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Chapter 0 - Character profiles

I'll be posting the manga pages once I make them, but this will be for profiles for anyone to read in the meantime. Also, this is where you can find more information on my Contest's related to The Black Death.

Chapter 0 - Character profiles

Chapter 0 - Character profiles
Character Name: Mirele Riena Blackaby
Nickname: Mir
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Personality: Her pale blue eyes are usually showing mistrust toward anyone no matter who they may be. She has a bad reputation for taking the things the wrong way and she is always quick to get into a fight with any man who tries to hit on her. The only person she trusts completely is her little brother, Luckas.
Bio: Born in Messina, Italy. Her family was one of the first to succumb to the plague, being that they lived in the port where the first out brake began. Her father soon fell ill to the disease, as he worked at the harbor loading and unloading ships. He had stated that the men on one ship looked very ill and had black splotches on their skin. About a week after her father had gotten the disease, he had died.
Her mother worked for their landlord, growing food and raising livestock and such. She and her sister Margarete usually helped their mother in the fields, her brother, Luckas, had helping their father in the harbor. One day, her mother came into contact with a rat, trying to chase it out of the barn. Not too long after the encounter, had she grown ill too. Mirele, Margarete, and Luckas did everything they could to ease their mother's pain. But it was no use, for she too, succumbed to the plague and died a week after she had gotten infected.
That's when the three Jewish children decided to leave the island of Sicily, hoping to find a safe haven. Mirele, being the oldest and the wisest at age 15, was left to lead and care for her younger brother and sister. Finally, they reached Florence and made a small home (more like a small shack) and have been living there since. But a new problem arises that threatens to take away their lives and freedom. The flagellants.
Religion: Jewish
Class: Serf
Place of Birth: Messina, Italy
Weakness: She has too much pride. She always wants to be right.
Ultimate Fear: Being alone
Other: She likes to read whenever she can get her hands on a book, which isn't often.

Character Name: Pierre Vernadotte
Nickname: Pip
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Personality: Arrogant, laid-back and cocky, Pip is often seen as somewhat annoying and likes to have fun, even in the worst of times. He is also likes to mess with peoples heads, play pranks and is always up for a good time. He tries his best to be strong for everyone he's with and is always there for his friends.
Bio: Pierre Vernadotte was born in Paris, France into a family of mercenaries. His mother was a proper wife and his father was an abusive drunk (who didn't take on the family tradition). Being the oldest of his four siblings (Jean, Armand, Pauline, and Ariane), he was always there to take care of them and never let his father harm them. This led to him to being rather broken but he never let his family see it (especially his younger siblings). When he was fifteen, his father killed his mother and afterwards was hung for it. Pip, like a responsible older brother, took over the family and did his best to keep food on the table. In order to do this, he joined his father's little league of mercenaries (he lost his eye during one instance) and they lived well. After coming back from a job in Italy, his entire family contracted the Black Death and all of them died. Afterwards, he left Paris to Italy, staying on the coast and has been there ever since.
Religion: Christian
Class: Serf
Place of Birth: Paris, France
Weakness: Mentioning anything to do with his family.
Ultimate Fear: Dying of the Black Death
Other: --

Character Name: Adriana Pena
Nickname: None
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Personality: Adriana, having lost her belief in God long ago, is a free spirit. She thinks in unusual ways, much of the time ending up in trouble because of it. Her hope for the world is lost, but she still manages to have fun. She tends to act disrespectfully toward people, not on purpose; her mother and father just weren't around to teach her otherwise. At times she plays dimwitted, but in fact, she's sharp and observant. Her temper is thin, and she holds grudges for much longer than necessary.
Bio: Adriana was born on the coast of Spain in Almeria. Her father was lost shortly after the plague arose to the horrible sickness; her mother left their family when Adriana was just a little girl. She lived with her aunt and uncle for about two years before her uncle came in contact with the plague as well. Having lost most everyone she loved to the plague, Adriana began to lose hope for the world and forget her teachings of God.
Religion: Born into a Christian family, but she no longer believes in any God due to the plague.
Class: Serf
Place of Birth: Almeria, Spain
Weakness: Getting close to too many people
Ultimate Fear: Losing more of the people she loves
Other: There's an eagle that tends to follow her around, which she named Marcus. He'll show up from time to time, bringing news with him that only she can understand him speak. Adriana has come to love Marcus like a brother and best friend, and the thought of losing him in this microscopic massacre would kill her.

Character Name: Kirsa von Vogelweide
Nickname: --
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Personality: Although she appears to be kind and spunky, looks are highly deceiving with this beautiful mercenary. She is actually quite cruel and will do anything to get what she wants (including kill someone). She is very prejudiced under the mask she puts on and is, to put it plainly, a total sociopath.
Bio: Kirsa grew up in poor conditions. When her mother died, when Kirsa was thirteen, her father, a mercenary, took her under his wing. He trained her and at age fifteen, she met Pierre Vernadotte or "Pip", who later became her lover when she was sixteen. After the plague swept away her lover's family, Pip left her and decided to travel away from France. She has followed him ever since and despite her psychopathic nature, she really does love him.
Appearance: Kirsa
Religion: Atheist
Class: Serf
Place of Birth: Berlin, Germany
Weakness: Being proved wrong and having her flaws pointed out to her.
Ultimate Fear: Dying by her enemies' hand.
Other: --

Character Name: Michael Belzer
Nickname: Mike
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Personality: Frightened easily, Mike is one of the most timid people around. However, if he's in a group, he puts on a strong face in an attempt to help support others. Despite the times being bad, he still tries to look for happiness and ways to divert the way other people see the situation at hand.
Bio: The Rabbinical school that Mike was training at was one of the first Jewish institutions that was burned down. Luckily, he and a few others were able to make it outside and flee to the nearby countryside. Unfortunately, the could only watch as their acquaintances were beaten to death by the angry and the sick. Wherever the small group went they were shunned and, by some, accused of bringing the plague to Europe. Finally, Mike's group split up and he has been wandered from town to town, trying to bring hope to people.
Religion: Jewish
Class: Serf (Despite being a serf however, he is training to become a Rabbi)
Place of Birth: Rome, Italy
Weakness: Weak lungs
Ultimate Fear: Mike's ultimate fear is that the plague will bring the rest of the world to it's knees and eventually cause the Jewish people to be obliterated in an attempt to compromise the spreading disease.

Character Name: Lillian Jewel
Nickname: Lily, Lil, Jewel
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Personality: Daring and rebellious, she's not alike a lot of her fellow upper class. She in fact despises them and sympathizes for the lower class, she also finds a large distaste to the church and cannot stand their sugar coated snotty lies and constant need for pointless mannerisms. Sill she holds her own sense of class and practices her teachings of manner and royalty esque air whenever possible out a sort of respect for others. She has a strong likely to traveling the high seas and shows a large interest in merchantry, and a good sword fight.
Bio: Through out most of her life, she has been born and raised in Venace. Her father a man greatly respected in the church had always kept Lillian on lock down, never to speak to the serfs of her land or even allow them to look her in the eyes. Her mother was always big on proper etiquette and had always bogged her to a proper lady. She also has a brother, A real snob, her parents perfect sons. Her family had recently bought a villa in the new colony and Lil's family had fled to the villa after the plague struck. Her father was the first to go, he had caught the plague after traveling to the near by cathedral. Her mother had disappeared one morning abandoning her family in fear of falling towards the same fate. As for her brother.. Lillian had killed him defending her own life after she was brutally attacked; she reported him missing. Now she's in the villa alone and word was sent to her that her fathers friend, Royce Hilarman, another Church junky Aristocrat was planning to come and take her to wed with him and 'protect her.' Lily is struggling to leave but with the plague spreading.. it's proving harder to do so as death spreads.
Class: Aristocrat
Place of Birth: Venice(,Rome) Italy
Weakness: Her independence, she values if greatly but the moment it's taken from her, she loses complete hope of everything.
Ultimate Fear: She ultimately fear is rape. She heard Crusaders and their stories of travel and what they've done and she wants to puke. Her closest friend Anne had been a victim and died trying to speak out and look for justice. She herself was nearly a victim of the very man herself. Lillians fencing skills had protected her then, she made him leave the city after that, but she promised she'd rather die than ever experience such a thing.
Other: None.

Character Name: Avalina Melisine
Nickname: Ava
Gender: female
Age: 16
Personality: Avalina is a quiet girl, but is not shy. She is a very caring person and doesn't like to see others in pain.
Bio: Avalina was born to the duke and duchess of Britain. She is their only child. Being born and raised in a royal family, Ava has had everything she ever wanted. Servants tended to her every need. But she was not a ungrateful child. She saw most of her servants as friends or family and was always very kind. Every year she would surprise her servants with presents because she wanted to, her parents had no clue about this. Ava lived the normal life of a duchess until a few of her servants came down with the plague about a year ago. Less than a few months later her father, the duke, became extremely ill with the black plague. That's when he bought her a puppy as a gift, which could be his last gift. Fearing for her daughters health, the duchess, her mother, sent her to live with distant relatives out in Italy. Hoping she would be spared from the pain of the plague.
Religion: Christian
Class: Aristocrat
Place of Birth: London, England
Weakness: Her kindness. She tends to be to kind to people, often showing to much mercy.
Ultimate Fear: Ava's ultimate fear is losing the ones she loves, weather it be to the plague or something else. Or to be in great pain, mentally or physically.
Other: Avalina has a eight week old boxer puppy named Bijou.

Character Name: Fredrick Nickols
Nickname: "jack"
Gender: male
Age: 19
Personality: Chaotic psychopath in front of his victims, charming sophisticated calm man in front of women and in crowds. He enjoys cross-dressing and is also a bit masochistic.
Bio: Fredrick is the prince of Ireland who went mad at the start of the plague. He left his home of Ireland to go to Italy not long ago, following the flagellates on his way. he left the castle with a party of knights seldom seen and travels looking for people to kill and bring gods wrath. He now does nothing but torments people. He seems to be merciful to women, and completely malicious towards all males.
Religion: Catholic
Class: Aristocrat
Place of Birth: Dublin, Ireland
Weakness: He's completely insane.
Ultimate Fear: heights and darkness
Other: extremely charming, easily able to convince women to follow his beck and call


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