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Chapter 1 - Remembrance

What happens when Syaoran returns from Hong Kong and finds that something is wrong with Sakura? Please tell me what you think =)

Chapter 1 - Remembrance

Chapter 1 - Remembrance
Disclaimer: I don't own Card Captors but I love the show. I wish I could own it though =b

Chapter 1- Remembrance

The sun shone brightly through the blinds in a room of a young woman, the age of 17. She had lovely, auburn hair that went past her shoulders, beautiful, emerald eyes that sparkled when light hit them, and the most perfect body anyone could ask for. As the sun hit her face, her eyes began to open. They began to close again till a voice was heard from the other end of the room.

"Sakura, it's time to wake up." The voice came from what looked like a tiny stuff animal that went by the name of Kero. He flew over to the bed and tapped Sakura and the shoulder.

"Oh Kero...can't I just sleep for a few minutes more...?" She quietly said as she began to drift off to sleep again.

"But Sakura..aren't you supposed to meet Tomoyo in the park today? I thought you were supposed to meet her at 1pm and it's already 12pm."

"Okay...okay. I'll get up. Just let me get dressed, okay?"

"Okay Sakura. I'll be out in the living room if you need anything."

She almost went back to sleep but mentally slapped herself back awake. She lazily got up and stretched her arms up towards the ceiling. And with one, big yawn, she got up and walked over to her closet. She opened it up and took out a pair of jean shorts, and a pink t-shirt, that spelled out princess on the front. She put on her clothes and left her room. She looked over to her left and seen that her brother Touya was in the kitchen. Then she looked over into the living room and noticed that Kero was on the couch watching tv. She was glad that Touya had finally found out about Kero. It was getting harder and harder to hide him, since he had a hard time staying away from the fridge.

Sakura entered the kitchen and sat at the table. "Good morning...I mean, good afternoon Sakura."

"Good afternoon to you too." She said as she rolled her eyes.

"I made some breakfast for you. I figured you wouldn't leave yourself enough time to make your own today, as always." She looked up at him and stuck her tongue out. He placed the plate in front of her and she began to eat.

When she finished her breakfast, she went back in her room and started to pack her backpack. She packed a book and her cell phone that Tomoyo gave her a while back. She also packed her discman and some cds. She wasn't really sure what they were going to do today, but Tomoyo told her that she had a surprise for her.

Sakura walked over to her desk and picked up a small book. She opened it and looked at the pictures that covered the pages. The first page was full of pictures of her and Tomoyo. The pictures dated back as far as 12 years ago. She smiled and turned the page. Then a sad look appeared upon her face. She started to tear up at the sight of the pictures on the page. They were pictures of a friend that was very special to her, that had to go back to their home in Hong Kong. His name was Syaoran. He had darker, auburn hair, and deep, hazel eyes.

When they first met, they had become rivals, but as time pasted, they became closer then they ever thought they would. They never went out, but both of them secretly wanted too. Syaoran was the only one that expressed his feelings to her. She did like him but didn't know how to react to it. She also thought that if she told Syaoran, that they would then go out shortly after that, but she knew that her dad wouldn't approve of it. Her dad always told her that she was too young at the time, to date. So, she didn't want to disappoint her dad.

After a few moments of reminiscing, she put the book in her bag and closed it. She looked at the time and decided that she should leave then. She ran to the door and put on her shoes. And with a quick goodbye to Kero and her brother, she was off.



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