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Chapter 3 - The Destiny Island Crisis

Trapped in an unknown world swallowed in ultimate darkness, Sora and Riku must escape anyway possible! But someone lurks in the shadows ...

Its not the end of the world ... Its the end of the Universe!

Chapter 3 - The Destiny Island Crisis

Chapter 3 - The Destiny Island Crisis
"Why are there so many of these heartless!?" Sora shouted out loud.
He continued to sweep through the hordes of heartless with his Keyblade. He was able to make it to the beach, under the bridge, before they caught up to him. He had been prepared to fight them from the beginning, but what he didn’t realise was that the amount of heartless were insanely higher than he first expected. And the more he cut down, the more that appeared from the sand. The heartless began to group up closer towards him, ready to strike. Suddenly, all at once, they jumped on top of him, hacking and slashing at his body.
"Flare!" Sora bellowed.
An explosion of light formed around the bundle of heartless, killing them instantly. They all vaporized within seconds of the flash. Sora got to his feet, quickly trying to get his breath back. But that was short-lived, more heartless begun to appear, both weak and strong. He tensed his grip on the Keyblade, ready for more. Unexpectedly, Riku flanked the heartless from behind, swiftly slicing through them like they were nothing.
“Well, you took your time!” Sora yelled jokingly at him.
“Sorry, we got caught up with more of these guys a while back.” Riku apologised.
As he said that, Kairi popped up from behind him. She had been holding the Keyblade she had used before in The World That Never Was.
“Kairi!? Why are you still here!?” Sora abruptly asked her.
“I wanted to help out.” Kairi replied back.
“You can’t, it’s too dangerous for you here!” Sora refused, not wanting her to be caught up in this.
“She can hold her own, Sora.” Riku backed her up. “You should have seen her; she took out so many of them!”
Sora sighed “Fine, but be careful.” He told her specifically.
She nodded back.
“That reminds me, where’s the other three?” Sora then suddenly asked.
“Don’t worry; they left for home earlier, way before the heartless showed up.” Kairi answered.
“Ok, that’s go-” Sora had suddenly been caught off-guard.
A sudden earthquake shook the island, Sora, Riku and Kairi nearly lost their balance only to be saved by using their Keyblades as extra stability.
“What was that!?” Riku shouted, getting his balance back to his feet.
“I don’t know, but that didn’t feel like any old earthquake!” Sora answered back, confused by what it was.
He quickly scanned around, and found the reason for the earthquake. But this in turn shocked him to the core, his eyes widening and mouth falling open.
"RUN NOW!!!" he screamed at them.
Riku and Kairi gazed at him oddly; they then turned towards the direction Sora was looking at, and then saw why. The island began to split in half! An enormous crack jolted across the middle of the island and began to widen apart. Sora, Riku and Kairi quickly ran as the right side of the island began to crumble. They halted to a stop as the crack had widened very far apart.
"We have to jump, we have no other choice!" Sora told them.
They nodded without a second thought.
Kairi was the first to jump across, she made it easily. Then Riku leaped across after her, the gap was continuously widening as he left the floor and so he only just made it. Suddenly, the ground began to tip backwards, causing Sora to almost lose footing of the floor. The crack was too wide to get across at this point.
Sora began to think this through, "I can't use my Final Form, I haven’t gained enough power back to use it again. And I need level ground to glide across! Darn! I hope luck is on my side.”
Sora gulped, this was an all or nothing shot. He doubled back and readied himself for this. All in one go, he charged up the slanted floor that had used to be the beach towards the gap. He put his right foot at the edge at the right time and launched into the air with all his might. He began to glide across the gap; he flipped and landed on the other side with no trouble at all.
"And you call me a show off!" Riku mumbled, crossing his arms.
"Heh heh, I guess we all do it sometime or another.” Sora admitted as he showed off his cheesy smile. He then turned serious and pointed towards the entrance to the cave. “The door in the cave has to be the reason why all these heartless continue to show up, we have to go back and close it before it gets any worse.”
“Okay!” Kairi and Riku agreed.
The three of them headed towards the cave, but quickly came to a halt. This time, hordes of stronger, more lethal heartless appeared from out of nowhere. The sky, the ground, everywhere was filled with them
"We don't have time to mess around with you lot!" Sora shouted at the heartless in frustration.
He gripped his Keyblade tightly and charged at the oncoming heartless; he quickly performed a back flip that lead onto an uppercut, this had hit its target and killed several of the airborne enemies. Riku switched his Keyblade into a backhand position and used his whole bodyweight to thrust it into the sand. Instantly, a wave of negative energy spread around Riku as he released his Keyblade. The energy surged into the heartless, wounding them and killing off dozens. Kairi used her Keyblade to take down close by heartless, swiftly using light strikes. She then span into an uppercut, sending many of them into a rock wall, killing them instantly. Sora decided to quickly end the battle.
"Thundarga!" He roared as he held his Keyblade straight in front of him.
A surge of lightning struck all around the 3 Keyblade wielders, instantly vaporizing the last of the heartless. Sora sighed in relief, but there was no time to celebrate.
"Let's go!" Riku shouted to them.
But before any of them could move, a second earthquake suddenly shook them off their feet. This earthquake was different from the one before, feeling the sky jolt at the same time as the ground. Sora swiftly got back to his feet and gazed up at the sky.
"Hold on to something! Quick!!" He suddenly commanded the other two.
"Why, what's happening?" Kairi shouted back to him.
"A... A black hole!" Sora answered, pointing at the sky.
He was right; a huge, dark vortex overshadowed the island, frequently increasing in size as more objects was caught in its vacuum. Without a second thought, Kairi grabbed onto a metal pole that had been sticking from the ground nearby her. Sora and Riku twisted their Keyblades into the ground, using them to keep grounded. A second after they did that, everything on the island instantly broke apart and flew into the vortex of the black hole. Kairi put all the strength into her arm as she hugged the metal pole. Riku's and Sora's legs dangled in the air, they gripped their Keyblades as hard as they could, blood started to seep out of the palms of their hands.
Suddenly, Riku's Keyblade broke free from the ground. Riku lifted into the air and was caught into the vortex of the black hole. Sora held out his hand as Riku tried to grab it, but it was no use, he was too high off the ground.
"RIKU!!!" Sora cried, but Riku disappeared into the black hole.
Not long after that, Sora's Keyblade also broke free from the ground, he began to hover and lift into the sky. But Kairi was able to grab Sora's free hand in time.
"I'm going to get Riku back!" Sora shouted to Kairi, his eyes gleamed with determination.
"No! I'm not losing you again!" Kairi refused, wanting to stay by his side.
"There’s no other way; I want you and Riku safe, and I won’t go back on my word!" Sora told her with pride.
"There must be another way!!" Kairi screamed at him.
Sora dipped his head; Kairi couldn't see his face at all. A moment later; he lifted it up again, coming to a decision.
"I... I'm sorry Kairi." He told her honestly.
He let go of her hand.
"SORA! NO!!!" Kairi cried to him.
But, all she could do now was watch him as he lifted into the black hole, helpless. Sora gazed back at her; he could see tears began to roll down her face. The last thing he saw was her breaking down and screaming his name.

... And then everything went black.


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redgirl44 on June 13, 2009, 8:04:43 AM

redgirl44 on
redgirl44again amazing. i luv it. i really dont like some action stories but this one is great