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Chapter 1 - Rebirth

While Xehanort and the other apprentices where experimenting on hearts, they created Indie, a heartless like no other. This story is about her I guess . . .

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Chapter 1 - Rebirth

Chapter 1 - Rebirth
As it opened it's eyes, it was not welcomed with the kind light so many other people see. It was met with cold darkness. An eternal darkness. It searched everywhere for a single drop of light in the shadowy prison but it's attempts were futile. It just sat there, alone, huddled together in silence. It could not feel anything apart from a sence of emptiness clawing away inside it 'heart'.
After what felt like a mellenium, a pool of rippling light materialised beneath it, encircling it as the light apeared. Instead of feeling the warmth of peace and comfort, it was overcome with a sence of fear. It tried to escape , clawing and rejecting the light until it drownded in it's blinding glow.
"Are okay love?" An old baker's wife knelt down beside the young girl slumped in the corner of a shadowed alleyway. As she went to touch the girl's arm in an attempt to awaken her, the slumped bodies' eyes flashed open, startling the old woman. Never before had she seen eyes so vivid and yellow. Actually, that's a lie. She had never seen eyes like that on a human, let alone someone with a heart. She had seen them however, on those relentless creatures of the darkness.The girl began to breathe heavily as if she was drowning and was trying to get just a little breathe of air.
"What's your name darling? And what are you doing down here? This is place for a little girl."The girl's breathing becamemore steady.
"Name...?"How could she awnser that.She had no idea who she was.She wasn't even aware of her existence before now. Her eyes's scanned the towers and buildings surrounding her until she saw a poster on a crooked lampost with the word Indie in bold on it. It would have to do for now.
"My name... It's... Indie."
"Indie huh? What a pretty name! What are you doing here Indie?"
"I... I-I don't know..."
"You don't know? You do realise you are in Traverse Town, now then don't you?"
"Traverse Town ...Y-yes, I know I'm here..."
That was a lie, and it was so obvious that it was. But Indie's eye's were just so big and vivid that the baker's wife was hypnotised by them.
"Look hun, you should come out of this alleyway. It's not safe in the dark anymore. I can make you something to eat. You don't look well at all..."
"I'm okay... thankyou..."
"I'm insisting that you do, I can help you, whatever the problem is."
"I said no okay?!" A blinding pain shot up her arm and her eyes flashed as she shouted back defiantly, scaring the old woman. The old woman remained silent as she nodded her head in response. She then spinned around on her heel, and briskly walked out of the alley, too frightned to look back at that creature.
Indie remained in that alley for quite some time after the woman had left. She enjoyed gazing up at the starry night sky and watching the little lights flash in the great mass of darkness. It comforted her in this time of loneliness.
She looked at the arm that had hurt her before. Tentivly, she reached for her sleave and slowly pushed it up, revealing a black heart tattooed on the inner side of her arm. As her fingers went to toucb it, it seared with pain, making her eyes water. She bit back the tears, until they became to much and she began to sob; not for the pain, but for an unkown reason that she just couldn't comprehend. As the last tears fell from her now glossy eyes, she noticed something perculiar. Her arm, that was now deep in shadow, had started to glow with a harsh red colour. Two lines of red thorns had croosed over the black heart and had outlined it too. As her gaze deepedned she started to feel an unknown and haunting feeling.
Suddenly the lines turned a dazzling light and soon, nearly her whole body and the corner she was sat in was ablaze with that ferocious light. She felt as though she was drowning once more, a feeling she wanted to forget. As she scrambled for a way out, she suddenly felt as though she was falling into nothingness. Her eyes grew weak and tired as the fought the light. A fight that they would quickly lose. Before she was lost forever, Her gaze was diected at a moon. Not any old moon. An enticing heart shaped moon. Kingdom hearts... The image soothed her while she fell. It was something she could never forget...

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