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Chapter 1 - The mistirious shadow

My story has new characters and also a mistirious character.My new characters are called,starfire (she has wind power and is a angel who likes *you will find out if you read my story*.She is also gothic,she has lots of sisters and her mum lives in heaven,she is called the queen of angels.),starlight(she is starfire's sistr and is also gothic she doesn't like anybody... Yet.) and dark death(He is adark boy who can take away powers he also likes...).
They are my new characters.
my story is going to be in chapters so please read it and don't miss out a single chapter.

Chapter 1 - The mistirious shadow

Chapter 1 - The mistirious shadow
Chapter 1

One stormy day Dark Death decided to go out for a run. While he was running he saw a shadow that had wings but before he could go and see who it was the shadow ran away.

Dark Death: Strange! I dont know who that was but I think Starfire might know. Who knows it could be one of her sisters because it did have wings.

So Dark Death went to Starfires house (hotel to be exact) and knocked on the door.

A minute later Starfire opened the door.

Starfire: What are you doing here its 1 o clock I thought you had youre nap at that time and anyway it is very stormy outside. By the way ya wanna come inside?

Dark Death: I came to ask you something, oh and yeah I do wanna come inside if its fine with you.

Starfire: Its fine you can come inside and when you do you can ask me what you wanted to ask me.

So Dark Death went inside and sat down. When he sat down Starfire asked him if he wanted a drink or anything and he said no thanks. So

when they sat down Dark Death told Starfire about the shadow he saw

and he asked Starfire if it could be one of her sisters and Starfire said that everyone of her sisters that she knew were up in heaven. But then Starfire remembered what her mum said.

She said:

There are some sisters of yours you dont know about because there so sneaky nearly no one knows about them, but I cant tell you who they are, you have find out for yourself &

So she told Dark death about that and he was fine with it , but just as he was leaving he saw Starfire at the window and a moment later he heard her scream and then she wasnt there no more &

If you wanna know what happened wait till I write Chapter 2.

Bye bye.


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Violet_Rose on October 1, 2006, 2:33:18 AM

Violet_Rose on
Violet_RoseCool, I like where it's going. Keep it up! ^_^