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Chapter 5 - Reassurance

What happens when Syaoran returns from Hong Kong and finds that something is wrong with Sakura? Please tell me what you think =)

Chapter 5 - Reassurance

Chapter 5 - Reassurance
Chapter 5: Reassurance

By this time, Touya had gone down the street to a nearby store, to get Sakura some medicine. He had called her dad earlier and informed him of what happened. Meanwhile, Syaoran stayed at the house and never left her side. He was very tired and was trying not to fall asleep as he sat in a chair and leaned over beside Sakura. He lifted his head and looked at the clock that was above her bed. It read 11:15pm. He laid his head back down but then looked over and saw that Sakura was still sleeping.

"Oh Sakura. I wish you would wake up."

He reached over and felt her forehead. The fever she had was almost gone but something still didn't feel right. He then gently moved his hand down her face and down to her arm. He then grabbed her hand and then laid his head back down.

Kero, in the meantime, was flying around the house. He was flying back and forth, waiting for Touya to get back. He only stopped when he heard the door open. It was Touya and he was carrying the medicine.

He walked into her room, only to find that Syaoran had falling asleep. He smiled at the sight. It was then that he realized the bound those two shared, was so strong. He didn't want to disturb them but she needed the medicine.

"Syaoran. Syaoran." He slowly started to wake up as Touya tapped on his shoulder. "I got the medicine for Sakura. She's going to be fine now. I think you should get going home now."

"Ya maybe, but I don't want to leave her. Not while she's like this."

"I understand how you're feeling but she'll be fine. Trust me. I am her big brother after all." He said trying to reassure Syaoran.

Syaoran looked over at Sakura, then nodded his head. He began to get up but felt a pull on his arm.

"Syao..ran..please..don't go."

"Sakura!" They both replied in shock.

"But Sakura, you need your rest and he needs to get home. It's getting very late."

"But...but I need to talk to him. Please, I need him here. Please Touya, let him stay."

"Well...Syaoran. It's up to you. If you're not going to get in trouble, then I guess you can stay, if you want."

He looked over at Sakura and saw the pain in her eyes.

"I think I will stay then. I won't get in trouble. I'll just call home."

"Okay." Said Touya while letting Syaoran pass to go in the living room to use the phone. "Are you sure you want him to stay?"

"Yes...I'm sure. I feel I really need him right now, and I know he would feel terrible...if he had to leave. Touya...?"

"Yes Sakura?"

"I have something to tell you...about him and I..."

"Oh, it's okay Sakura. I already know. I could sense it between you two for a while now."

"But what do you would say?"

"I think, he thinks that your grown up now and that it's time that you can make these kind of decisions for yourself now. I'm sure it'll be fine."

"I hope so. Thanks Touya."

Just then Syaoran entered the room. Immediately he blushed. He over heard what Sakura told Touya. But he was glad she told him. Now he wouldn't have to try and hide it anymore.

"I see you told him."

"Yes I did. Does that bother you?"

"No it's okay. It's good that he knows."

She smiled and blushed a bit. But then all of a sudden, she collapsed again. Syaoran jumped to her side.

"What happened? I gave her the medicine." Said Touya, all concerned.

"She doesn't have a fever anymore. But she seems to be very weak. Something is draining her of her energy."

"What?! I don't get it."

"Don't worry about it. She should be fine if she gets some rest." Lied Syaoran as he knew better than that.

"Are you sure?"

"Ya. I think that's all that´s wrong now. We should let her rest. I'll just sleep in the living room. If I hear anything, I'll be right here for her."

"Okay, well I think I'm going to go to bed now since I have to work tomorrow morning. So...goodnight."

"Ya okay. Goodnight."

Touya then left the room and went to bed. Kero was in the kitchen, eating, to try and get himself to calm down. When he saw Touya go to his room, he then went into Sakura's and flew towards Syaoran.

"Something is still bothering you isn't it?"

"Yes, but I don't know what it is. Something seems to be draining her of her energy but I can't sense what it is. Can you by chance?"

"Not really but for the past few days I've been sensing Sakura's energy lower, more and more. Come to mention it, I have been sensing a new power lately too."

"And you think that's what might be causing this?"

"I not quite sure to say yet, but it is possible."

"Well, for her sake, I hope this only get's better, before it gets any worse." Said Syaoran as he held her hand close to his face.



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