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Chapter 4 - Sickness

Sars and Ecstacy, Do i REALLY have to expalin this one?

Chapter 4 - Sickness

Chapter 4 - Sickness
Hospital Induced sickness
Chapter four: Sickness

“I can smell you still…
I can smell your country matters
…You smell of me..
And it makes my stomach churn…”

He leaned back against the cold tiles of the wall. The whole place was white… the whole place was …sterile. The whole place made him sick. He hated it, hated every single inch of it, every tool, every brick, every window, every person. But most of all…he hated ‘Him’

He was a disgusting man, a purely sick and twisted human being, though he was without a doubt a genius, he was possibly the most deranged creature to ever walk the earth. Some things were just not meant to be fracked with…and he had fracked with them and continued to do so. Some things just were not supposed to happen. Toying with life like this…toying with death…but most of all, toying with simple human emotion.

Ritalin let his eyes wander, yet his thoughts stayed focused. Why had he done it? He knew perfectly well why he had done it, he had done it to end everything…And then Sutcher came along to bring it all back to him, a never ending ocean of sickness where he was trapped, drifting in a small raft, and each time the waves smacked against the side he was forced to curl over the edge and vomit. And it would never stop.

The dead can’t die…

Sutcher was a bastard, IV wasn’t much better, and if they weren’t enough, two new mutants had decided it was time to waltz into his life. Even though it wasn’t his life, it wasn’t a life at all…he simply…existed.

And then there was her…

Although she no longer physically existed, her face forever plagued his memories. Every wakening moment of his day, every sleeping moment of his night, she was there. She was always there, and he would watch her again and again. She was possibly the most disgusting of them all..

”Out of all the times you screamed my name…” He snarled softly through clenched teeth., his words barely leaving his lips. His eyes narrowed. Images replayed in his mind, clear as they day they had happened. His lips turned upwards slightly, a haunting grin spreading across his face. “…I enjoyed the last one the most.”

The thought of her body, a lifeless shell, cold and maimed, disfigured and dismembered. It was the most beautiful she had ever been. She had become the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

And then it was over. He remembered the walk; he remembered the chains, the locks, the padding and the clothing. He remembered the police officer, her remembered the scent of the latex glove…he remembered the feeling of the needle as it pierced his neck. …He didn’t remember what death had felt like. He didn’t remember what anything felt like. All he felt was a constant numbing deep down somewhere inside him, radiating to all parts of his body, a gentle unnerving hum, a drone, nothingness.

Four years he had felt It, the low and steady buzz, four years he had felt nothing else, no happiness, no excitement, no pleasure, no peace, no pain… For the last four years he had felt nothing…absolutely nothing.

He had been her doll, her little worthless doll, her puppet to control, to pull his strings …to make him dance. He had been her doll to abuse, to torture, to break, she had played with him to long… and without a doubt he had broken, he had shattered, snapped and cracked. He had exploded. And he had done something she never expected him to do. He had broken her too. Broken her in ways she had never attempted to break him, lashing out with all he had left in him, before his own fall.

He knew to do so would cause his own end. He could have prevented It, he could have hid her body, he could have framed his neighbors, blamed it on something else…he could have done all sorts of things. But he hadn’t. He had chosen that he wanted the world to know, he wanted everyone to see that he had broken her, that he had tortured her, destroyed her…that she was now HIS puppet, and he would make her dance.

If He had been a hunter, he would have displayed her head upon his wall, mounted on wood with two glass eyes, more beautiful then her real eyes ever had been. She was his now…And he was no longer her toy. It had all ended almost too quickly, and now he was here, and it was now….

And he was sick. Not just physically. He concluded that he too was mental sick, disturbed and deranged…Sadistic.

Yet he still felt nothing.


”Whets going on out there????” Sars whispered loudly, only to have Ecstasy’s knee come in direct contact with his rib cage. He squeaked and rubbed his side.

”Don’t you know how to be quiet??”

”I swear to god.. its been THREE hours… We’ve been in this fracking closet for THREE hours! And your sister hasn’t come in once…” Ecstasy gave him a warning look and something inside him froze.

”I haven’t heard the fracking door close now have I? HAVE I???” she was on the verge of loosing her patience. “If I haven heard the door close that means she hasn’t LEFT now! Got it?” Sars pouted, rolling his eyes, but making sure to face the opposite directed so she didn’t see him doing so…he didn’t want her mad, she was scary enough as is.

”Dcho got a window?” he broke the long silence. Ecstasy stiffened. Why the hell didn’t she think of that? It was a good idea…but she wasn’t going to let him have the satifaction of thinking it up.

”Of coarse I do…I just thought you’d be to much of a chicken to climb out of it…” she covered up her ignorance by shifting the blame back onto him. …Sars didn’t seem to mind.

”Normally I would be…but I’m getting sick of you sitting on my shoulder, and my legs asleep and in serious pain… And I’m hungry as hell.” Ecstasy nodded and slowly reached forward, her hand on the door handle and turned it with caution, peering out into her wreck of a room. Tip toeing out of the closet she reminded him of one of those old cartoon characters. Sars followed her to the window.

And when he looked down he instantly changed his mind.

”Holy fracking Jesus cow!” he shuddered. “That’s a long way down…” Ecstasy rolled her eyes.

”Your dead…snot like you can DIE again, now is it? …jump” Sars nearly fell over backwards, and he could have sworn to seeing his soul escape his body and run head first into a wall, then watched as it fell to the floor moaning and holding its skull.

”Are you serious???”


”I cant fracking jump.. and I’m not fracking going to.. I can still feel PAIN yah know!”

”oh shut up I was just kidding…” She was already at the bed, tying one sheet to another. Sars let his jaw drop. She had to be kidding him.

”they do that in movies!” he flailed his arms helplessly. Wishing now that he was back in the closet. “It cant really work?? Can it?” Ecstasy didn’t look up, just shrugged and continued tying.

”Might as well find out now…”


Sutcher yawned, stretched and then placed his head back down on the desk. Work was boring…really, really boring…the trolls had continued to take away all the life points he had earned and he was now lost in a cave somewhere and couldn’t find his way out. And where was I.V. with those medical records?

the poor girl had probably gotten overwhelmed and swallowed up by the sheer disorganization of the file cabinet. He had told her the files would be somewhere INSIDE the cabinet…but now he realized that that probably wouldn’t have helped her much. He couldn’t help but wonder WHY she still worked for him… How anyone could put up with him was simply beyond all logical thought.

he groaned and adjusted his position, trying to fluff out the sleeves of his lab coat to possibly make them seem more like a pillow, and thoughts of stuffing them with feather seemed highly appealing at the moment. Now if only he had some feathers…

The was the shuffling of feet behind him and a tap on his shoulder . He looked up to see I.V. her glasses tilted sideways her hair was a mess…Yes, she had indeed gotten lost in the file cabinet. She let out a silent sigh and dropped a folder on his desk…A blank, manila folder.

…Sutcher hated manila folders…the were too…professional looking and reminded him of high school… Well, the parts of high school he had been present to remember. How he had gotten a medical license would forever be the unanswered question in his mind. Not that he still HAD that license. He felt bad for his assistant, IV. Knew he didn’t have his license and yet she still continued to work for him, even though she knew very well that if the cops ever got their hands on him, she would be facing the punishment as well. She was a real nurse after all, even if her genetics had been tweaked slightly…


End chapter four


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HieiandJ-chan on August 26, 2004, 1:39:33 AM

HieiandJ-chan on
HieiandJ-changreat story sliver!!!!!!!y'know i was just thinking about it and the you make sars talk sorta makes him seem to have an english accent. Does he? I was just currios.seeya!!

Demon_Rune on August 13, 2004, 12:22:55 PM

Demon_Rune on
Demon_RuneYa, know...for some strange reason, this reminds me alot of my life. I wander why?

Black_Crow on August 12, 2004, 12:28:54 PM

Black_Crow on
Black_CrowI'm LUVS this story! Sars oddly reminds me of my own boyfriend, 'cept he don't wear skirts. That's probably only because I live in the deep south and the school board's a bunch of redneck loonied who can't handle different people. Oh, well. Looking forward to the next chapter.

Vendetta on August 12, 2004, 4:40:21 AM

Vendetta on
VendettaHmm... Ritalin's got a dirty little past, now dosn't he? Yeah, good story. *two thumbs up*

sum1whosnvrthere on August 11, 2004, 2:08:45 PM

sum1whosnvrthere on
sum1whosnvrthereI love your story! It's so... whats the word... interesting!! I COME BEARING GIFTS!! *hands Ecstasy a whip and bozooka* the bazooka is for fangirls! *hands Sars, a... um... uh... a ton of dog collars, and skirts* *hands silver grenades and ice cream* Heh heh!! have fun!! *goes on killing rampage with sniper rifles in hands*

EddyBones on August 11, 2004, 6:52:28 AM

EddyBones on
EddyBonesi agree with with furby_killer,GO YOU GO!!!!! AND GO SARS!!! A WINDOW CANT BEAT YOU!!!! EEEEHAAHH!!!!! a retard

ratbrat on August 11, 2004, 2:54:39 AM

ratbrat on
ratbrat*cries silantly for Ritalin* aww i feel sooo sooo horroibly bad for him.....*hugs him although he would prolly kill her* whaaa!! i feel sooo bad!!! i totally understand why you did it ritilan!!! i do!!! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

Furby_Killer on August 10, 2004, 12:25:42 PM

Furby_Killer on