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Chapter 3 - Home

Sars and Ecstacy, Do i REALLY have to expalin this one?

Chapter 3 - Home

Chapter 3 - Home
Note from sliver:
Sucky, rushed chapter…fear my crappy skills of shoot…blah.
No effort was applied to this at all… And you know what? I don’t give a crap!. Mild sexual stuff here.. but hey, it IS H.I.S…so its kinda obvious. Dont like, dont read...dont flame, dont bother. I..Dont..Care

Hospital Induced Sickness
Chapter three: Home

“Sooo…” Sars swirled his cup in his hand, rotating his wrist, the cardboard waxy material sweating beads of water as he did so. He had somehow found himself walking down the street, Ecstasy had seemed to regain whatever sense she had and was walking beside him slowly. “What are we doing…?”

”Going to my house” she said mater-o-factly, Sars took another sip of his soda.

”Why?” he replied lazily, the bendable straw protruding from his jaw. He sucked it in attempt to smooth out the chewed plastic that no longer let any liquid in. he hadn’t even realized he had chewed the hole shut, and quite frankly it didn’t make him seem like the smartest guy in the world.

”Because look at me! I need to pick up some stuff, cloths, drugs, beer, yah know…that kinda stuff.” Sars nodded, she looked back at him, pointing up to his soda cup. “that stuffs bad for you yah know…” she watched his eyebrows raise.

”And drugs and beer arnt?” he refused to give up the struggle he was having with the straw. “Doesn’t matter now anyway…were dead so who gives a shoot.” Ecstasy was quite for a little while, that did make sense after all. “So. where do you live?”

”You mean, where DID I live?” She scoffed. “Not too far off, next right.” They turned onto a small street, a dead end. “Third one in” It was a wreck of a house, three cars in the driveway, three he guessed didn’t work, surrounded on all sides by heaps of broken trash bags, rips in their sides and drenched in the night previous rain. He guessed they had been ripped to shreds by raccoons and other animals. The house was brown, he couldn’t tell if it was from the paint, or from the bare wood, but it was split, cracking, the roof sagged in, the windows were broken and shards of glass littered the muddy yard. There was no grass to be seen. The house looked as if it would break down into fits of crying any second, the door was duck taped to its hinges.

Before he realized he was still standing in the driveway he saw her stepping through the trash that little the yard, she turned around and called out to him. “Come on, no ones home, yah don’t gotta worry about anyone seeing use.” Sars nodded dumbly and followed her inside, picking his way through piles of yard waste and broken machinery that he guessed used to be parts of the three old cars out front.

Ecstasy made a sharp turn up the stairs, the creaked as she ascended higher and he winced, imagining them give way beneath her. He swallowed and closing his eyes ran up the stairs and into the room on the left. It was slightly well kept compared to the rest of the house, the paint less walls were covered in pictures, weather worn photos of people he dint know, posters of bands and such. It was a small room, covered in clutter, wooden shelves holding small trinkets, more photographs and old ragged stuffed animals. He sat down on the foot of her bed, the old tired mattress sagging under his weight. The sheets were dark blue, they too were worn to the point of softness, almost so that you could see through them if you were to hold them up to the window. Light streaked into the room from a sky light, causing many specks of golden dust to flutter around his head and settle in his hair. Ecstasy had made her way to he closet door, pulling out her back pack and had begun stuffing it with an assortment of things.

”This your room.” The question was stupid, the answer was obvious, of coarse it was her room. But what else was he supposed to say?

”Yeah...” She tossed back a small article of clothing, he caught it and held it up, the skirt was black and pleated. Slightly confused by what she wanted him to do with it he was taken by surprise when another one came in direct contact with his face. This one was hot pink, slits on the side held together with metal rings and black ties. He laughed and she turned around to give him a disapproving glare. “What? Something funny?” She growled. Sars merely smiled.

”No…its just that I have the same one.” Ecstasy’s jaw dropped, he HAD to be kidding… he must be kidding. She hoped that he wasn’t. “What size are you?” He asked, holding up the skirt to examine the waist line.

”None of your damned business” He threw the black one back to her and she folded it and stuffed it into her bag. “Why?” Sars shrugged.

”Just wondering if this one would fit me.” Ecstasy looked him up and down. Though she didn’t want to admit it she was positive it would fit him…He was skinnier then her. She tried her best not to let that piss her off to much and grinned. She stood up and walked over to him, placing her hands on his shoulders she brought her face dangerously close to his. Sars swallowed and stared back.

”Who knows…” Her voice has changed, lower, softer, silkier. “Why don’t you try it on?” She resisted the urge to change him herself, wondering what had come over her. He wasn’t smiling, was he?

Before he had time to completely process what was happening she was on top of him, her arms bent at the elbow over his head, her legs straddled over his hips as she seated herself on his lap.

She blamed her raging hormones.

”I didn’t know you were a cross dresser…” She whispered, her lips hovering over his ear, her teeth nipping at the many earnings he wore there. Suddenly she wanted to discoverer any more piercing that may not be quite so visible to the eye.

”Part time” Sars’s smirk widened. “Why? You got a thing for men in drag?” His hands were on her thighs, his silver rings leaving chills on her skin as he pushed up the useless material of her skirt. She purred.

”Well…” She shifted her position slightly, her hands resting on his chest, her fingers toying with the collar round his neck, it clinked slightly against his other necklaces. “Your pretty enough to pull it off.”

She was aware that this was becoming a little more then innocent, but the idea lucking in the back of her mind told her that cheating on her boyfriend wasn’t necessarily the wrong thing to do regarding the current situation of her be wing dead an all.

And besides… Sars seemed like a good guy.

…Not that shed ever gone for a “good guy” in the past. To go a little further wouldn’t hurt. She hesitantly placed her lips over his, once again surprised to feel that he was warm, not exactly what you would expect. …There was something terribly wrong about this, something terribly…disturbing. Shed never been one to have necrophilia tendencies in the past, but she guessed that this was different, and besides, a little fun never hurt anyone, right?

Sars seemed to agree with her unspoken reasoning, either that or he was completely unbothered by all of this. She let her mouth open wider. The kiss deepened, moving her tongue forward to reach the front of his mouth, just past his teeth. And in a twist of heat Sars opened up completely beneath her. Very soon she was aware he was pulling her down against him, his hands running up her thighs to rest on her hips. He repeated this motion and the kiss intensified.

Her fingers were now clutched at his shirt, trying in frustration to lift it up. The martial was tight and fitting, making it an annoyance to get underneath. She pulled back, nipping aggressively as the skin of his neck, running her tongue along where she could. She felt him speak, his throat vibrating with speech.

”…We.. Don’t even know each other.” Came his half hearted protest. Ecstasy chuckled, like that had ever stopped her before? She felt him jerk under her touch as she extended her reach down to grip his legs. Holding her palms firmly under his knees she bent his legs and folded them against his chest. The shocked expression on his face made her want to laugh. Laying herself across his vulnerable body, she took her sweet time running her fingertips up the insides of his legs, creating friction between her nails and the material of his pants. She heard him moan as his entire body stiffened beignet her.

Leaning in to kiss him again, she lifted his legs once more, this time placing them over her shoulders as he hands went back to pushing his shirt from his chest.

”Arms up” She ordered, and without a second thought they were above his head. She tugged his shirt upwards, over his chest and over the top if his head. She was thrilled to find the fishnets were connected to the sleeves, which involved less work in getting them off. Sars felt her hands on his hips and propped himself up on his elbows to see what she was doing. Ecstasy pounced further up on top of him and shoved him firmly into the mattress.

“Down” She growled, her hands running up his sides to move their way across his tight stomach. Sars obeyed, shuddering slightly at her aggressive manner. “Don’t. move.” She hissed, her lips coming in contact with his neck , and slowly making their way southward.

There was a noise and Ecstasy froze. She stood up and ran to her door, peering out and down the stairs she cursed softly. Sars whined, lying sprawled out on her bed with half of his clothing on the floor.

”Whaaaaat?” he groaned, sitting up and mentally screaming and throwing heavy things into the wall.

”Shut up!” Ecstasy snapped. “My sisters home…” She grabbed him and shoved him towards her closet. “Get in, we cant let her find us…” Ecstasy ran through her head what might happen if her sister was to find the dead body of a sibling in the house, she would freak, call the police, suffer a heart attack and possibly die. That…was not good. Not good at all. Sars found himself being pushed into the dark closet, pressed against clothing with hangers prodding into his spine. He grumbled quietly and tried to adjust himself into a more agreeable position.

”What are we supposed to do?” he whispered, only to have Ecstasy place a firm hand over his mouth.

”Were gonna shut up and stay low until she leaves, dumbass. What do you think? Were gonna make a mad dash for the door??? Don’t be stupid.”

He was silent but she didt remove her hands from his lips. There for leaving him cramped in the dark musty closet, his legs buried up to his chest and his foot quickly falling asleep.

”How long till your sister leaves?”

Ecstasy’s silence was hardly comporting. Sars crossed his arms in a futile attmpt to make more room for himself, fearing the worst and that this could take a long, long time.


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inuyasha902105454 on November 4, 2005, 10:46:53 PM

inuyasha902105454 on
inuyasha902105454 I want to know what whoud hav hapend if her litle sister hadent come home!

VR_Jay on November 6, 2004, 6:37:22 PM

VR_Jay on
VR_JayPuting Sars in a fetal position was a nice touch. Gives you whole new outlook on sexual roles.

Shikikami on September 2, 2004, 4:07:44 AM

Shikikami on
Shikikami i like it yet my brain is still empty of ideas for a story do u think u can help me i have charechter i added two more check um out

Furby_Killer on August 10, 2004, 12:18:14 PM

Furby_Killer on
Furby_KillerThis story's awesome!! I did that with a straw once....

Sliver on August 9, 2004, 3:16:11 PM

Sliver on
SliverPorno fest???



Vendetta on August 9, 2004, 1:25:26 PM

Vendetta on
VendettaWooo... a porno-fest...

ratbrat on August 9, 2004, 3:08:33 AM

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ratbratyay!! i loveth it!! woot awesome job my allmighty awesomeness!!!! *&steals sars* mine!! mwhahaha!! i [L.O.V.E.S.A.R.S] EEEEE sars!! wheeewhoooo!!!!

Sliver on August 9, 2004, 2:11:48 AM

Sliver on

Human sacrifices are not nessisary Xp