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Chapter 3 - New Friend

A young girl at age 10 meets a cat and a mouse named Tom and Jerry. Her name is Annette and she loves animals. She meets more friendly people and animals as she goes on her fabulous journey!

Chapter 3 - New Friend

Chapter 3 - New Friend
(Because Annette ran too fast, she tripped over a rock and fell to the ground and sprained her ankle.)

Tom: Annette! Are you OK?

Jerry: What happened?

(Tom slapped Jerry on the face.)

Jerry: Ow! What was that for?!

Tom: She tripped over a rock, idiot.

Jerry: Well sawrree I didn't know!

Annette: Guys, stop. Please!

(Both of them looked at her and nodded nervousley.)

Tom: You should pay attention from now on.

(Suddenly a girl came up to the three and introduced herself.)

???: Hi, I'm Robyn. What's your name?

Annette: Uh... Annette.

Robyn: Nice to meet you Annette! Anyway, are you all right? I hope you didn't sprain a part of your body from tripping over that rock.

Annette: How did you know all of that?

Robyn: I was sitting near that table over there. *points* You weren't that far from me, so I saw everything. Who are your friends?

Tom: I'm Tom!

Jerry: And I'm Jerry!

(Annette nods.)

Robyn: Wow! I never saw talking animals before! This is the greatest day of my life! And I'm glad I met you.

(Annette, Tom, and Jerry smiled at Robyn.)

Annette: And actually, I didn't sprain anything. My ankle only hurt for a bit, then the pain went away.

Robyn: That's very nice to hear! *giggles*

Tom: More friends, the better. *chuckle*

Jerry: He's right!

Robyn: Aww you're such a cute little mousie, hee hee!

(Jerry blushes shyly and smiles.)

???: Robyn! Time to go!

Robyn: Whoops, that's my dad. I gotta go now. :(

Annette: Would you like to meet here in the park again tommorow?

Robyn: Sure! See ya!

(She got in the car and waved to Annette, Tom, and Jerry.)

All: Bye!

Robyn: *from the distance* Bye!

Annette: Robyn is nice, isn't she?

Both: Yeah she is!


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