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Chapter 2 - Realizations

Sars and Ecstacy, Do i REALLY have to expalin this one?

Chapter 2 - Realizations

Chapter 2 - Realizations

Hospital Induced Sickness

Chapter two:

It seemed like forever for Sutchers words to process in her mind. “Your bleeding too, cutie” she replayed them over and over again, “You’re bleeding too, cutie. Your bleeding too cutie…your bleeding too cutie…” Well…she had been quite aware of that part…but it was what he had said AFTER that really had her worked up.

”Did he just say…” She wasn’t really aware she had spoken the words out loud, until of coarse Sars answered her.

”Yes, yes he did. Dead, your dead. Your dead, I’m dead, he’s probably dead too! Were all just one fracking happy family of dead!” He threw his arms up in the air, completely unmindful that his words didn’t make a whole lot of grammatical sense. “And now that were dead, were stuck being dead and We’ve already been dead for three days! And you know what… You know what REALLY sucks about that? DO you?”

He leaned in closer to her. “Do you?” Ecstasy shook her head no. He jerked back, a look of sheer disgust and surprise on his face. “Your dead!” He screamed, “That’s what really sucks about it!”

”Well…” Ecstasy paused, standing up and smoothing out her skirt. She hitched up her fishnets and checked to see all her spikes were in place. Adjusting her knee high combat books she shook out her hands and feet and stretched. “I guess its not all that bad…” she told herself she was stupid, not that bad? Not that bad? She was pretty sure that was the biggest lie shed ever told. “Well, ok, so its pretty much the worst thing that could happen to us . . .but.”

She looked own. He had said three days hadn’t he? That pretty much meant that she had been passed out for three days, if you could even call it being passed out at all. She wondered why her chest was still moving up and down with her breath. She didn’t know that the dead could breath…So much for being a vegetable.

”Apparently I’ve been wearing these cloths for three days . . .and that’s really disgusting.” Sars’s jaw dropped. Was she serious? He couldn’t believe that, there was no way she could be serious. He was so consumed in his thoughts of how completely strange HER thoughts were, that he didn’t even notice when she walked across the room to the door. The only thing that seemed to get his attention is her hand grasped firmly around the thick black dog collar around his neck. And before he could be quite aware of her intentions he found himself being yanked out into the hallway.

Letting out a small yelp he was forced to hope along backwards behind her, discovering that Ecstasy was a very quick walker was not the lesson he had hope to learn. Tripping over himself he managed to speak. She dropped him and continued walking forward where as he was forced to run slightly to keep up with her.

”Wait a second here!” he choked, adjusting his collar and rubbing his throat. “Where the Hell do you think your going?” the girl was silent for a second, never slowing her pace and never looking back to face him. She licked at the inside of her lips as they turned the corner. She then stopped abruptly, turning her head in all directions as if the victim of some demented Easter egg hunt.

”You didn’t see what Direction he went? Did you?” Sars shoved his hands in his pocket, standing slightly in front of her this time, incase she started walking again perhaps he could get a little head start this time.


”That doctor, stupid.” She bit back sarcastically. “Who do you think I was looking for?” Sars winced, his arms stiffening.

”Um, I really don’t think you want to talk to him.” A slight chill ran down his spin at recent memories, odd medical instruments, and even odder experiments. He closed his eyes and let a shutter run its full coarse through his body. But when he opened them he saw that Ecstasy had already reached the end of the hall.

”How did she do that?” He thought, his brain crapping. Letting out a long sigh he trotted up to her, tapping a finger to her shoulder. She turned around. “There’s a Payphone right outside the hospitals main entrance. If you need to figure something out id use that . . . Or talk to a nurse or possibly a different doctor. But I do NOT suggest talking to him.” He swallowed. “That guys a creep!”

Ecstasy was quiet. She seemed to be focused on counting how many specks of dirt had accumulated on the toe of her left boot. This was moving way to fast for her, normally she could handle things at a fast and confusing pace…but not things involving her possibly being somewhat of a zombie. She wasn’t quite ready to be a member of the undead. This was all something out of some weird science fiction movie, her head was spinning and she couldn’t tell if it was from her anxiety, or from the fact that she was bleeding buckets from the right side of her face. It was impossible to believe, what Sutcher had told her, it was impossible for her to be dead and to still be standing here in this hospital hallway, surrounded on all sides by florescent artificial light. Nothing made any sense either way she looked at it, but wasn’t it also impossible to be shot in the face and survive without any noticeable mental damage besides the forgetting of ones name?

What WAS her name? She shrugged it off, knowing that to think about it would just cause her more annoyance then it was worth. She didn’t need that old name anymore anyways; her old name was a connection to her old life after all. And that life was over . . . In more ways then one she really was dead. What about her family? If she had been dead for three days then they obviously knew her to be so, she couldn’t just show up on her front porch with a gaping hole in her skull calming that she’d returned to them from the land of the dead. Either they wouldn’t believe her, or her father would die of a heart attack. It seemed like a logical reason not to disturb her family. She’s seen in movies and read in books about ghosts and spirits being told not to let people from their lives see them, as if it would screw up the natural working of the universe.

And being there, standing in dirty cloths bleeding from a rather nasty gunshot wound, and quite possibly being a member of satins army of the living dead, she figured that the natural workings of the universe did not need to be anymore screwed up then they already were. She might in turn cause the dinosaurs to come back to earth in space ships as flaming rain fell backwards into the clouds made of grass.

…Now she really had a head ach. This was insane. What about all her friends? Ok…so her small group of friends. But they still surly were wondering what happen to her. She couldn’t be aware if they knew she was dead, she began to make a list of the people she loved, and she felt her beat less hear shatter at the knowledge that she probably would never be able to see them again . . . Her friends, family, her neighbors, her boyfriend. She felt tears enter her eyes. And she covered her face with her hands. She felt herself tremble and she folded to the floor. The realness of her situation finally hitting her full force.

”Hey…Ecstasy” Sars kneeled beside her. Telling himself that she’d just woken up, that she’d just been reborn, he had realized it at the start of two days go…He had had time to let it sink in, to think about everything. And he had reacted in pretty much the same way she was doing so now. He placed a friendly hand on her shoulder and pulled her into him. Blindly She groped for his hand but her fingers compromised by gripping to tight martial of his shirt. She buried her face in his chest and waited to calm down. Her shudders eventually gave way to little hitching whimpers, His hand now against her back. He was warm, which was odd for a dead person. Making her think that maybe there was some part of this story that she hadn’t quite been told yet.

”Sorry…” She looked at her hand, his short strangled in a death grip between her fingers. She forced herself to let go and simply let her arms hang limp at her sides. “I-I don’t know what came over me.” That was another Lie, she knew exactly what had come over her.

”Nah, its ‘k” she looked up to see him smile slightly. “I did the same thing when I first figured it out…” she let a little laugh escape, simply for the purpose of lightening the mood a bit.

”Who wouldn’t?” It was then she realized that her head was still against his neck, his hand still planted on the small of her back. She pulled off and he let go as she did so. It hadn’t been a bad feeling . . . not at all, but for one reason or another if felt almost inappropriate at a time like this. Ecstasy forced another smile, whipping the rest of her tears from her face. “Now what?” She asked. Sars shrugged

”…I thought you wanted to change your cloths?”

She let out a chuckle in the form of a breath. “I still want to talk t the doctor…” She grabbed hold of his wrist and yanked him forward. “And your going to help me find him.” Sars swallowed deeply, somehow he had ended up under her, her eyes refection something he couldn’t read, and it frightened him. Amazed by her sudden change he nodded meekly, puzzled how this girl could go from crying and venerable to… well to what she was now was slightly exciting. She kicked him lightly, but enough to get her point across “Get up.” Sars did so, wobbling to his feet he took the lead in front of her, she followed closely behind him, her silence slightly unnerving.

”…There’s a staff lounge at the far end of this hall way…” He laughed nervously; she still said nothing, walking silently behind him as they progressed further down the hallway.


”The newbies are here.” Ritalin set down his coffee mug, peering down his glasses at his CD case. He temporarily turned down his headphones to hear if anyone answered. No one did. He rolled his eyes and growled in annoyance. “Sutcher! Sutcher the newbies are here! And I aint dealing with em! They’re your experiments! Do something about em!”

Sutcher turned around in his chair, wheeling slightly away from his computer just long enough to peer from his office and into the lounge. His first experiment had his heavy set boots slammed down aggressively upon the surface of the coffee table, his head phones turned up again so loud the Doctor was sure that if the building collapsed he would not be able to hear it. His arms crossed across his chest, his intense red eyes remained shut, his glasses teetering dangerously at the tip of his nose, yet they miraculously managed not to slip off. There was absolutely no one else in the room. But Ritalin could be sure that the hospitals two newest members were indeed only moments from the door. Either he could smell them coming, or it was just a sixths sense he had. Sutcher smiled, admiring his handiwork, that was after all how he had designed him.

”Send them in when they come.” He returned to his computer screen, assuming his urgent work of saving his small gaming world of warriors from a rather large troll invasion. Ritalin scoffed bitterly and his eyes darted away from the office at the unheard click of the doorknob. He watched it turn and his eyebrows raised slightly at the boy who entered the room.

He was pretty cute.

Before Sars could voice his question, or comment on Ritalin’s rather large canine ears protruding from the top of his head, the man lifted one arm and pointed in the direction of Sutchers office.

”The docs in Back, he wants to talk to you.” Sars nodded dumbly. “Where’s the other one? I smell two of you…”
It was then that he spotted Ecstasy, coming in the doorframe behind him. Ritalin chewed his lip, his face slightly aggravated. “Great” He muttered to himself. “Another woman…like we need more of those around here.”

”Sorry?” Sars asked, leaning in a little bit so he could hear better.

”I already told you.” Ritalin snapped “He’s in the back…you def or somethin’?” He watched them blankly, his blood red eyes following them as they headed to the back of the lounge, pausing slightly in front of Sutchers door, they exchanged a few words before the female paused the door open a crack and slipped in. Ritalin returned to his coffee and turning his headphones up even further he took a small sip of the bitter liquid.

He’d make Hell for that girl…He’d make her regret that shed ever stepped foot inside the walls of this hospital. …That was a promise.


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Sly_Cooper on February 20, 2006, 1:30:34 PM

Sly_Cooper on
Sly_Cooper This is really good, I am loving the way you write. *wishes he could write so well, then shakes his head and returns to reality*
Sars is my favorite character, he reminds me of... someone I knew a million years ago.. Well, anyway, 'tis a great story. *thumbs-up*

VR_Jay on November 6, 2004, 6:24:02 PM

VR_Jay on
VR_JayAwww, how insightful. I think Ritalin’s just a dick. ^^

Shikikami on September 2, 2004, 3:51:35 AM

Shikikami on
ShikikamiI think Ritalin is just lonly and feels that he can only trust himself beacause of past expieriences

Des_the_healer on August 7, 2004, 6:05:36 AM

Des_the_healer on
Des_the_healerAll right! You made it a story! I love it!

Furby_Killer on August 6, 2004, 2:52:05 PM

Furby_Killer on
Furby_KillerYour story kicks @$$, ALREADY. It's gonna be great, I can already tell. Go you. ^-^

demon_loki on August 5, 2004, 7:31:40 AM

demon_loki on
demon_lokiloving the story so far....ive been looking forward to reading this for awhile because i love sars and ecstasy....its wierd because as im reading this the two of them seem more and more like me and my boyfriend...except that i dont do drugs and we arent quite as dirty as they are in your fanart...anyway...loving the story...especially ritalin...hes an awesome dude....puppy thingy...very good very good

SarsAndRum on August 4, 2004, 5:55:05 AM

SarsAndRum on
SarsAndRumI just saw you wrote a story about Them and I must say I'm already hooked. Your skills at writing are wonderful and you can really see how the characters act. I must say I really like this Ritalin. Do you have a picture of him? I'll have to go check and see. ^_^

Wonderful story miss Sliver. Truely is.

Can't wait to read more!

ratbrat on August 4, 2004, 3:37:04 AM

ratbrat on
ratbrateee im soooo loving this!! you are soo great at this!! were do you come up witht hte ideas!?!? oh yes i am working on a story too!! bee looking for it!!Ritalin thinks sars is coot!! i like that!! mwhahaha!! more more!! its like a drug..for me at least!! *hugs her allmighty ruler sliv**gets her insane look* more......