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Chapter 2 - Amy's Solution

Amy tries to get Sonic to love her by zapping him with a love ray gun that Tails invented.

Chapter 2 - Amy's Solution

Chapter 2 - Amy's Solution
Later on in the day,Amy went to Tails's workshop in the Mystic Ruins to ask him what the invention that he invented was.

Amy:Hey Tails,are you here?

Amy knocked on the door repeatly until Tails came up to the door and opened it.
Tails:Hi Amy,what brings you around Mystic Ruins?
Amy:Hey Tails,do you remember that invention that you invented last month and told everybody about?

Tails looked at her weirdly and answered her all confused.

Tails:Ya?I remember.
Amy:Well Tails,I was just wondering what the invention was.I mean you never really told anybody what exactly it was.You said it makes someone fall in love with another person. Tails:Alright,come with me and I'll show you what it is.

Amy followed Tails to the other room and Tails went to his closet with all of his past inventions and pulled out a ray gun.

Tails:This invention is called the "Love Ray Gun".This gun can make anyone you shoot at fall in love in an instant.All you have to do is aim,shoot,and start loving each other. Amy:That is a nice invention that you have,Tails.Is there a chance that I can borrow that for like a day?

Tails looked at her all confused.

Tails:Why do you want to borrow this Amy?

Amy tried to come up with a lie so that he'll let her have it for a while because he might not give the ray gun to her if she told him that she wanted to use it on Sonic.In an instant,she came up with believable lie.

Amy:Oh,I wanted the ray gun so that I can help!Ya.He asked me if I can asked you to see if he can borrow the invention to use it on A girl that looked and reminded him of Maria.Please can I borrow Tails?

Tails couldn't say no to Amy's cute pink face and decided to let her borrow it for a while.

Tails:Alright Amy,but only for a little while,as soon as you are done with it,returned it to me as soon as possible.
Amy:Alright Tails,I will and thank you.

Amy left Tails's workshop and went off to find Sonic.

Amy:Now to find Sonic and see if this love ray gun really works.



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sonamyforever on November 2, 2007, 10:57:01 AM

sonamyforever on
sonamyforeveroooooooooo she lied this could be bad. (hehe)

tallestpurple101 on July 31, 2007, 2:57:44 AM

tallestpurple101 on
tallestpurple101oooo Amy lied hehehe nice chapter

texas_luver on March 2, 2005, 7:34:52 AM

texas_luver on
texas_luverhee hee, sonic's in for it now hee hee hee hee

Amyfan2004 on November 15, 2004, 10:59:00 AM

Amyfan2004 on
Amyfan2004go Tails!!

sunflower_hedgehog on July 7, 2004, 4:20:34 AM

sunflower_hedgehog on
sunflower_hedgehogkeep going *knell to nees* PWESE