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Chapter 2 - Finding Starfire

My story has new characters and also a mistirious character.My new characters are called,starfire (she has wind power and is a angel who likes *you will find out if you read my story*.She is also gothic,she has lots of sisters and her mum lives in heaven,she is called the queen of angels.),starlight(she is starfire's sistr and is also gothic she doesn't like anybody... Yet.) and dark death(He is adark boy who can take away powers he also likes...).
They are my new characters.
my story is going to be in chapters so please read it and don't miss out a single chapter.

Chapter 2 - Finding Starfire

Chapter 2 - Finding Starfire
Sonic Extreme.

Chapter 2:

Dark Death: Starfire, where did you go?


Weird she was there a minute ago I better go and see if Rouge knows anybody who hates Starfire and will take her just like that, after all Rouge is Starfires sister and friend.

So Dark Death went to Rouges house and knocked on her door.

Straight away Rouge answered the door.

Rouge: [amazed] what the hell are you doing here?

Dark Death: I was wondering if you know if Starfire has any enemies who will take her away while shes standing at the window.

Rouge: Why the hell do you need to know that you freak?

Dark Death: Well, because someone took Starfire while she was at the window.

Rouge: Whatever, just come inside and Ill tell you who Starfires enemies are.

So Dark Death went inside and Rouge told him that Shadow was the only one that Starfire hated most so thats what made him her enemy.

Dark Death: Thanks Rouge. So Ill go and look for Starfire now. Bye bye.

Rouge: [mumbling] whatever you freak.

So Dark Death went to Shadows dungeon and found Starfire in the first cell.

Dark Death: So looks like youre the only prisoner that Shadow has then.

Starfire: Whatever! Now can you free me please because Shadow is planning to take my powers and make me very weak?

Dark Death: Ok now all I need to do is to find the key and 

But before Dark Death could finish he heard a voice interrupting him saying:

Starfire isnt going anywhere and neither are you&

Sorry but it ends but not to worry Im going to write chapter 3 next week , I promise.


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Violet_Rose on October 1, 2006, 2:35:10 AM

Violet_Rose on
Violet_RoseAwesome! Please add the next chapter soon! :3