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Chapter 2 - Heartless Revenge

Trapped in an unknown world swallowed in ultimate darkness, Sora and Riku must escape anyway possible! But someone lurks in the shadows ...

Its not the end of the world ... Its the end of the Universe!

Chapter 2 - Heartless Revenge

Chapter 2 - Heartless Revenge
Sora opened his eyes, he noticed the palm trees reaching high above him, swaying in the direction of the wind, the sky was as clear as the ocean, clouds were nowhere to be seen and the sun was as bright as it could ever be. Sora stretched out his arms and legs, closing his eyes and yawning. He could feel pain throbbing in most areas of his body. But he felt relaxed and that he could stay like this all day. He rested his hands behind his head like a pillow, crossed his legs and began to sleep. This was very short lived. Suddenly from out of nowhere, a coconut had smacked him on the forehead, "Ah!?" he shouted. He sat up and rubbed his newly formed bump on his head. He then noticed a shadow of someone overlooking him. He turned his head around; Kairi was standing closely beside him, smiling. Sora knew immediately that she was the culprit who dropped the coconut on his head.
"Why did you do that Kairi!?" he groaned painfully.
"Come on, Sora! You would of fallen straight back to sleep if I didn't drop that coconut on your head!" Kairi replied cheerfully.
"Ouch … well you didn’t have to put so much force into the ‘drop’." Sora moaned, still rubbing his forehead, He then asked "How's Riku?"
"He's fine. If it wasn’t for him though, you would have wiped out the entire island." Kairi replied, crossing her arms and nodding.
"What do you mean?" Sora asked curiously.
"He put up a limit barrier around the island before the fight began. He had been prepared from the beginning that you would try everything in order to beat him." She explained.
"Was I really that catastrophic!?” Sora questioned in shock, he then showed off a cheeky smile. “Man, I really need to control my actions better, heh heh.”
Kairi sighed, “Right … anyway, we best go and meet up with Riku and the others, you coming?”
"Ok." Sora answered.

Sora and Kairi headed back to the beach where the sparring match had taken place. Once there, they noticed Riku sitting in the stone wall, talking to Tidus, Wakka and Selphie. They headed towards them.
"How are the injuries, Riku?" Sora asked.
"Not bad, could have been worse." He answered. “I've seen you use Trinity Limit before and go into Final Form, but I’ve never seen you mix both of them together. Seriously, that was insane!”
"Well... to be honest... that was a first time I used that combination." Sora reluctantly admitted, bracing himself.
"You...WHAT!?" Riku shouted furiously at him.
"I … just thought I should try it out, that's all!" Sora confessed, waving his hands innocently. “It was just an idea I thought up at the time.”
"An idea!? You could have killed us all, idiot!!!" Riku screamed at him with disgust.
"Well, I didn’t think that far ahead!" Sora argued back.
"You didn’t THINK AT ALL!" Riku put him on the spot. “How’re you meant to save worlds if you can’t control you’re power and accidentally end up destroying them yourself?”
Tidas, Wakka and Selfie watched them in amusement as they continued to bicker at each other, feeling that they were more like brothers than best friends. Kairi, on the other hand, was having no more of it.
"Alright, enough with the argument! You're driving me round the bend!" Kairi shouted at them.
Both Riku and Sora had jumped by surprise; they were not expecting Kairi to raise her voice like that. They both gazed at her in fear as Kairi stared back at them in distaste. They then, both at the same time, apologised with a “Sorry.”
All she did then was nod in approval and strode off.
Tidus, Wakka and Selfie, on the other hand, went into hysterics.

About an hour later, Sora and Riku visited the cave next to the waterfall. They both felt bored and decided to look around to find something to do. Then Sora remembered something important and wanted to show Riku. They both wondered around the cave. When examining the chalk drawings on the walls; they sent memories back into Sora's mind, remembering the time he, Kairi and Riku were little, spending hours drawing them. Something caught Riku’s eye, he strolled over to the end of the cave, near the door. He knelt down beside it and gazed at a chalk drawing that made him chuckle.
"What's so funny?" Sora asked him curiously. He joined Riku, wondering why he had been laughing, but then it caught his eyes. "Ah! Don't look at that!" Sora worriedly said to him. It was the drawing that Sora and Kairi had done of each other when they were little, giving each other a paupu fruit. Sora quickly covered it so Riku couldn't see it anymore.
"Well, you're not really keeping it well secretive, y'know." Riku said to him, still chuckling.
"This was drawn ages ago when I and Kairi were 4 years old, alright?" Sora told him, still worried.
"Okay, okay, don't get so worked up about a drawing." Riku told him, and then sighed "Man, I haven't been in here for ages, you two totally ruined the place with you stupid drawings."
"Shut up." Sora spoke out.
"So, why did you bring me here?" asked Riku. “Was it just about the drawings?”
"No, it's about that door." Sora pointed at the mysterious door next to them.
"What about it?" Riku asked him.
"I want to see what is behind it. I've had enough of wondering!" Sora explained.
"So do I, but what have I got to do with this?" Riku curiously asked.
"I need you to come with me, just in case something bad happens and we end up in trouble." Sora continued.
"Why didn't you ask Kairi about it instead?" He pointed out.
"I don't want her involved; it could be too dangerous for her." Sora admitted.
"Fair enough... I guess." Riku shrugged.
They both began examining the door, wondering how it would open. Then Riku remembered something.
“Hold on, we have to unlock the door from a keyhole. I remember because I saw it appear when I was a kid.” He explained to Sora. “We need to use our Keyblades.”
Sora nodded. With that, they brought out their Keyblades and pointed them at the door. All of a sudden, a large keyhole appeared in the middle.
"Okay, let’s do thi- Oof!" Before Sora could finish his sentence, the door whipped open on its own. A storm like gust flew out of the door and took out both Sora and Riku. Everything blacked out.

Sora slowly opened his eyes; he got up from the floor and shook his head. "Arh... What happened?" He wondered. He was back at the entrance of the cave, gusts of wind still flowing through it. The sky had suddenly turned dark and cold. He then caught something moving in the corner of his eye. He turned to that direction and saw Riku unconscious beside him. "Riku! Wake up!" He shouted, shaking him. Riku finally awoke and carefully got to his feet.
"Ouch... that hurt. What's going on?" Riku asked as he rubbed the back of his head.
"I don't know..." Sora answered. "The door opened up and we got thrown out of the cave. Talk about Déjà vu."
"Sora! Riku!" A voice shouted to them. Sora and Riku turned round and saw Kairi running up to them. "Heartless are popping up everywhere! And it … it's not just weak ones, strong ones as well!"
"WHAT!?" They both shouted out.
“I don’t know why this is happening, but the whole island is crawling with heartless!” Kairi explained shakily.
“We have to get rid of them!” Sora told them both.
Sora then immediately brought out his Keyblade and charged towards the oncoming battle.
"Sora! Wait, don't!" Kairi shouted to him. But Sora was already gone.
"We better help him out!" Riku told Kairi calmly. “He’s going to need our help with this.”
With that, Riku and Kairi ran in Sora’s direction, ready to fight the battle.


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redgirl44 on June 13, 2009, 8:00:32 AM

redgirl44 on
redgirl44i really like this story. no spoilers for me though. i cant wait until the ds game comes out for north america