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Chapter 9 - The Return of Metal Sonic

Amy tries to get Sonic to love her by zapping him with a love ray gun that Tails invented.

Chapter 9 - The Return of Metal Sonic

Chapter 9 - The Return of Metal Sonic
Last time in Amy's Love Trouble, Amy was captured and was put in a cell by Dr. Eggman and his crew. Amy got worried about what will happen to Sonic now that he is not himself. Then suddenly the Egg Fort 2 was being under attack by Sonic and his friends. Sonic almost didn't make it through the defense shields until Shadow called out the Chaos Control and sent them to the Egg Fort 2. Now they are ready to save Amy from Dr. Eggman again.

Sonic: Great job Shadow! Now let's go!
Tails, Shadow, Knuckles: ALRIGHT!

Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Shadow took off to rescue Amy and stop Eggman from ruling the world. They avoided all of the bombs and laser guns that have tried to hit them, but with the help of Shadow and his chaos control and Knuckles with his incredible strength, they defended the gang to get past the dangers of Eggman's flying fortress.

Sonic: Alright, Were almost there! Hang on guys, we're almost there.
Tails: Okay, all we have to do is get through this tunnel and we'll be in where Eggman and Amy are.
Sonic: Okay, let's go.

Sonic and gang traveled through the dark and long tunnel which was packed full of lasers and robots that tried to stop them, but with the power of Sonic's ring, they got through there swiftly and before they knew it, they were in the big and dark room where supposely Amy was.

Sonic: Tails, are you sure this is the right place?
Tails: It should be, that's what the radar says.
Shadow: Something doesn't feel right guys. I can feel some strange energy coming from over there.
Knuckles: I know, for some reason, I can feel the Master Emerald's energy over there too. But why?

Right when they said that, the whole place filled up with bright lights, bright enough where they can barely see anything. When they finally came in to focus, something swiped Shadow's Chaos Emerald from him.

Voice: HaHaHa, that's right fools. You all have fallen into my trap!

They all look over to where the voice was coming from and found out it was Dr. Eggman, and Amy was right beside the over bloated man.

Dr. Eggman: Sorry I've been gone my friends, but I had to take a long break to fiqure out how to defeat you all.

Sonic speeded off to get Amy from Eggman, but when he was almost there, he got knock out of the way by some strange force.

Dr. Eggman: HaaaaHaHa, allow me to introduce my latest creation, the new and improved, Metal Sonic.
Metal Sonic: Hello Sonic, it's been a long time now hasn't it.
Sonic: Long time no see Metal. What makes you so different, no matter how many times Eggman rebuild you, I always kick your metal butt.
Dr. Eggman: Ah but that is where you are wrong Blue Hog. I have improved Metal to be even stronger and faster than you, with the help of a little boost.
Sonic: Yea, like what.

Then Eggman pointed over to the shaded part of the chamber right behind him

Dr. Eggman: Lights please!
Decoe and Bocoe: Yes Dr. Eggman

The lights came on in the shaded part of the huge room and it revealed to be the Master Emerald and the Seven Chaos Emeralds!

Knuckles: I knew I sensed the Master Emerald's energy coming from here!

Eggman laughed like the bloated baffoon he is.

Dr. Eggman: HaaaaHaHa, now you all will see the awesome power of Metal Sonic, ready Metal?
Metal Sonic: Yes Doctor, will comply.
Dr. Eggman: Alright then, let's finish these pests off once and for all.

Metal Sonic gathered all of the seven chaos emeralds and started to absorb the power of the emeralds, and before they knew it, Metal Sonic became Super Metal Sonic.

Dr. Eggman: HoooHoHo, oh but let's not stop there, shall we. Now absorb the Master Emerald's power.
Super Metal Sonic: Yes Doctor.

Super Metal Sonic now jumped upon the Master Emerald and started to absorb it's power, and Super Metal Sonic now has become Hyper Metal Sonic!

Sonic: Oh no! Now how can we defeat him?
Dr. Eggman: Your about to finally meet your match Sonic, prepare to be destroyed! Metal, DESTROY SONIC!!!
Hyper Metal Sonic: I will finally prove to you Sonic that I am the real Sonic!
Sonic: Go ahead Metal, I don't care how strong or fast you are, I WILL STOP YOU!
Amy: (thinking to herself) Please be careful Sonic, please be careful.



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Sonicluva on August 27, 2005, 2:12:31 PM

Sonicluva on
Sonicluvacummon sonic! beat the sh*t out of him!

texas_luver on March 2, 2005, 7:57:56 AM

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texas_luver*screams* KICK HIS METAL @$$ SONIC!!

Impreza001 on January 2, 2005, 12:13:20 PM

Impreza001 on
Impreza001The showdown starts now!!!