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Chapter 8 - Amy's Rescue

Amy tries to get Sonic to love her by zapping him with a love ray gun that Tails invented.

Chapter 8 - Amy's Rescue

Chapter 8 - Amy's Rescue
Last time in Amy's Love Trouble, Amy's Love Trouble, Amy was captured by Dr. Eggman and his new and improved creation, Metal Sonic. Sonic ran everywhere to look for help from one of his friends, but couldn't either one of them. Then while running back to Tails's workshop, Sonic was ambushed by Tails, Shadow, and Knuckles who tried to change Sonic to normal, but Sonic got scared and tried to run away, but Shadow grabed him and Tails shot him with the improved Love Ray Gun. Sonic finally turned back to normal and learned about what happened to Amy. Now Sonic has to save Amy from Dr. Eggman and stop him at any cost. Sonic, Tails, Shadow, and Knuckles hop on the X Tornado and they took off to get Amy back from Eggman.

Sonic:( Sonic thought to himself ) Don't worry Amy, we're coming to get ya, we're coming.


After being captured by Eggman, Amy was put in a cell ( similar to one in Sonic X episode 29) by Decoe and Bocoe, and she couldn't help but think about what was going to happen to Sonic, now that she *thinks* that Sonic was still hypnotized by the ray gun. Then she starts crying.

Amy: *snighs* I can't believe I could have done something so horrible to Sonic. I've finally got the hero of my dreams to finally love me, but that is not really Sonic who loves me. It has his body, but not his spirit. If only I can back to where it began, I could have stop this from ever happening.

Then she started to remember all of the memories that she has ever been with him. Like the first time she has ever met him ( adaption to Sonic CD ), and when she first got captured by the first Metal Sonic, and Sonic rescued her from Dr. Robotnik.

Amy: Those were all good memories, but it doesn't matter anymore. The Sonic I know is gone forever, and there is nothing I can do about it.

Then she started to cry even more.

Amy: I just wish that *snighs* I can see *snighs* Sonic one last time.


Not soon after she said that, there was a loud explosion on the surface of the Egg Fort 2. The flying fortress was under attack by someone! But who? Then a monitor came down from the ceiling of Amy's cell and Dr. Eggman's face appeared on the screen.

Dr.Eggman: Oh Amy. I thought you might like to see this. We are being attack by your friends and that cursed Sonic.
Amy: Sonic? That can't be. He's still under the spell.

Then the screen switched to the X Tornado and showed that Sonic was coming to rescue her.

Amy: Sonic! He's back! YAY! My hero is back!

Then she could can hear Sonic on the monitor saying,

Sonic: Don't worry Amy, we're coming. Just hold on.
Amy: I will Sonic, I will.

Eggman: I wouldn't be cheering yet Amy, my Egg Fort 2 is better than any other ship I've made. Your friends will never make it pass my Security and Defense Systems, and even if they do, I have something waiting for them.


There were bombs everywhere, there was almost no way to get through.

Tails: I don't know, their defense shields is strong, I don't know if will get through.
Shadow: I know how we can get through, hang on.

Shadow pulled out a chaos emerald and call out his power.


Just like that, a huge flashing light covered the whole X Tornado and before they knew it, they were on the surface of the Egg Fort 2.

Sonic: Great work Shadow! Now let's go!
Tails, Shadow, Knuckles: ALRIGHT!



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texas_luver on March 2, 2005, 7:54:25 AM

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texas_luverMUST GO ON....TO...NEXT....Ch-CHAPTER!!!

Cutesonic on November 26, 2004, 8:52:22 PM

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CutesonicWHOA!!! COOL STORY!!!