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Chapter 10 - Untold Past

What happens when Syaoran returns from Hong Kong and finds that something is wrong with Sakura? Please tell me what you think =)

Chapter 10 - Untold Past

Chapter 10 - Untold Past
Chapter 10: Untold Past

Sakura stood firm in front of Basha with her fist closed tightly. She didn't take her eyes off Basha for even a second. Basha stood about 20 feet from Sakura and didn't look like she was going to back down for anything. There was fire burning in both their eyes, but for different objectives. Sakura wanted nothing more than to beat Basha and to stop her from destroying the cards and killing her. She still didn't know why she wanted the cards so badly.

"Basha," She said with pure anger in her voice. "Why do you want the cards destroyed so much?"

"Oh silly child. Even if I told you, you wouldn't ever understand."

"Try me!"

"Fine then. The cards have brought nothing but pain and sorrow to me all my life, and I plan to rid my life of them now."

*FLASHBACK* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Mommy, what a beautiful day it is outside. Can I go out to play?"

"Sure my dear." Her mother said as she put on her coat to join her daughter. (She was a beautiful woman who's daughter was almost an exact double of her beauty. The only differences were the color of their hair and eyes. But at this time, 20 years ago, Basha had no features that were of a cat. She was all human and looked like any other normal child and this day was one she would never forget.)

Basha grabbed her coat too and was soon out the door. She loved going out side to play in the yard with her mother. But at this time in her life, she was without a father. Just a year earlier, her father had to go on a trip to Egypt. He met up with this guy who said he could show him great amounts of treasure. Her father went along with the man, but never returned.

Basha ran around to the back of the yard while her mother walked out the door. She went to one of the corners of the fence to get a ball she loved to play with. As she grabbed the ball, she could feel this weird presence. She slowly stood up and turned around. She then dropped the ball at the sight that she saw. There was a man standing not very far from her. She didn't know who it was but knew exactly what he was there for.

Her father, a while back, went on a trip to Hong Kong and picked up quite the gift from a friend. It was a card. Basha had no clue the signifigence of it at the time but she soon found out, the hard way.

The man that stood in front of her, was very tall and kind of strong. But she didn't care how he looked, she cared more about what he was doing. In one of his hands, he held a card. She could barely see the picture on it but could read the name, Sword. It was the one that had belonged to her father. She got very angry but knew she couldn't do much. She just looked at the man and asked," Why do you have my father's card? What purpose is it to you?"

"You'll find out soon enough little girl." And with that, he went around to the front. Basha followed him but kept her distance. But as soon as she got around the corner of her house, she heard the man speak. She looked around then collapsed to her knees. She could barely look up at the sight before her. The man stood in front of her mother but held something in his hand. It was the sword from the card. She could have pondered about how he got the sword but was too worried about what happened. The man looked at the girl and lifted the bloody sword. Basha ran up to her mother and collapsed beside her, in a pool of blood.

"My dear, sweet child. Please get far from here. Please, save yourself. I can't make it but I will be happy where I'm going if I know you'll be safe. I love you." And with that she closed her eyes, never to open them again.

Basha try to stay strong but couldn't help but to cry a bit. She got up and started to run. The man didn't bother to chase after her. He got what he went there for and was content, for the moment.

A few years later, Basha decided to leave her aunt's home, which was were she was staying after the her mother's death. She went to Hong Kong to find out anything she could about the cards. She found out that Clow Reed had created them and more about him and his Guardians. With all the knowledge she gained about them, she was still not satisfied. She felt she had to know more. She then decided to take a trip to Egypt. She wanted to find whatever she could about the cards, but also about what happened to her father.

She visited any town or city she could find but had no luck. Then she suddenly found this shine, right in the middle of the desert. She entered it to find no one inside. She walked around a bit and looked at all the artifacts that it contained. Then she looked at this chest that was in the middle of the floor. She walked over to it and was about to touch it when this young woman came up behind her. Basha was startled a bit but figured that it would be useless to argue since it was her that trespassed.

The woman had very long, brown hair and dark, emerald eyes, that looked almost hollow, like she held no spirit within her. She was wearing an off- white robe with lots of gold jewelry. She also had some markings on her face. The way the pattern was, almost made it look like she had whiskers.

"And who do you think you are? Coming in here like you own this place, that is very disrespectful. What business do you have here?"

"Well, I have been searching for a long time to find anything I can about this card my father once owned."

"A card? What kind of card?"

"I don't really know but all I do know is that it was created by a man by the name of Clow Reed, and he called them the Clow Cards."

"The Clow Cards.....? How do you know about them?" The woman said as she started to back up.

"Well... my father was given a card from a friend of his."

"And which card might that be?"

"The Sword card."

The woman had a very shocked look on her face, as if someone close to her had just died. Then she closed her eyes and began to shake her head. "You have no idea what you have gotten yourself into. There will be nothing but pain in your life from now on. I'm sure you have already experienced some of it already."

Basha looked down and nodded her head. The woman just looked at her. "Heed my warning now, forget about the cards! Forget everything you know about them and their creator. If you do not listen to what I'm telling you, you will regret it!"

Basha was about to something ,but the woman was already beginning to leave. She decided to think about what she was told and then decided to go and try to find a place to spend the night.



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