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Chapter 1 - Meeting, explanation and onward to Halloween town

Ashira travels the worlds with Sora, Donald and Goofy in search of her daughter who was taken from her by a man by the name of Ramenses. She meets a girl named Hannah and King Mickey and they join. Follow along in her adventure''s.


Chapter 1 - Meeting, explanation and onward to Halloween town

Chapter 1 - Meeting, explanation and onward to Halloween town
Ashira wandered around the streets of Twilight town looking for Sora, Donald and Goofy, who had separated after a group of heartless. She was sensing a presence that felt like a hoard of heartless running a muck somewhere in town. While in thought Ashira tripped over something and fell, skidding across the concrete, hurting her arm.
“Are you alright?” a girl asked as she and a large mouse helped her up.
“I’m fine, it’s just a scratch.” She responded as she looked at her bleeding arm and took out bandages from a pack attached to her belt. She bandaged up her arm and put the bandages away. “So what are you doing in Twilight town?”
“We’re looking for someone.”
“Well, not many come through here. Though the other day a guy with silver, almost gray, hair came through. And just yesterday Sora, Donald, and Goofy came.”
“Riku was here.” The girl said “Where’s Sora?”
“I don’t know, I was with him until a few minutes ago when he chased after heartless.” Ashira sighed “They’re my ride home; Leon wants me back by tomorrow.”
“Why not join us?” the girl asked as the mouse nodded. Ashira looked at them and smiled.
“Alright, by the way. Name’s Ashira.”
“I’m Hannah and this is King Mickey.”
“Nice to meet you.” Ashira smiled, then it disappeared as a strange looking key blade appeared. Ashira gripped it ready to fight. “Who’s there!?” she demanded. Hannah also had a key blade, as did Mickey.
“Yeah who’s there?” Hannah asked.
“We’re not heartless!” came a boy’s voice.
“Yeah!” came another voice. Sora, Donald and Goofy all walked out of an alley way.
“Then don’t sneak up on us like that!” Ashira scolded as Hannah shook Sora.
“Don’t scare me like that!” she yelled as Donald and Goofy talked to the King.
“Hannah, don’t kill him now.” Ashira said, trying to release Sora.
“So-o-rry.” Sora said as Hannah let him go.
“So where’s the Gummy guys?” Ashira asked.
“This way!” Sora, Donald and Goofy all said at the same time as they pointed in different directions.
“You…Don’t…Know…Do you?” Ashira asked as Sora and Donald began to fight. She sighed as she placed her blade, hilt down, on the ground and spun it. Everyone watched while she chanted under her breath. “Show us the way.”
The blade titled straight ahead.
“Let’s go!” Hannah said as she and Mickey ran straight. The others followed and Ashira ran ahead with her key blade held tight “What’s wrong?”
Ashira stopped and got ready to fight.
“I sense a strong presence. Everyone get on the Gummy.” Ashira ordered. Hannah stayed to help Ashira, while everyone else boarded.
“I’ll help.” Hannah said.
“Hannah, I’ve got it. PLEASE get on the Gummy PLEASE.” Ashira begged.
“Alright.” Hannah boarded as Ashira looked around with trained eyes and froze when she saw a man in the shadows.
“ASHIRA HURRY!” Hannah screamed as King Mickey started the Gummy. Ashira turned with terror in her eyes and on her face. Hannah reached out to her as the ship began to lift off. The man swiftly went towards Ashira as she jumped and grabbed Hannah’s wrist, trying to pull herself up. Hannah helped her in as they flew off. Ashira was in a poor state as she shook with terror and began to cry “Are you alright?” Hannah held Ashira close.
“Ra…Ramen…Ramenses.” Ashira stuttered as her tears fell.
“Who is he?” Sora asked.
“He’s not……Not human.” Ashira said.
“How?” Hannah asked.
“I don’t know, I don’t know.” Ashira wept as she pulled away from Hannah and curled into a ball, sobbing.
“We need to change the subject and calm her down.” Sora said.
“How Sora?” Hannah asked as she looked at Sora.
“Hey Ashira, why does Leon care about you so much?”
”Because we’ve been together for two years.” Ashira said as she calmed down and got up “King Mickey, how much longer until we’re at Hallow Bastion?”
“We’re there now.” Mickey said as he landed. Ashira ran out of the Gummy and into a building not too far away.
“She’s happy to be home.” Sora blinked as Leon came out with Ashira on his back.
“Hey guys.” Leon greeted as Ashira buried her face in his neck.
“Hey Leon.” Sora answered.
“Ramenses.” Ashira said as she fell asleep “He found me again.”
Leon motioned for everyone to come in. He laid Ashira down on a bed as Aerith came in and placed a tray of drinks and snacks down on the table.
“Thanks Aerith.” Sora said.
“You’re welcome.” Aerith replied and left.
“Who is Ramenses?” Hannah asked as she took a snack. Leon sighed lightly and looked at Ashira.
“Ramenses is a man who has caused Ashira pain. He works for someone who wants her Shira’s Crystal and her for evil purposes. He seems to know her even though she has no clue who he is. She’s terrified of him for some reason.
Ramenses has been around since the second month Shira and I were together. He’s caused us so many problems and so much pain since then. Ashira’s been in a lot of pain because of him.”
A few moments later Hannah ran out of the building and Ashira woke.
“Leon.” She said softly.
“Yes Ashira?”
Ashira’s eyes welled with tears.
“Why did he have to take her away from us?”
Leon stroked her hair softly as everyone watched.
“I don’t know Ashira, I don’t know.” He said sadly as Ashira cried.
“Where’s Hannah?”
Ashira got up and walked out into the pouring rain. She spotted Hannah and went over to her.
“Are you ok?” she asked as she held Hannah close.
“Yeah.” Hannah replied as she wiped her tears. Both girls were soaked to the bone from the rain.
“Let’s head back inside.” Ashira said as she and Hannah went back inside. She tossed Hannah a towel and dried her hair off, leaving hers on her head. Ashira picked up the empty tray and carried it to the kitchen. “Does anyone want anything to drink while I’m in the kitchen?”
“I’ll have some water please.” Mickey said. Ashira came back out a few minutes later with a glass of water, a beer and more snacks on the tray.
”Here you go King Mickey.” She said as she handed him the glass, then put the tray down, handing Leon the bottle of beer.
“Thanks Ashira.” Leon said as he took a drink.
“You’re welcome.”
“Thank you Ashira.” Mickey said.
“You’re welcome.” She replied as she sat down with her own drink and sipped it. “I miss her so much.” She muttered quietly to herself. Leon pat her head as he kissed her forehead.
“Ashira…” he began as he sat beside her “I know you miss her, but I don’t think you’ll be able to find her.”
Ashira began to cry again.
“I’ll find Asina Leon, she’d be two now, I’m sure Ramenses won’t leave her on her own too much… I swear I sensed her presence too, but I was too terrified to think on it too much.”
“Is Asina a twin or something?” Sora asked. Hannah remained quiet as she looked at her necklace.
“Not my twin.” Ashira said “She’s out two year old daughter… Ramenses too her a year ago before my seventeenth birthday.”
Leon held her close as Hannah had a vision of Asina.
“I think I know where Asina is.” She said.
Sora and Mickey looked at her shocked.
“Really!?” they asked. Ashira jumped up and dropped her glass.
“Where?” she asked hopefully as Leon got a cloth and cleaned up the broken glass and liquid.
“It’s hard, but I think she’s in Halloween Town.”
“How do-“Sora was cut off.
“I had a vision.”
“Let’s go!” Ashira said excitedly.
“Ashira…Ramenses is probably there too.” Leon said in a warning tone. Ashira looked at him.
“I want Asina back; I’m going to get over my fear of Ramenses sooner or later. I’d rather sooner if I can get our daughter back.” Ashira said.
“Right and this time we’ll work together.” Hannah said, smiling.
“Then let’s go.” Mickey said as he got up and went to the Gummy, Sora following.
“I’m not going to be able to change your mind…Just be careful.” Leon said as Ashira kissed his cheek.
“Come on guys!” she said, already out the door. Leon watched from the window. “Hurry!” Ashira was already on the Gummy. Hannah got on with Donald and Goofy.
“I’ll drive this time, your Majesty.” Donald said.
“Ok.” Mickey said. Ashira pulled puppy dog eyes on Donald.
“But Donald…I wanted to drive this time.” She said with her bottom lip pouted out and her eyes big and cute.


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archieluver27OMG THIS WAS AWESOME :3 lol mickey mouse is a big mouse ^^