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A story on how Lenny and Aleen met and bonded.. ( first story so may include errors)
a story about the chaotix meets natsume the hedgehog (my oc character) she joins the team and she goes on adventure with them
Sonic the Hedgehog, hero of Mobius discovers that maybe his planet isn't the only one that harbors ones like him.
This is a story based on an RP I did with a friend of mine, she had a Sonic fan-character and I had an original character. But I added an actual plot, so this technically a fan-fiction.
My little brother accidently went on my DSi and deleted this... so I''''m remaking it 8D

Pretty much a Sonic parody of "The Rugrats Movie"
Request for ZoDanma
This is the 2010 GeneX Halloween Special.

Set in a universe based on SatAM, Sonic and Co. must battle various ghosts in Robotropolis. This is far tamer than my other Halloween Specials, with only mild violence, really.

Happy Halloween!
This is a day in the life of Sonic, from when he wakes up to when he goes to sleep. feedback would be very nice and constructive criticism is very welcome. don''''t hesitate to comment on my work!
My most popular fanfic from DA. A Sonic and the Black Knight fanstory with lots of my friends characters thrown in!
Only about sonic couples
Sonic's dead, the chaos emeralds are no where to be found, and the Master Emerald is blown to peices! Is this really the end of Sonic?
Characters to it. No description, just the characters
I revised it. I'm so proud of myself. It's a LOT funnier now!
Something I've been working on since August 2005. This is my personal gift to the entire Sonic Universe that's been existing since 1991. Enjoy!
New chaos approches, Endless night will fall,
Sonic will be no more...
This is the story of Dark Sonic.
This is a story about what tails has been hideing for a very long time. This is a story about who Tails,REALLY is...
Sonic and Tails fic. Calm, and collective, with brotherly love. Inspired by Estrellas, which was created by Annamay168: Enjoy.
Some quizzes! WOO-HOO!!!!

you can find out what Condemned character you are, and stuff like that!
Sonic and the gang need to find the Chaos Emeralds to save the universe from total chaos. On the way, they are tangled in a lot of random situations and meet characters they've never seen before...

Sonic gets a call from someone who needs help somewhere he helped before
SOON TO COME: The sonic company, the sly cooper company and the pokemon company all take a vacation to the same hotel! What will happen? Find out and see!
This is something that i did a picture about first, then made a story to go along with it. I worked really REALLY hard on this. Also, it is involved with fleetway Super Sonic, for you fangirls ^^
There's a new girl in town and she fights hard, as Shadow is about to find out...

Very crazy!! Lol I laugh eveytime I read it! XD
qwertyuiopasdfghjlzzvbm!!! XD
yeah i know its short but i added my first story in ages. plz comment
This is a story from my soul please do not make fun of me...