pierced Jake’s eardrums. He covered both ears with either palm and gritted his teeth. A ferocious wind beat at his body, shifting papers and things as the tall, shadowy figure took shape right before his eyes.

The end product sent chills up and down Jake’s spine.

A massive well built Cyclopes stood in the circle in front of him. Its orange hued skin was covered in moles and small patches of hair. A brown, loincloth was the only clothing it wore. The creature gazed upon Jake with it’s one solitary red eye and Jake could feel the hair on the back of his neck raise as he wiped away a bead of cold sweat from his forehead.

The Cyclopes reared over, clutching its stomach as it began to laugh almost uncontrollably.

Jake stood there stunned. This had not been what he was expecting.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” It said in a husky, worn sounding voice that boomed throughout the room.

“This is happening all over again.” The creature shook his head and wiped away a stray tear with its sausage of a finger, straightening out it’s back to its full height.

“What are you? Ten, eleven?”

“I’m 13.” Jake replied in a small voice, shifting uncomfortably.

“Great.” It said sarcastically, smiling a fake, saccharine, almost toothless smile.

“Now where is the magician little boy? I know he’s here somewhere.” The Cyclopes brought up his hand to make a searching gesture.

Jake pouted in indignity, “ I am the magician!” He retorted fiercely, stomping his foot down.

The Cyclopes glanced over at him but with little interest.

“Come on kid, stop playing games. Do you know who I am?” He pokes at his hairy chest.

“Yes, that is why I have summoned you Bartimaeus.” Jake held both hands out in front of him in a tight fist, all the nervousness and indecision that shrouded him before had seemingly disappeared.

Bartimaeus’s brow rose with suspicion.

“Fine then. What do you want me to do master?” He spoke the word ‘master’ with great emphasis, voice dripping with mockery.

Jake ignored him and continued on.

“You probably have noticed but there has been a steady decline in the magician race that’s why it’s been such a long time you were summoned last. There has been change, much change from what I’ve read. Technologies that outwit and match magic and these technologies are in use today. People have all about forgotten about Djinni and demons alike. The government has also taken it upon themselves to erase magic. Millions of books have been burned already and people’s minds erased with money as persuasion or violence. Hell has broke lose, this isn’t how it’s suppose to be.” Jake paused running a torn, brown fingerless gloved hand through his mess of dark hair.

“How do you know for sure?”

Jake looked up with surprise.

Standing now in front of him was a boy about his age. He wore clothing similiar to that in modern day egypt; a simple white shirt and pants, with pair of sandels. Why this shape? Who was this boy, somebody the Djinni knew or was it his own creation? For some reason though Jake felt that Bartimaeus knew this boy, the boy whose shape he took now.

“What do you mean?”

”What do I have to repeat myself boy?” The boy’s tanned face shown with annoyance, brows furrowing into a scowl.

“How do you know that this isn’t how it’s suppose to be?”

Jake stopped, pondering the thought for a moment when Bartimaeus interrupted.

“You don’t. Maybe things where suppose to work this way. Demons become last years model, we’ve been outdated. So, if that’s all you summoned me here for discussing this incredibly important matter than I’ll be off….” His voice trailed off and he hoped that it was over.

“No.” Jake told him, “I have job for you.”

The youth groaned, “Can’t you just use some new technology like everybody else?” Bartimaeus mumbled feeling where this was going.

”I’m an old Djinni. No use to you. Can’t you summon somebody else.” He laid a hand on his chest and pleaded his case to Jake.

“No, you’ll do and anyways. I’ve read all the exploits of the great Djinni Bartimaeus, you can’t back down now and soil your name!”

Bartimaeus didn’t take the bait but he had no choice in the matter, once you’re summoned you must do what the magician asks for.

“Fine then what do you want me to do?”

“I was just getting to that.” A small malevolent smiled curled across Jake’s usually solemn features.

Alright this is was a paper I had to write for school. The topic was continue on from a book or series that you read. Make a chapter for it or a teaser for the reader. I had first considered writing from the Alex Rider Series but I knew that Anthony Horowitz was coming out with a sequel so I decided that the Bartimaeus Trilogy was the best choice since I —at the time- had just finished the 3rd and final book of the series. Sadly may I add. Good book, good book. Check out his site.


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