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Chapter 1 - Afterlife

When Feathertail dies in

Chapter 1 - Afterlife

Chapter 1 - Afterlife

Chapter 1

        A light gray she-cat floated in darkness. She opened her blue eyes and she saw an outline of a gray cat. The light gray she-cat blinked as the cat started to take form. The she-cat jumped as the cat said her name.
        "Y-y-yes?" Feathertail could hardly get the words out. How does this cat know my name? Feathertail wondered. She had never seen a cat like this before. And yet, she looked and sounded kind of familiar.
        "My dear kit. It's so nice to see you again" Again? Feathertail thought. The gray cat noticed how confused Feathertail was. "You don't recognize me? I'm your mother, Silverstream"
        "What? But, your dead. You died giving birth to me a Stormfur". Stormfur was Feathertail's brother.
        "Follow me" Silverstream meowed, motioning with her tail. It was as if Silverstream didn't hear her at all. Feathertail shrugged and followed her mother. They came to a space with tons and tons of cats. In the middle of the space, was a hole with water in it. The cats were staring at her. She noticed that they had starlight around their paws and she realized that this was a sign from StarClan, the forest cats warrior ancestors. They stopped in front the hole. Silverstream motioned with her tail to stop any conversation. A blusish she-cat was behind Feathertail.
        "Cats of StarClan", the bluish cat growled, "I, Bluestar, would like to welcome our new StarClan cat, Feathertail of RiverClan!" All of the cats howled and growled in cheers. They introduced themselves but Feathertail sat there thinking. I'm dead? she thought. Silverstream must've heard her thoughts or understood what she was thinking.
        "Yes, you are dead, Feathertail", Silverstream meowed, "Don't you remember? You were killed saving Crowpaw from Sharptooth". Crowpaw was an apprentice she really liked from WindClan and as they were traveling for this prophecy StarClan, they met a tribe of cats. They were called the Tribe of Rushing Water and they had a lion-cat called Sharptooth picking them off one by one. She was the chosen cat to kill Sharptooth and she did to protect Crowpaw but she died from the impact. She only thought that she couldn't be healed, but she never knew she'd die.
        Just then, a wail came up from the pool of water. She looked into it and it rippled to show where she was killed. Her dead body was laying there. Crowpaw was next to her body, his muzzle in her fur and a gash on his shoulder smudging up against her. Stormfur was bending down, his eyes closed. All of a sudden, she fell in the water. Silverstream gasped and she fell in after her.

        Feathertail and Silverstream appeared where she died. As Feathertail looked on the scene, she heard a prayer from her brother. I'm sorry StarClan. I'm so sorry. It's my fault. You've lost one of your chosen cats and I couldn't help her. It's my fault. Feathertail started to cry as she thought thois over and over. Then, Stormfur looked and squinted at them as if he was trying to see them. They vanished and ended up in StarClan. Feathertail was still crying silently. A cat named Deadfoot growled, "Welcome to StarClan"


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