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Chapter 2 - Searching

While Xehanort and the other apprentices where experimenting on hearts, they created Indie, a heartless like no other. This story is about her I guess . . .

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Chapter 2 - Searching

Chapter 2 - Searching
Indie was awakened by the familiar scene of darkness, her arm shaking from what had just happened. Her yellow eyes clashed againgst the shadows encasing her, making them to appear like two floating lights. It was so dark that nobody could of seen themselves, let alone what creatures were lurking around them. Indie, however ,was different. The darkness was light to her.
She stood up, since there was no point to just sitting down. In a daze, she tried to think back to what had happened.
"T-the light. Is that what brought me here? Where - where is here though? And... how did that light come from me like that? What- what's happening to me?!"
She bit her lip and clenched her fists in a desperate attempt to stop the myriad of tears from falling. Buy that made no difference. She just stood there, alone in the dark, crying. She felt so helpless. Someone was pulling the strings over her life, and she was helpless to stop them.
That's when she noticed it. A small, black creature, it's antenna's jittering and sencing Indie. It toddled up to her, hypnotising her with its shining amber eyes. The antennas brushed againgst her leg, and instead of feeling them, Indie senced nothing. It was as though they brushed right through her. Suddenly the antenna's stood straight and froze. Tentavily, it stepped back , it's gaze never leaving Indie's. It just kept stepping back, staring a hole into Indie. It was fearful of something. Or someone.
"Well, I never thought I would see you again. How are you?" The voice sent shivers up her spine. Her eyes searched for the owner of the voice and she began to shake. Indie knew that voice. She just didn't know how.
"Look's like you weren't such a failure after all. Tell me, do you know who I am? Or better yet, do you know who or what you are?"
She opened her mouth to reply, but nothing came but a noise of fear. How could she awnser? She did not know who she was. She gave herself a name. She did not even know she was alive. And yet, there was some part of her that had an awnser. Some part deep down in her memory. She knew that voice. Somehow.
"Come now. Your master would like an answer. Don't dissapoint me again. I can give you purpose. I can help you."
"Before?... Master?!...Just... Just leave me alone!" Her eyes sparked once more and she was returned with a splitting pain in her arm. The heart shone red again. But something was different. She was changing. Her body felt as if it did not exist. Her eyes grew larger and her hands and feet grew claws. She felt her mind leaving and being replaced by a more primal being. She could not speak, or feel. It just snarled silently and began clawing at the air around her. It could smell the foul scented darkness and another being. The one who had spooken to Indie. It growled at him and ran on all fours towards him. It pounced but the being vanshed, laughing . ..


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