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Chapter 3 - It's About Time

What happens when Syaoran returns from Hong Kong and finds that something is wrong with Sakura? Please tell me what you think =)

Chapter 3 - It's About Time

Chapter 3 - It's About Time
Chapter 3: It's About Time

After about a minute, Syaoran and Sakura broke the hug. Syaoran looked deep into Sakura's emerald eyes. "Sakura.."

"Yes, Syaoran?"

"Umm...I wanted to know if...well...if you'll go out with me? I'd understand if you're too young and that your dad would still say no, so..."

"'s okay Syaoran. I love you and that's all that really matters. Of course I'll go out with you."

They both looked at each other and embraced each other with a kiss. It lasted a few minutes until they finally broke apart for some air. Syaoran looked over Sakura's shoulder and noticed that Eriol was with Tomoyo.

"Sakura, maybe we should go talk to them."

"Ya, good idea." They walked over to them, hand in hand.

Syaoran was the first speak. "How's it goin, Eriol?"

"Oh, not bad but I see things are going pretty good for you now." He replied with a wink. Both Syaoran and Sakura blushed.

"Ya well..." Syaoran said with a big smile while placing his hand behind his head.

"So, I guess you two are finally going out now?" Said Tomoyo quietly to Sakura.

"Ya..." She said with a huge smile.

"Well, it's about time. Hey, I got an idea." Said Tomoyo as she got more excited, "Why don't we all go to the ice-cream parlor and get ourselves some ice-cream?"

"Sounds great!" Said the rest, all in unison.

As they walked down the street, Sakura and Syaoran were in the front and Tomoyo and Eriol were following close behind. Syaoran looked over to Sakura and noticed she was being very quiet.

"What's up Sakura?"

"Oh..what? Oh sorry. I was just thinking."

"About what?"

"Just stuff. Don't worry about it, I'm fine."

"Okay..." Said Syaoran as he grabbed Sakura's hand in his.

Tomoyo was right behind Sakura and saw what Syaoran did. She just smiled and looked at the ground.

"Tomoyo...are you alright?" Asked Eriol with a concerned tone in his voice.

"Ya...I'm fine. I just admire those two. They seem so happy."

"You want to be like them don't you?" He asked, quietly enough for Syaoran and Sakura not to hear, but loud enough for Tomoyo to hear clearly.

" of..I mean..yes." She finally said with a deep red face.

"It's nothing to be ashamed of. It is understandable to have the type of feelings you're having now. To tell you the truth, I feel the same when I look at them together, as well."

She looked over to him, "Really? I didn't think you did. You seem to hide it very well."

"Well, yes. I try to anyway."

"But you just told me not to. So, you shouldn't either."

"Well, it's not just because I see those two happy and I wish to be like that. It's because of other things too."

"Like what?"

"Umm...well...Oh look! There's the ice-cream parlor." He said while trying to change the subject.

They walked inside and picked out where they were going to sit. They chose one of the booths by the window at the front of the store. And of course, Syaoran sat beside Sakura, and Eriol sat beside Tomoyo. They all placed their orders and then waited for their ice-cream. They were all pretty quiet as they ate and they didn't waste much time there. Tomoyo suggested going over to her place and they all agreed.

As they arrived in front of the house, Tomoyo noticed her mother had not yet returned. Her mother had left earlier that day for work and was expected back anytime. They went inside and sat in the living room.

"I'll go get some tea for all of us." Said Tomoyo as she got up.

"I'll help you." Suggested Eriol as he just about jumped out of his seat.

"Oh, that's very kind of you. Thank you." After they left the room, Syaoran and Sakura decided to take advantage of the time alone and started planning stuff to do for the weekend.

Meanwhile, Tomoyo was taking out all the cups out and setting them up on the tray. Eriol was busy making the tea. As Eriol brought over the tea to Tomoyo, he started to (or tried to) talk to her.

"Well, what a day this has turned out to be so far."

"Ya, it sure has. It turned out better than I thought it would."

"I have a feeling it'll get even better now."

"What do you mean? Do you know something I don't know?"

"Well, maybe..."

"Come on...tell me, please!"

"Umm..okay. I think it's time you found out anyway. Tomoyo I...well..." He started saying while taking a huge breath. "I like you, a lot!"

Tomoyo was speechless. But not totally surprised. "Ever since I first laid my eyes on your beautiful face, I knew at that moment, I had fallen in love."


"Wait, I'm not done yet. I've waited so long to be able to tell you all this. I just have to get it all out now, while I can. Your beauty is like a rose, a rose that is in full bloom and whose beauty is eternal. Your voice is like a million or more angels singing all together, never missing a note or going out of tune. I want to be by your side, Tomoyo. I want to be that fortunate soul, that get's lost in the siren's song. I want to be the one, who's heart will be stolen by such a maiden as you are. Tomoyo?"

"Yes...Eriol?" She replied in a daze, almost holding her breath.

"I want to be able to call you my love. Please, say you'll be mine. Please, say you'll go out with me."

"Oh...Eriol. How could I say no to someone like you. I've always dreamed of this day. Yes I'll be yours, as long as I can call you mine."

"Oh Tomoyo...always and forever!" And with that, they shared their very first kiss.



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KamiChamaKarin00 on April 12, 2008, 8:39:26 PM

KamiChamaKarin00 on
KamiChamaKarin00AWWW that is so sweetn when Eriol and Tomoyo had their first kiss!

SoulOfDarkness on January 12, 2006, 4:02:00 AM

SoulOfDarkness on
SoulOfDarknessIts such a good story...I have to read the rest later when I get back on!