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Chapter 11 - Untold Past- Part 2

What happens when Syaoran returns from Hong Kong and finds that something is wrong with Sakura? Please tell me what you think =)

Chapter 11 - Untold Past- Part 2

Chapter 11 - Untold Past- Part 2
Chapter 11: Untold Past- Part 2

After that day, she only wanted to know more about the cards. She wanted to find out why they were feared by the woman. Even though she heard the warning she didn't seem to care. She wondered about the true power of the cards and how she was going to obtain it. She wanted to get revenge for what had happened to her mother and she figured that the cards just might do the trick.

That afternoon, she found a place that she was able to get something to eat. She rested for a bit there and pulled out her map. She had marked down all the places she wanted to check out for any information possible. As she studied it, she noticed that there was a new place on the map that she didn't notice before. She had no clue how it got there but she took it as a sign. She circled it and decided that it would be her next destination. She packed her things and left.

After about two days, she finally reached it. She was awfully sore though, due to riding a camel that she borrowed from someone she had become friends with shortly after she arrived in Egypt. She jumped off and placed her bag on her back. She started to walk towards the small cave like building and entered slowly. She glanced around as she walked on. She saw lots of statues of cats and snakes, all around. She also saw lots of satin and silk sheets that were laid on chairs and cube-like stones. There was one thing that really caught her eye though. It was an etching that was made in the stone wall. It was in one corner of the room where there was a big chair in front of it. She walked over to it and tried to focus on the image. She couldn't get a good enough look at it, so she moved the chair that was in the way.

She was speechless. There were a few images in the picture that she was able to make out. They were pictures of some of the Clow cards. The one that stood out the most, was the image of the Sword card. Instantly, flashbacks of the day her mom was killed, were racing through her mind. She had grown fearful of that card and it's powers, but it's also what drove her to know more. She continued to examine the picture. She saw other cards in it, but there was also a figure, a person. The man in the picture had a long dress-like outfit that reached to the floor. He was also carrying a huge staff in his hand. The staff had a circle at the end with what looked like the sun in the middle of it, which stretched outwards. She had read about Clow Reed before and figured that it was him.

She was about to go look at something else, when she noticed something. On the other side of the picture, was another figure. This one didn't look familiar to her but it intrigued her. The other figure was a woman with a long, black dress. She had long, brown hair and was also holding a staff. Her staff was shorter though and had the moon on it. Basha looked at it carefully and figured out that the two people were fighting in some sort of duel. The girl looked like she wanted the cards, but Clow Reed was trying to protect them. There was nothing else on that picture, so she decided to move on.

She looked around the room again, and found another etching. It seemed to continue the story from the other one. She studied it and realized that it showed who won the battle. This time, Clow Reed was casting a spell. He was casting it on the woman. Basha didn't know what to think of it, but she looked on. She noticed that the woman was beginning to change in the picture. She started to get smaller and darker. She was turning into a cat. Basha was shocked. She wondered why Clow Reed would do something like that. She then came to the conclusion that it was because the woman tried to take the cards away and was a threat to them in her normal form.

Just then, she heard a noise. She turned around quickly and saw nothing. She was breathing heavily and kept telling herself that it was nothing. She started to turn around, only to find that there was a cat on one the nearby stones. She jumped back and screamed. She then calmed down and looked closely at the cat. She noticed something that was familiar. The cat in the etching had a mark on the forehead that looked like a sun and moon merging. This cat had the same mark. Her eyes opened wide and she became scared. When the cat moved, she would move. The cat started to come towards her and she would just backup.

The cat then jumped off of the stone, and sat down on the spot. It looked up at Basha and opened it's mouth. Basha was even more scared when she heard it speak.

"Why are you here?"

"Umm.....I didn't mean to intrude. I was just....." She was too scared to talk.

"I don't like when someone trespasses in my home. I want you to leave immediately before I have to take action." Basha didn't know what to think. All she thought of was what can a cat do to her, besides scratch her.

"Look, I was just trying to found out about the Clow cards and what happened to my father. I meant no harm."

"I don't care. I tried the same thing and look where it got me. You'd be wise to just give up, before you get in too deep."

"I'm not going to give up now. I've gotten too far for the now. I don't quit so easily."

"I've noticed. Even though I have given you more than one warning, you continue to press your luck." Basha was beginning to get mad at the cat. She thought to herself that it would be stupid to give up after all the trouble she has gone through.

"I will never give up on finding what happened to my father!"

"But why do you want to know about the cards?"

"Its because of them that my life has changed so much. My dad was doing researched on the cards and had traveled here to find out more. I never heard from him since. My mother's life was also altered thanks to those cards. A man came to our house and stole my father's card. Then he used it to kill my mother. I have vowed to find out why these terrible things have happened to me, and I'll never give up!"

"Foolish child, you'll never figure it out. No one ever has. You're not the only one with pain in their life. I lost everything because I was too careless and had gotten in too far. And I've paid the price. Are you willing to do the same, just for your curiosity?"

"I'll do whatever it takes, to do what I can!"

"What good will it do? You can not change the past. You'll only ruin your future."

"What future do I have? I have lost everything anyway. I know I can't change the past, but I want to understand why it all happened."

"Humph. You'll never understand. Your curiosity will bring you nothing but the end for you."

"Just try me."

"Fine. I know I can't change your mind, no matter how hard I try. But I'll only give you one more warning to leave my home."

"Or what?"

"You will suffer the same fate as me."

"I'm not afraid of anything. As long as I reach my goal. I will not leave until I get my answers. I'm tired of running away."

"Then you leave me no choice. I'm sorry but you have to learn somehow." The cat ran over to a big chair and jumped into it. Basha had lied. She was afraid of what could happen, but she had never been this scared. She didn't know what to do. She tried to run but found out that she couldn't even move from her spot. She was trapped.

The cat then closed her eyes and began to chant. The mark on her forehead began to glow and she began to glow herself. She looked up and a beam of dark, light shot from her mark. Basha continued to try and run but it didn't work. The beam of light hit her and she fell to the ground, hard. She tried to get up, and reached out her arms to try and crawl away. She then started noticing that she was starting to change. Her skin started to became a bit furry, and she started to feel something growing out of her lower back.

The cat had jumped out of the chair by now and was watching the event. "I told you to give up, but you just wouldn't listen to me." She did feel sorry for Basha, but then forgot about it when she heard another voice.

"Shame on you, Takisha. How can you make someone else suffer the same fate as you?" She knew that voice. It was all too familiar to her. It would haunt her dreams and would play through her mind all day and night.

"Oh, why if it isn't the great Clow Reed. Have you come here to pester me again?"

"No, I have come here to stop you from ruining another life."

"Oh really? And what can you do? You're dead. You've died a long time ago."

"Yes, that is true but I still hold my magic powers, and I will stop you." His spirit then appeared above Basha and he moved his hand until it was above her head. It started to glow and the light then transferred over to Basha. As she was covered in the light, her transformation began to slow down until it stopped.

"You fool. Even you should know that it can not be reversed. She will suffer anyway."

"I know the power of that spell, but at least she didn't transform all the way."

"No matter what now, she will be in pain. No one will accept her, and she'll be an outcast."

"She still has a chance, unlike you. I gave you your chance, over and over again, but you ruined it this time." Takisha began to float up in the air and was starting to panic. Soon after, she vanished.

Basha began to get up but was a little dizzy. "Wha...wha' did you do to her?"

"I have placed her in another dimension where she can no longer ruin the lives of others. She will be with others just like her. There is no need to worry about her."

Basha looked at her body and began to cry. She still looked like a human but had a few cat-like features. She had a brown tail and long claws on her fingers. She had big, brown ears and cat-like facial features. She didn't know what to think of herself but she was horrified.

"Don't worry, my child. Everything will be fine."

" can you say that! Look at me! Everyone will be afraid of me and I'll never have any friends."

"But you still can."

Basha was too upset to listen to him, and she ran out of the building. The spirit of Clow Reed disappeared but wasn't gone forever.

*END OF FLASHBACK* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ **************************************************************************


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