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Chapter 13 - The White Room

Trapped in an unknown world swallowed in ultimate darkness, Sora and Riku must escape anyway possible! But someone lurks in the shadows ...

Its not the end of the world ... Its the end of the Universe!

Chapter 13 - The White Room

Chapter 13 - The White Room
Roxas drowsily woke from slumber; at first glance, he found himself sitting comfortably on plain white chair. Curiously, he began to scan around the room he was now in. the change in atmosphere made him certain he wasn’t in the Throne Room of the Castle of the Eclipse. In front of him, a table stood peacefully in the centre of the room. In the middle of this table was a plain white vase, holding what were white roses, resting against the glass. Roxas began to realise where he was now; there were white walls, large white curtains covering a large window on his left, another white chair opposite him, a plain white drawer behind him, and a plain white door to his right. Everything in this room was white. He also caught sight of many drawings around the room; on the floor, on the table and stuck on the walls. Roxas felt rather out of place in this room due to his black Organization cloak and clothing. But he knew, he was not in that dreaded Castle anymore.
“This place, it’s the White Room. The White Room! I’m in Twilight Town’s Mansion!” Roxas confirmed, surprised and confused. “But, I was in the Throne Room a moment ago, so how did I get here? Wait, where is Riku? Is he okay? Was Xaphire the one who brought me here? Wh–what ... WHAT’S GOING ON!?” He leapt from his seat and gazed up at the ceiling, fists clenched and squinting eyes.
“Roxas, please sit down.” A soft but familiar voice politely requested.
Roxas jumped out of his skin by the surprise. He lowered his head gradually; he noticed that the seat on the opposite side of the table was no longer empty. A young, blond girl in a plain white dress, the same age as he was, had occupied the seat, pleasantly watching him from afar.
“Naminé?” Roxas drew back, startled to see her.
Without a second thought, Roxas sat back in his own seat. He remembered that the last time they met in this room; they on sat on the opposite ends of the table to the way they are now.
“I’m sorry Roxas; I was the one that brought you here, I wanted to speak with you desperately.” She admitted to him.
“There’s no need to apologise, anywhere is better than that horrible place, especially here.” Roxas happily complimented her, but it did not feel right that he was the only one who was taken here. “But why isn’t Riku here as well?”
“You’ll see why later on.” She answered sweetly; the tone in her was somewhat saddening though. “I’m guessing that you know about his current condition?”
Roxas nodded; he could not stop thinking about what happened to Riku after the battle against Xaphire.

“Riku, are you hurt anywhere? Did anything happen to you?” Roxas asked hastily.
“I don’t think so.” Riku woozily answered, clutching his head.
“Was it Sora’s Heartless that trapped you?” Roxas then asked him, wondering how ended up trapped in the first place.
“… Who’s Sora?” Riku drowsily asked back.
“Wha – Are you kidding!? Sora’s your best friend! You know; Spiky brown hair, weird looking getup … the happy numbskull!?” Roxas hastily explained, caught out by the shock.
“I have no idea who that is … Is he famous?” Riku curiously asked again, rubbing his head.
“Errr ... What about Kairi? Do you remember Kairi?” Roxas then asked him, changing to subject slightly.
He began to realise the effects of this ‘Memory Shatter’ Xaphire had inflicted on Riku. But how powerful were these effects?
“I haven’t got a clue. Are they going out or something?” Riku oddly answered, shrugging.
“Ah ... never mind.” Roxas awkwardly sighed. Making this his last try, he then asked, “Do you at least know me?”
“I’ve never seen you before in my life. What’s with all your questions?” Riku answered him bluntly, becoming frustrated.
Roxas gazed at him, bewildered by what he had just heard. Riku had completely lost his memory.
Roxas then introduced himself, “M-my name is Roxas.”
“That’s a cool name.” Riku complimented him, pleasantly smiling. “I have a question now ... Who am I?”

“Riku couldn’t recall anything from his past; His friends, his home, his past journeys, not even himself. The only thing he could remember was the ability to speak.” Roxas explained to Naminé gloomily, leaning back on his seat slightly.
“Yes. But Riku has only forgotten though, his whole memory hasn’t been wiped out. In other words, the Chain of Memories Riku holds have been fully taken apart.” Naminé explained, still in her calm tone. “That is only a portion of how devastating Xaphire’s power can become.”
“I guessed as much.” Roxas admitted sullenly. “But, what I want to know is; will Riku’s memory return at all?”
“Not naturally. But it is possible for me to fix it; just the same as I fixed Sora’s Memory a year ago now. But, this will take a lot longer than just a year.” Naminé answered, her sweet voice echoing the room slightly.
“Darn, that would take too long.” Roxas calculated, feeling his hopes drop.
“I’m sorry Roxas, but I cannot fix his Chain of Memories any faster.” Naminé told him, dipping her head glumly.
Roxas gazed at her; he was ever so grateful for her offering to help but he knew Xaphire would be making his move anytime soon, and Roxas needed all the help he could get.
“Don’t be so hard on yourself; I’m so grateful that you want to help us out.” Roxas eased her sweetly. But then something else came to his mind. “What about Sora?”
“I’m sorry to say that Sora’s condition is far worse than Riku’s, and chances are that he may never recover.” Naminé went on sadly.
“Is it true? Has his heart really been destroyed?” Roxas questioned, not wanting to know the answer though.
“Yes, there isn’t any way I know that could piece Sora’s heart back.” She answered him, the sound of worry in her voice. “And this will take a massive effect on everyone he knows, especially Kairi.”
Roxas rose up from his seat and turned his back to Naminé for a moment, thinking hard on what to do. But then something randomly popped up in his head, something he wanted to find out about even if it would change the subject.
“Naminé, why was I able to remember Xion?” He asked her politely, switching himself back to her and placing his palm against the table.
Naminé smiled dimly, “I knew you would ask me that. The Castle of the Eclipse has effects that are par opposite to Castle Oblivion’s. Instead of forgetting memories, it causes you to remember the forgotten. So that is why you were able to remember Xion.” She explained to him. “That is, if Xaphire mentions that memory to you.”
“So the Castle was created by Xaphire to make these effects take place?” He questioned back, taking a wild guess.
“No, what Xaphire told you was correct; he was only stationed there by Xemnas.” Naminé corrected, “The Castle was owned by the Organization itself and they created the effects upon the Castle.”
“I see, but how did you know about what Xaphire said?” Roxas then wondered, realising what Naminé had just told him.
“I cannot tell you that, unfortunately.” She answered back, shaking her head.
Roxas dipped his head down for a moment, but then an idea came to him. “Wait, you said this Castle of the Eclipse can make people remember. So if I and Riku head further into the Castle then his memories should gradually return.” He explained to her, a moment of hope returning to him.
Naminé gazed at him, Roxas could not tell if she was smiling or not.
“I see what you mean and I even thought about this myself, unfortunately Xaphire was one step ahead of us. His Memory Shatter technique can prevent Riku’s memories from returning that way. I’m sorry for telling you this.” Naminé dismissed the idea.
“No, it’s fine. I guessed you would say something like that.” Roxas chuckled, smiling glumly.
There was a slight pause; they didn’t say anything to each other. Roxas thinking had of what else could help Riku’s recovery of his memories.
“Roxas, have you made a decision about whether to bring back Riku’s memories or not? I do not have much time to discuss left.” She wondered curiously.
Roxas gazed back at her. He could not decide what to do; he needed Riku to help him fight against Xaphire and Sora’s Heartless, but with his mental state at the moment he might only be a burden to Roxas. After a moment of thought, he finally came to a decision.
“Yes, I want you to return his memories.” He answered firmly, feeling this was best for Riku.
“Then I shall explain to you what you need to do in order for me to mend Riku’s memories. You must enter Castle Oblivion; head to the 13th Floor towards the room where the memory pods are kept. I will guide you there.” Naminé began to explain, sweetly smiling.
“I understand, but how do I get to Castle Oblivion?” Roxas questioned her, nodding.
“I’m afraid you must find out yourself. And I must warn you; please don’t go through the door on the other side of the pod room when you enter.” She pleaded him, a sign of worry in her voice.
“Why can’t I go in there?” He asked curiously, tilting his head slightly.
“Because, it will change who you are completely.” She answered, lowering her head.
“What ... do you mean by that?” He asked nervously, feeling drawn back by her answer.
“I cannot say, I can tell you this though; you do have a heart inside you Roxas.” She confessed.
“Huh!? What are you talking about!? You know full well I’m a Nobody! How could you assume I have a heart!?” Roxas raised his voice in surprise, not wishing to believe what Naminé had told him.
Naminé rose up from her seat and strolled over to Roxas. She placed the palm of her hand on his chest lightly and softly. Roxas then suddenly heard and felt the heartbeats from his chest.
“Do you hear it?” Naminé asked him, gazing at him with the palm of her hand on his chest.
“C-could this be ... Sora’s heart?” Roxas hesitantly wondered.
“No ... this heart was carried inside of Sora ever since he was 4 years old, similar to how he carried Kairi’s 2 years ago.” Naminé explained, her soft, peaceful voice calmed Roxas’ mind.
“Hehe ... wonder how he had space in him to fit so many.” Roxas silently chuckled.
Naminé softly giggled, and then moved slightly closer to him, causing Roxas to straighten himself up.
“Roxas, I want you to promise me.” She began to demand, lowering her voice.
“What do you need?” Roxas asked, softening up the tone of his voice.
She gave in a deep, longing breath and gazed up at him; he noticed a tear beginning to seep down her cheeks.
“Please, whatever you do … don’t get erased.” She begged to him.
Roxas gazed at her oddly “What do you-!?”
He could not finish his sentence, Naminé had prevented him to. The next thing he knew, she was embracing him without any warning. He could feel her smooth feminine body against his own. Roxas embraced his arms around her. He realised what pain had been going through her mind; there seemed to be worry and regret flowing through her mind, and a small amount of hope fighting back against it.
Everything fell pitch black around him; Naminé then released herself from Roxas and gazed at him, more tears were running down her face faster than before. She began to fade away from his sight.
“Don’t forget what I told you.” Naminé deeply reminded him.
She disappeared from view. Roxas felt faint and collapsed to the floor.

Roxas eyes flicked open; he instantly noticed he was back in the Throne Room of the Castle of the Eclipse. He had been resting on the platform where he fought Xaphire and Sora’s Heartless. He gradually sat up and rubbed the back of his head, somehow throbbing painfully. And then he realised why Riku wasn’t with him in the White Room.
“So, that was a dream, huh?” Roxas noticed in a low tone of voice, seemingly disappointed.
“Ah, you’re finally awake!” A load voice echoed the room.
Roxas turned to see Riku heading down the steps from the Throne, showing off his usual cool smile which he seemed to still have.
He strolled up to Roxas, who had just leapt up to his feet.
“Hey (What was his name again ... oh yeah!) Roxas, why’s your face all red? Have you got a fever or something?” Riku wondered curiously, puzzled.
“Huh? Oh, it’s nothing, I’m fine.” Roxas answered to him, he realised he was blushing when he woke up.
“Right … So, what should we do now?” Riku questioned him curiously.
“I think it would be a good idea to get out of this room first of all.” Roxas told him, switching his sight towards the large double-doors. “I’ve had enough of the sight of this place.”
“Okay, lead the way.” Riku told him, nodding pleasantly.
They both set off towards the double-doors. As they strode, Roxas kept checking back now and again towards Riku, who was following him from behind, making sure he didn’t go off. After a while, this began to irritate Riku.
“What is it? Is there something on my face?” He asked Roxas, pointing to his own face.
“No, I’m just making sure you don’t wonder off.” Roxas responded.
Riku then swiftly ran to his side, “Well wouldn’t it be better if I walked beside you, then you wouldn’t have to keep looking back.”
Roxas gazed at him for a moment, “Err ... yeah, good idea.” He said clumsily, somewhat embarrassed.
“Look, I might not remember anything from my past, but that doesn’t mean I’m dumb.” Riku then admitted bluntly.
“R-right, I’ll keep that mind.” Roxas chuckled awkwardly, feeling dumbstruck being outsmarted by a guy with memory loss.
They reached the double-doors; Roxas leaned his body against the right door and Riku did the same on the left, ready to heave to doors open. But then Riku straightened back up and turned his sight back towards the Throne. Roxas watched him with confusion and then switched his sight back to see what had caught Riku’s eye. There seemed to be something glinting on the seat of the Throne.
“I’ll be right back; I think I left something over there.” Riku called out, still gazing towards the glinting object.
“W-wait, hang on a moment, Riku!” Roxas began to shout out.
But Riku had already begun to make his way back towards the Throne. Roxas groaned in frustration. He watched as Riku began to make his way up the steps. Roxas then squinted to try and make out what the glinting object was. Suddenly he realised what it was.
“RIKU, DON’T TOUCH THAT!” Roxas bellowed towards Riku, but it had been too late.
Riku was now towering over the seat of the Throne, reaching out to grasp the mysterious object in front of him. The object had been an emblem looking shape; it took the form of an upside-down heart with arrow heads pointing towards the left, the right and straight ahead from the heart’s tail. Roxas released his grip from the door and ran sprinting towards Riku; flicking his wrists to summon his Keyblades. Riku’s finger only touched the emblem when a huge sudden force threw him off his feet, sending him tumbling down the steps. Roxas skidded to a halt and gazed wide eyes towards the ceiling; Heartless and Nobodies were raining from above! Many began to hold down Riku when he collided against the floor; Riku wasn’t moving at all. Roxas caught sight of many enemies attacking Riku from all sides. Suddenly, Heartless and Nobodies began to make their assault on Roxas himself. Roxas swung his Keyblades upwards as he jumped into the air, the Keyblade colliding into many enemies. He then span in mid-air, dodging more enemies flying towards him. Roxas landed back onto the floor, balancing himself upon impact. Roxas then switched his sight towards the huge crowd of Heartless and Nobodies where Riku was caught in. But before Roxas can act, a huge light blindly grew from the middle of the crowd of enemies.
“ARH!!!!!!” A voice roared.
An explosion suddenly erupted, taking out almost all the enemies caught in it. Only a couple stronger enemies were left standing. Riku appeared from the smoke, grasping his Way to the Dawn Keyblade.
“Riku, that was amazing!” Roxas called out to him, mesmerized by what happened.
“N-never mind t-that ... what t-the heck is going on ... w-what were they ... what ... WHAT THE HECK IS THIS … THIS THING!!?” He bellowed out as he held up his Keyblade in front of him, panting and wheezing.
“That, my friend ... is the key to your survival.” Roxas stated to him, giving out a small laugh with his response.
But before they could say another word, Heartless and Nobodies suddenly fell from above in greater numbers. Roxas caught sight of immense numbers of Heartless climbing down the walls around them, covering the entire walls in darkness. Nobodies were also spawning from the platform floor, crowding about the whole platform. Roxas and Riku were both completely surround, unable to escape.
“Perfect, just what we need!” Roxas sarcastically grunted.
“Wh-what do we do now!” Riku shouted out from another section of the platform, Roxas could barely see him at all.
“Defeat as many as you can!” Roxas bellowed back.
This is insane, we have no chance against this many. He then doubtfully thought. Unless ... If Sora can do it, then so can I!
An idea popped into Roxas’s head, it was a first for him to try to accomplish but it was his only chance in order to get rid of these enemies. He tensed his muscles as hard as he possibly could and kept the idea stuck his mind. A dazzling white aura glowed around him, and continued to grow brighter and stronger. All the enemies stopped in their tracks and turned their attention towards Roxas. Roxas covered his face with his arms as he crouched down into a ball, his hands clenching his Keyblades as tight as he could. Then swiftly he spread his arms and legs wide apart, his head lifted up to the ceiling with his eyelids shut tight. Blinding light surrounded the whole of the room, Riku and even the enemies covered their eyes from the powerful light.
The light finally faded away, allowing Riku to uncover his eyes. He suddenly gaped at what he caught sight of. Roxas had appeared from the light completely changed. His Keyblades were no longer in his grasps, but were floating around him like a spinning wheel. His cloak and clothing were not just pitch black anymore, but transformed into plain white with black flame graphics around the edges of the cloak and clothing. Roxas himself also began to hover off the floor, his eyes fixed on the Nobodies and Heartless who were now backing away in terror.
Roxas’s Final Form has been unleashed.


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