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Chapter 20 - Forgotten Link

Trapped in an unknown world swallowed in ultimate darkness, Sora and Riku must escape anyway possible! But someone lurks in the shadows ...

Its not the end of the world ... Its the end of the Universe!

Chapter 20 - Forgotten Link

Chapter 20 - Forgotten Link
Roxas flew through the air and collided against the dusty ground, bouncing uncontrollably across the dead wasteland. He hastily recovered and skidded to a halt. He fell to his knees as he gasped for air, gripping his two Keyblades tightly. His cloak and clothing were ripped in numerous places, while various cuts and scrapes covered various sections of his body. He gazed around the various Heartless that were still roaming the battlefield. Hours upon hours of fighting, both Roxas and Riku were able to defeat most of the thousands of Heartless that appeared before them, only the last few hundred remain. Unfortunately, these groups of Heartless were the largest and toughest of the lot.
“Wow … they’re persistent.” Roxas wheezed, shaking his head to keep hold of his concentration.
Just at that moment, Roxas caught sight of Riku falling across to his side from a conflict with a Behemoth Heartless, shown to be as beaten up as Roxas had been. Riku rose hesitantly to his knees, coughing and wheezing in sheer pain.
“There’s no end to this, is there?” Riku moaned, struggling to speak.
“What? Are you backing down already?” Roxas jokingly mocked, lightly chuckling with the pain surging through his body.
Riku showed off a slight, confident smile as he struggled to his feet, “Me? Never, I’m just catching my breath.”
He stood tall above Roxas, chest tensed out as he drew in a deep, meaningful breath. Riku reached a hand out towards Roxas with his confident smile still roaming strong, offering assistance to help him to his feet.
“What about you? You seem to be slacking.” Riku lightly teased, showing off his cool smile.
Roxas shook his head smiling back coolly, “Tch! Get real.” He answered back, accepting the assistance.
Roxas grabbed hold of Riku’s arm, his two Keyblades in the other hand, and hoisted himself up from the dusty ground. Whilst brushing himself off, Roxas began to analyse his surrounding carefully. He instantly noticed that the various Heartless surrounding them had been waiting patiently for the two Keyblade Warriors to attack. Roxas couldn’t understand this; Heatless would normally attack to kill no matter what condition their opponents seemed to be in, but these particular Heartless looked as though they were waiting for a command of some sort. It had been as though they were puppets being controlled by the master.
“What are they waiting for?” Roxas wondered oddly, confused as to why the Heartless were acting this way.
“I don’t know … but I’m not going to waste an opportunity like this!” Riku hastily assured, his whole body suddenly tensing up.
“Hold on Riku, we don’t know wha–” Before Roxas could finish, Riku had leaped back into combat. “WAIT! RIKU!”
Within a few seconds, Riku had already begun his attack against the various large, remaining Heartless. He launched himself high off of the dusty, dead, sandy ground and controlled his body into a spinning strike. Instantly, as though automatically, the opposing Heartless swept their large, bouldering arms against Riku’s incoming attack. Completely taking Riku by surprise, He swiftly evaded the large arms and doubled back to gain distance. He glared towards the Heartless with both disgust and confusion, regaining his balance and preparing for another attempt.
Roxas also couldn’t understand this abnormal behaviour, but not just about the Heartless’ movements … Riku’s as well. Although Riku seemed in his usual, amnesia-like state; Roxas gained the feeling that something had been drawing Riku in, causing him to become more aggressive, more determined and more reckless to fight. Roxas glared closely as he noticed Riku’s body shudder, as though he had begun to react against a conflicting power. At that same exact moment, every one of the surrounding Heartless began to lift their head skyward, gazing blankly towards the hazy sky of the wasteland. Black mist from the various Heartless began to seep to one specific point through the thick clouds. Within a single flow, the clouds began to spread apart, slowly revealing a blue, heart-shaped moon shining with glory over the Keyblade Wasteland. Suddenly, Roxas’ mind snapped with the same image of the moon in his mind when he first entered the area. This, in turn, caused Roxas’ head to throb with pain. He swiftly tried to shake the pain away, knowing that this shouldn’t be the time for experiencing any painful and unknown flashbacks. But the moment he stopped shaking his head, he began to hear a very load and peculiar sound.
Ba-Dump … Ba-Dump …
Roxas’ head began to gradually lift, eyes wide and shaking instantly with fear. He had never felt a powerful and tormenting presence throughout his whole existence until now.
Ba-Dump … Ba-Dump …
Riku’s mind began to scream in agony, seemingly bellowing out for the one thing that it desired the most; the lost memories. Riku staggered on the spot, trying his best to keep control of his own body and mind. He continuously found hazed out images fly past that were far too difficult for him to work the detail out. Riku’s head suddenly shot up with eyes glaring towards the heart-shaped blue moon, feeling this strengthening presence somehow connecting with the shattered Chains of Memories in his mind.
Ba-Dump … Ba-Dump …
All the various remaining Heartless that surrounded the two Keyblade Warriors began to disappear into the rising dark mist, seeping away as sacrifices towards the Heart-shaped blue moon. Within a short time frame, the dark mist gradually began to take physical form underneath, releasing shadow over the vast Keyblade Wasteland and unleashing horrifying sound and tremors that could drive humans into fear and insanity.
Ba-Dump … Ba-DOOM …
“That moon is …” Roxas finally began to realise, glaring past the forming beast towards the Heart-shaped, blue moon.
“I know that moon …” Riku murmured hesitantly, something deep inside his mind had been showing him the hazed images, but there had been a specific object within these images that stuck out in clear view.
“… KINGDOM HEARTS!” They both bellowed out in unison, their eyes both wide with terror and revelation.
Within that split second, the whole of the Wasteland began to erupt with a horrendous earthquake, everything in sight shaking up by the devastating tremors. The monstrous beast underneath Kingdom Hearts had completed its formation and began to move about freely through the sky, gaining use of its new limbs and body. The details were almost impossible to work out through the thick mist that surrounded the beast’s whole being. What both Roxas and Riku were able to recognise seemed to be two monstrous wings gliding through the mist and four sets of claws that could grasp anything up to the size of Behemoth Heartless. Both Riku and Roxas were frozen with fear, eyes locked onto the ferocious beast trying to understand what it had been and how it came into existence. The misted beast swiftly change direction with its wings and began to fly closer towards the two Keyblade warriors. Roxas could catch a glimpse of two large, serpent-like, blood-red eyes that locked onto both him and Riku; ready to kill its prey. Roxas swiftly switched his sight to Riku, noticing instantly that he had been unable to move whatsoever. Riku began to clutch his head again; his mind continued to be affected by the misted beast’s glare. Roxas knew they were both in a critical position with the misted beast ready to strike. Roxas had to think and prepare to react. But before he had been able to make his move, the misted beast suddenly swooped in for the kill. Screeching sounds began to grow louder as the beast flew closer towards its prey, the speed the beast flew at had been unbelievable. Retaliating, Roxas hastily leaped towards the frozen Riku, instantly grasping onto his sleeveless jacket and launching them both out of the way from the beast’s swift attack. Both Roxas and Riku had just been able to dodge the beast’s claws by the skin of their teeth, tumbling across the dusty ground due to the momentum of the dodge. The misty beast began to swoop up and round as swiftly as possible, preparing for its next strike. Roxas leapt back up to his feet, hastily trying to regain his own balance. Riku struggled to his feet, feeling the pain in his mind still restricting his movement and senses. Roxas assisted him to regain his footing whist keeping a sharp eye on the misted beast. Images continued to flash through both Roxas and Riku’s minds: Roxas’ consisted of the past conflict that seemed to somehow be connected to him, whist Riku’s had been more of the blurry images of his own, forgotten past.
“What is this creature?” Roxas wondered cautiously, gripping onto his Keyblades ready for the next strike by the misted beast. “It doesn’t seem to be related to the Heartless or Nobodies …”
“Whatever it is; this ‘thing’ isn’t going to give us any time to relax.” Riku commented in a frustrated tone, slouching slightly as he had trouble gasping for air and recovering his strength. Even so, he still kept his own Keyblade close, ready to make his move.
Roxas swiftly switched his sight to Riku, noticing that he seemed to be in no shape to fight the beast.
“I suggest you sit this one out, Riku.” Roxas recommended to him calmly, concerned about his condition. “The way that you are right now; you wouldn’t last long against this creature’s attacks.”
“I’m not going to stand aside and become useless as you fight that ‘thing’ on your own.” Riku refused him, shaking his head as his body raised to a strong stance. “We might have defeated hundreds of those monsters just a moment ago … but that doesn’t mean I’m completely spent!”
Just then, the misted beast swooped in for another strike, this time even faster than the last. Roxas and Riku turned swiftly as they noticed this and hastily dodged to the side as the beast’s claw attempted to grab them.
“That isn’t what I mean! I can tell completely that you’re being affected by this creature! If you hesitate for a moment, you’re finished!” Roxas continued to warn him, instantly leaping back to his feet after the winged beast passed. “Don’t be reckless!”
“DON’T JUDGE ME!” Riku roared back in anger, eyes flaring with frustration. “I may have lost all my memories but I am not weak! If I have to show you to believe me, then I will!”
Roxas drew back in shock by Riku’s outburst, not expecting him at all to lash out like that. Roxas then sighed sorrowfully, shaking his head slightly to rethink about the situation.
“Just … be careful.” Roxas smiled sadly, not wanting to start a needless conflict between the two of them.
“… Just don’t get in my way.” Riku stated spitefully, now focusing his attention towards the misted beast.
Roxas stepped out of the way as Riku charged towards the misted beast’s direction, Keyblade ready in hand for a clash with the monstrous creature. Roxas then began to carefully analyse the misted beast, trying to spot any weakness or vital areas that could give them the upper-hand. The problem about this had been that the thick mist around the body of the beast prevented Roxas to figure out any openings. The misted beast then began to swoop in for another, devastating strike, this time locked completely onto Riku. Riku instantly caught sight of, and hoped for, the misted beast’s concentration towards him as the main prey. He swiftly halted to a controlled stop and drew his body into his main battle stance. Then, with his free-hand raised towards the beast, he began to clench it into a tense fist, taunting the creature that he will not cower away.
“I don’t care if I’m an enemy or prey to you, all I want to know is why you are teasing me with these blurry images from the memories I’ve lost!” Riku called out to the incoming beast with a dagger-like glare, both his Keyblade and free-fist raised towards the creature ready to clash. “So allow me to warn you now … even though I have lost those memories … THESE POWERS I HOLD SHOULD NEVER BE UNDERESTIMATED!”
As if time itself had completely slowed down, Roxas glared with complete shock from afar whilst he watched Riku slowly open his raised fist during the same moment as the misted beast opened its two front claws. Riku and the misted beast had locked eyes on each other, refusing to turn away. Suddenly, Riku’s open hand began to show off a dark-purple aura, mist of the same texture seeping out from the palm of his hand. With slowed-down time; the beasts claws began to wrap around Riku’s body, it had been undeniable that Riku could not escape now. But, this had been where Riku began to make his move. With his free hand still engulfed in dark aura, Riku grasped onto the top claw of the beast and launched himself up towards the thick mist close above, completely slipping out from the beast’s clutches unscathed. Although the mist had been too thick for Riku to see the true detail of the beast, he swiftly noticed that the beast wasn’t the only living thing hidden within the mist. Out of nowhere, a blade shot towards him from the mist without any warning. Riku instantly parried it with his Keyblade, not losing any of his focus whatsoever. Roxas, who still did not move at all due to the shock of watching Riku’s in action; just noticed a white, glowing cloak appearing through the thick mist for just a second. Riku then instantly grasped with his free hand what he guessed had been the head of the beast and threw it down to the dusty ground with all of his might. This unexpected turn of events caused the misted beast to collide against the ground with no resistance. The whole of the Keyblade Wasteland began to erupt like another earthquake; various Keyblades that had been lodged in the dusty, dead ground began to shatter into pieces due to the powerful tremors.  Riku swiftly doubled back in order to recover for his next clash and to figure out where to strike next. Roxas hastily rushed up to where Riku had been standing when he snapped out of his shocked state.
“Riku, that was immense!” Roxas complimented cheerfully, still unable to believe that Riku could perform something like that in his current amnesiac state.
“Like I said before, don’t judge me just because of my condition.” Riku stated to him tensely, stretching his shoulders to ease off any stiffness in his body. “Just because I have amnesia doesn’t mean I’m useless.”
“Right … sorry.” Roxas apologised sadly, feeling rather regretful that he couldn’t use Riku’s assistance as much as he should have. But he knew why he couldn’t use Riku’s help, “I’m just looking out for your safety. Right now this creature is using your own memories against you, something Xaphire had set up purposely to play around with your mind. Make one wrong move and the creature would have the advantage.”
“And what about yourself? I’ve seen you hesitating in this place because you’re being affected by memories playing around in your head.” Riku countered, knowing about Roxas’ problem. “You should think about yourself more before thinking about others.”
“Mine is more complicated ... but I’ll try.” Roxas reluctantly answered, but decided to conclude the subject. “But right now we need to take down this creature in order to stop this and proceed.”
Riku nodded instantly in agreement, and the two began to rush towards the thick mist that covered the dazed creature. They began to figure out a strategy to defeat the creature whilst they drew in to attack.
“Just before you took down the creature, I noticed a person in a white cloak buried within the mist.” Roxas began to explain as he ran beside Riku, remembering the figure in the mist attacking Riku before he took out the misted beast. “My guess is that he (or she) maybe the one controlling the creature.”
“So you spotted it too? Yeah, that is my thoughts exactly.” Riku nodded, his eyes locked onto the thick mist where the beast lay dazed. “I suggest one of us should concentrate on the cloaked person whilst the other should concentrate on the beast.”
Roxas chuckled slightly, knowing what to answer, “I feel you should do the honours.”
Riku’s head instantly switched round to Roxas, his face beaming with delight. “I’ll be sure not to mess this up!” He assured Roxas with determination, picking up his speed towards the misted beast.
With one last nod to each other for confirmation, that leapt towards their target. Their idea had been plain and simple: Roxas would concentrate on the misted beast itself whilst Riku clashed with the cloaked figure controlling the beast within the mist. Roxas knew that even though Riku would be better suited for attacking the beast itself, especially after showing off his potential earlier, the cloaked figure seemed to be linked to Riku’s lost memories in some way or another. Right now, Roxas could only hope that they both can make this out alive. He certainly didn’t want to lose another friend.
Riku instantly performed a strong leap straight into the mist with his Keyblade ready in his grasp, not hesitating whatsoever. Roxas then heard the familiar ricocheting sound of metal that meant Riku began to clash blades with the opposing cloaked figure. Roxas began to think about where he should execute his assault. First of all, he would need to take out the wings so he could keep the misted beast grounded. After that, he would need to find the source of the mist and get rid of it entirely. What he would do afterwards would be based on what happens after the mist clears. With these instruction repeated throughout his mind, Roxas launched his body towards the nearest wing. Both Keyblades grasped tightly and ready to strike, Roxas’ eyes locked onto the wing with determination. As he drew in closer towards the stem of the monstrous wing, Roxas swiftly raised his Oathkeeper Keyblade and struck it forcefully into the wing, creating a sort of grip against the rough texture. He then began to continuously hack his Oblivion Keyblade against the stem of the wing, hoping to at least damage it enough to become unusable. As he began to slice down, he felt a sudden shudder flow through the whole wing, causing him to lose his balance slightly. Roxas hastily tightened his grip on his Oathkeeper Keyblade, steadying his body and cooling himself down. He then began to feel movement in the wing’s joints. This had been when he realised: the misted beast had finally recovered from its dazed state. Roxas knew he had better work fast in order to disable the wings, otherwise he would be in for a very wild ride.
Within the thick mist, Riku struck his Keyblade against the opposing weapon with as much force as he could bear. Due to the lack of visibility, the opposing blade had the advantage of attacking from any point of the whole 360 degree radius around Riku. Thankfully Riku had been able to prevent most attacks from inflicting damage towards him as he parried whatever struck his way. Even so, Riku still hadn’t been able to catch a glimpse of where his actual opponent struck from due to thick mist. Also, even though Riku continued to clash against his opponent from on top of the beast, he couldn’t even gain anymore hints of the detail on the creature. Riku needed to think for a solution as soon as possible otherwise he would continue to be at a disadvantage during this whole battle. Suddenly, a blade shot towards him from above, closing in to cleave its opponent. Riku swiftly drew his Way to the Dawn Keyblade upwards in order to parry the incoming blade. As the two weapons collided against each other, Riku had been able to gain a small detail from the opposing blade. This had in fact caused Riku to gasp with surprise. The opposing blade had been shaped and detailed in a very similar fashion as Riku’s own Way to the Dawn Keyblade, the only differences being that it did not contain the additional white wing and had a slightly different styled handle. Just at that point, a name instantly popped up inside his mind: Soul Eater. Just when Riku began to try and recollect where he heard that name before, the opposing weapon began to perform several jabs against Riku from various directions. As the first struck him in the shoulder, Riku began to evade and parry the sudden flurry of jabs. After a while of consecutive clashes, Riku began to feel irritated by the thick mist completely cloaking his opponent.
“Stop hiding in the mist, you COWARD!” Riku bellowed out, attempting to draw out his opponent from hiding away.
Suddenly, Riku began to feel a large rumble beneath his feet, causing him to almost lose his balance. As he tried to steady his feet, the opposing blade unexpectedly pierced him in the back. Riku lurched forward and fell to his knees, caught completely off-guard by the attack. A short moment afterwards, Riku had been thrown completely by a sudden momentum. With as much strength and energy that he had in his procession, Riku lunged his Keyblade into the thick, scaled, dark coating of the beast. He felt the misted beast begin to flail about with movement, waking up from the daze with a powerful, terrifying temper.
The misted beast began to stand on its four, monstrous, crushing legs and started to stretch out the full extent of its body. Roxas began to feel his whole body lift high up to the clouds in the sky, holding onto his Oathkeeper for dear life. He had been able to do some significant damage to the stem of the wing but it hadn’t been enough to disable it entirely. Roxas tried his very best to stay grasped onto his lodged Keyblade as he continued to dangle like some sort of stuck puppet. The wing began to flutter as the misted beast tried to brush off anything irritations.
“Gah! This is CRAZY - Woah!” Roxas roared as his whole body had been flung around in various directions, trying his best not to lose grip of his Oathkeeper Keyblade.
Riku tried to gain a decent grip on his feet to stop his body being flung about as the monstrous winged beast shifted about. His teeth bear and agony surging through his wounded back.
“Man, this is such a drag!” Riku growled as he continued attempting to regain control of his body.
All of a sudden, his Keyblade that had been lodged within the beast abruptly released itself. Riku gasped in surprise as his whole body flew across the thick mist, unable to see anything around him. Within a small second, Riku collided against the same tough, scaly texture of the beasts back, rolling uncontrollably about with no sense of direction whatsoever. He hastily threw his arms about to try and grab anything that could hold him down. Unexpectedly, he had been able to use his Keyblade as a sort of hook against a sharp ridge. Riku’s eyes began to adjust to find out what he had caught onto: it seemed to be a type of ridge created from the body of the misted beast. Something peculiar then caught his attention; behind the ridge, a large, beating bulb grew and shrank as it released the same mist into the sky from the body of the beast. Riku’s head clicked with sudden excitement and determination: he had found the source of the mist that engulfed the air. He instantly knew what he had to do; he hastily dragged his body towards the bulb and grasped it tensely with his free-hand. He drew in power from his body towards his free-hand, causing it to become engulfed with dark aura. He then took in a few deep, meaningful breaths, preparing to disable it completely.
“Time for me to level out the playing field.” Riku remarked cooly, chuckling slightly.
He then strengthened the grasp on the beating bulb, and wrenched it out with everything he had. Riku roared with determination as everything he put into dislodging the bulb had been released. Once the bulb had been released from the body of the beast, Riku swiftly crushed it within the palm of his hand. The bulb dissolved into darkness, unable to release the mist anymore. Riku teeth clenched tightly as he felt victorious by disabling the cause of his and Roxas’ disadvantage in this battle.
A monstrous, horrific roar of agony from the beast erupted throughout the Wasteland, causing both Roxas and Riku to flinch. The wings began to pick up the speed and ferocity as the beast tried to desperately shake of the two Keyblade warriors. Roxas continued to try and hold onto his lodged Oathkeeper Keyblade with no intention of letting go. But, unfortunately, it had been no use.
“No … No, NOOOO!” Roxas bellowed out as his eyes widened with sudden fear.
The Keyblade’s handle slipped out of Roxas’ grasp, causing him to shoot straight up into the sky. His arms and legs flailing uncontrollably, Roxas continuously attempted to calm the speed of his flight. He constantly tried to transform into his Final Form, but his level of power had been too low for him to successfully execute the transformation. With only his Oblivion Keyblade in his grasp, Roxas could only hope for a miracle that he could get out of this situation without fatal consequences. His body then halted in mid-air, hovering for a few seconds peacefully with the wind breezing past.
“… Oh boy.” Roxas murmured under his breath, his facial expression showing off with realisation what began next.
His body began to slowly drop for the first second, and then instantly picked up the pace with no warning. His body plummeted back down towards the dusty Wasteland filled with dead, shattered Keyblades. It hadn’t been long at all till he had closed in towards the monstrous beast, now completely exposed to the light of Kingdom Hearts’ rays. This monstrous beast happened to be very similarly detailed to various dragons, such as Dragon Maleficent. It’s dark and horrific scales counteracted the light blue rays from Kingdom Hearts, horrific and sharp limbs including a deadly tail that could crush most things by contact, and a large, horrific head with teeth that could turn bodies into mush and eyes that feels like it could pierce into the core of souls. In size, it certainly seemed to be at least 70 times the mass of Behemoth Heartless. Roxas drew in close to the ground, but a sudden gust of wind unexpectedly began to blow. At first, he had been curious with why wind began to blow so suddenly, but his answer arrived very soon after. The tail of the beast had begun to flick round towards Roxas, heading for direct impact. With the Oblivion Keyblade in hand, Roxas could only brace whilst the crushing tail came into contact. As though dozens of rock had abruptly been thrown against him, the crushing tail of the beast struck him with a head-on collision. The devastating impact caused Roxas to fly like a raging missile across the landscape, the bones in his body varying from cracked and shattered completely by the colossal force. After a large distance of gliding, Roxas lifelessly fell towards the dusty ground and rolled to an eventual stop.
Riku could finally take in his surrounding once again as the thick mist disappeared from sight. Still grasped onto his Keyblade with all of his might, he carefully dragged himself to his feet whilst the beast underneath him lashed about hastily. Riku could feel the strain in his whole body from what he had just gone through. But what he had mainly been concerned about had been the wound on his back from the opposing blade that pieced him. Speaking of opposing blade, Riku wondered where his hidden opponent ran off to. Riku swiftly check his surrounding to find his opponent: no one seemed to be in sight. Where was his enemy? Where did Roxas go!?
Riku tensed his grip on his Keyblade, ready to defend himself against anything that would harm him. Keeping mind of his balance, he moved carefully across the back of the monstrous beast. Riku felt that there was still a presence in the atmosphere, watching his movement like a predator. He also began to worry about Roxas; not knowing where he was and if he had been safe daunted Riku.
“What is going on?” Riku murmured cautiously, constantly changing his direction of view.
Suddenly, a rough, gloved hand calmly rested on his right shoulder and a voice that sounded like it came out of the darkness itself echoed close behind him.
“Maybe you should rely more on those senses of yours.” The cold, eerie voice suggested, chuckling deeply.
Riku whipped round, slicing with his Keyblade towards the direction of the eerie voice. There had been no one there. Riku’s head continuously switched from side to side to find the person who spoke. Then the same voice echoed once again.
“Are you afraid?” The voice whispered curiously.
Riku twisted round once again, this time to find that he had now become face-to-face with a tall, dark man with a terrifying smile. Suddenly, Riku’s mind snapped in agony.
“I … I know you.” Riku stuttered painfully, his free hand pressed against his head. “Xeh … Xehanort: Seeker of D-Darkness!”
“Hmph. Very well remembered for someone with the case of amnesia.” The dark man chuckled deeply. “But … do you remember your opponent?”
He then pointed over towards the head of the monstrous beast. Riku cautiously switched his sight towards the direction Xehanort had been pointing. A white-cloaked figure strode proudly over towards Riku from the distance. The weapon Soul Eater tightly in his grasp, the cloaked figure seemed ready to attack. Riku raised his Way to the Dawn Keyblade slightly ready to clash blades. But as Riku made the first move by lunging forward, the cloaked figure easily brushed the Way to the Dawn Keyblade aside and aggressively grasped Riku round the neck, pointing the Soul Eater blade towards the position of his heart. Riku ended up into a stalemate, both him and his opponent holding each other by the neck aggressively and ready to kill with their weapon.
“Wh-WHO ARE YOU!?” Riku roared out at his opponent, hastily gasping for breath.
The opponent stayed silent, no noises coming out of him at all.
“How’s about I give you a hint.” Xehanort eerily spoke from behind Riku, arms crossed with satisfaction.
He trod past Riku without any eye contact, and grasped the hood of his opponent.
“Say hello to the bearer of your memories.” Xehanort stated clearly, throwing back the opponents hood.
Riku’s eyes instantly widened with shock and confusion. Who he laid eyes upon had been like gazing at his own exact reflection, except that the reflection had the intention to annihilate the original.    
“Say hello to the Riku Replica.”
Far away, the wind peacefully whistled as it passed through the Keyblade wasteland. Roxas just continued to lie on the Wasteland ground, far away from Riku and the monstrous beast. Eyes completely shut and no movement throughout his body whatsoever. His Organisation cloak fluttered calmly in the wind, clothes ripped and body severely damaged. He was completely lifeless.


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