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Chapter 1 - Power Of Girls

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Chapter 1 - Power Of Girls

Chapter 1 - Power Of Girls
One day in the Proud's family room everybody was watching t.v about that men can do better things than woman. Well, Penny was getting upset because men thought that woman can't do anything! Penny said " I can't believe! Why should only men give a speech and woman just listen to that stupid speech about no freedom for women!" Then Oscar said " Penny! Men are really talented! Trudy cuts him off and says: " Oscar! You are not talented, you are talented to just kill people with your Proud Snacks! Oscar"Well Trudy so you agree that woman can do what men can do!? Well your wrong, you can't do alot of things that we men can do!" Penny was getting more upset than ever! Too bad that Suga Mama couldn't here Oscar becasue she was to busy scrubbing her feet! EWWW! :( Anyhow.. lets get back to the story! When Penny heard her fathers speech about men she just spoked out! " If men are willing to do what girls can do, then just go right ahead! We woman, and girls have any right to do whatever we want! We can play football, eat like pigs, and all sort of things that men can do.. but the matter is .. WHAT CAN MEN DO THAT GIRLS CAN DO!!!!" Trudy was cheering for Penny, but Oscar just sat on the couch and made a face. Later on Penny went out with her friends to the mall. She told them what happened today in the morning. Zoie said " Thats not right, girls can do anything they want to do! If it matters about what it is like drinking achocol... even though that boys think we can't do anything... well they are just plain wrong!" Penny thought that she should make every girl in the school and the other proud woman to be on her side and take a strike! With the help of her friends and her mom and Suga Mama (hope) will make every woman tell men the true things! Find out more on the next Chapter!


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Marioandluigi on August 13, 2005, 10:28:12 AM

Marioandluigi on
MarioandluigiCan't believe it first comment!!!
this story is great you get a 1-up mushroom!!