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Chapter 6 - Twilight Torture

Trapped in an unknown world swallowed in ultimate darkness, Sora and Riku must escape anyway possible! But someone lurks in the shadows ...

Its not the end of the world ... Its the end of the Universe!

Chapter 6 - Twilight Torture

Chapter 6 - Twilight Torture
"Darkness rages within you, Riku. Why do you resist it?" Xehanort (Ansem: Seeker of Darkness) asked him, showing no emotions on his horrid face.
"The only reason I chose the darkness in the first place was for strength and power. But I never wanted to betray my friends!" Riku answered back bitterly, starting to show his hatred towards Xehanort.
"You can't turn your back on the darkness, Riku. It's become a part of you, it will never go away!" Xehenort argued, clenching a fist at him.
"SHUT IT! I've had it with you tormenting me about the darkness! Why can't you just leave me be!?" Riku spat back at him, rage burning in his eyes. His Keyblade appeared in his grasp; he clutched it tight and pointed it towards Xehanort, who wasn't moving even though he was being threatened.
"That's it, Riku! Let the rage and anger inside you take over! Let it become you’re mind" Xehanort told him.
"SHUT UP!!!" Riku roared. Holding his Keyblade, he charged at Xehanort, he launched himself into the air and swiftly swiped his Keyblade into Xehanort, but the Keyblade went right through him without inflicting any damage at all. Xehanort then faded away, no trace of him left. Riku fell onto the watery ground, he instantly rolled a few times and pushed himself with his hands off the ground and landed on his feet. He gazed back at where Xehanort was standing, nothing was there. He was grinding his teeth; it has been ages since he has become this enraged. He then noticed Sora running up to him.
"Riku, what happened!?" Sora asked him curiously, noticing the commotion that was going on.
"Nothing... It was nothing." He replied with bitterness, looking away.
"It didn't sound like it." Sora sighed, hands behind his head.
"Anyway, we better hurry. We're wasting time." Riku instructed him, he then lead the way towards the passage on the other end.
Sora stared at him, puzzled.
They began to journey across the dome; Sora took the lead again, but he constantly looked back at Riku to check on him. He head was dipped down with his fists clenched tightly. Sora was confused about what's been going on with him. In fact, he was confused about everything that was going on with the both of them since the destruction on Destiny Island. Then, from out of nowhere, Dusk Nobodies began to appear in front of them.
"More of them!?" Sora shouted out, caught out by the surprise.
His Keyblade quickly appeared in his hand, but before he could attack them, Riku threw his arm out in front of him to stop him.
"Riku, what are you-!?"
"Wait, look there!" Riku interrupted, pointing to the sky.
Sora raised his head up to see what Riku was going on about. His eyes widened and mouth fell open. A Nobody, the biggest of any Sora and Riku have ever seen, appeared suddenly in the sky; it fell to the watery ground, making the dome shake like an earthquake.
"Wait, I've seen this nobody before!" Sora realised, "But... I don't know when."
Riku looked at him, knowing full well that Roxas’ memories were affecting his own. It was time he told Sora.
"That's … because your memories are being affected by Roxas' memories; he had fought a Nobody that was the same type as this one. It was while you were asleep in Twilight Town's Mansion." Riku explained to him, feeling a little hesitant about it.
"Hold on ... you knew I was asleep!?" Sora gasped, being caught by surprise.
"Well-" Riku began, but was quickly interrupted.
The giant Nobody, known as Twilight Thorn, swiftly launched its fists at Sora and Riku. The Dusks used this advantage to attack as well. Both Sora and Riku leaped out of the way just in time as the Twilight Thorn's incoming fists hurtled into the watery ground. Sora took no time in bringing out his Keyblade, and as he charged, he took his opportunity to counter the Twilight Thorn. Riku, on the other hand, had suddenly been surrounded by the Dusks, preventing him to help Sora with the Twilight Thorn.
"Dark Flare!" He roared as he whipped his left arm in front of him.
A Dark aura began to charge up in his hand, growing to the size of a basketball. Riku then launched the ball of dark aura at incoming Dusks. The ball of dark aura exploded as it contacted the Dusks, killing a large amount of the Nobodies. Riku unexpectedly was thrown back by the force of the explosion, but instantly recovered before hitting the floor. He turned round quickly towards the fight between Sora and the Twilight Thorn. Sora seemed to be unscathed as he continuously struck the Twilight Thorn, but the Twilight Thorn wasn’t fight back. It was just standing there. And then he realised.
"Sora! Get back, he’s going to trap you!" He shouted to Sora, but Sora couldn't hear him.
Sora leapt into the air towards the idle Nobody, readying to strike. Suddenly, he felt like he got struck in the chest, but nothing had actually hit him. He was thrown back and suddenly green balls of energy engulfed his wrists and ankles, preventing his movement. Riku began to rush to his aid but his path was blocked by more Dusks.
The Twilight Thorn appeared in front of Sora, locking eyes into his, and began its attack. Sora closed his eyes and began to think quickly. As the Nobody began to launch itself towards the trapped Sora, he suddenly opened his eyes. Sora forcefully released his right hand, which was holding his Keyblade, from the ball of energy and struck the Nobodies head. The Nobody then instantly doubled back and its hands reached out at Sora. It grasped Sora around his abdomen and threw him into the air; it began to ready itself for another strike. But Sora rolled to dodge its attack; in turn, he landed another blow on the head with his Keyblade. The Twilight Thorn fell into the water, disappearing from sight. Sora landed on top of the water, he lost sight of the Twilight Thorn.
"Where did it- HUH!?"
Sora felt the floor rumble; he quickly scanned the water and spotted the Twilight Thorn. The Nobody begin to charge up a giant ball of energy in the palms of its hands. Suddenly, Sora sank into the water; he was twisted upside-down inside the other half of the dome. The area around him looked very similar to an underwater ruin. Sora began to be pulled towards the ball of energy that the Nobody was charging up. Sora quickly acted on instinct; he span his body so that he was upright and threw his Keyblade at the ball of energy. It collided, causing the ball of energy to explode. Sora and the Twilight Thorn were thrown out of the water. Sora fell and landed on his side on top of the water, the Nobody crashed in front of him, causing the dome to shake violently. Sora took no time to recover and leapt to his feet, he griped his Keyblade tightly and continuously struck the Nobody's head. Feeling that he needed to finish this, Sora leaped into the air and raised his Keyblade over his head. Gold aura engulfed around the blade of the Keyblade, Sora then suddenly shot like a torpedo towards the unconscious Twilight Thorn. He threw his Keyblade in front of him and stuck across, this then caused a large wave of golden energy that had been as sharp as a sword and collided with the Nobody. It had exploded, but only weakening the Twilight Thorn. Dusks suddenly came out of nowhere and threw Sora on the ground. The Twilight Thorn woke up and got to its feet.
"Get off me!!" Sora shouted, struggling to be released from the Dusks’ grasps.
He then bellowed out "Blizzaga!"
Ice particles shot out from the sky and targeted the Dusks, causing them to release Sora as they tried to dodge the ice particles. Sora got to his feet, clenching his Keyblade with both hands.
The Twilight Thorn went in for another attack; Sora, in turn, charged towards the Nobody, ready to pounce.
"Final Form!!" He then roared.
While he ran, a bright light engulfed his body. It then instantly lifted and so showing Sora in his transformed Final Form, with the two Ultima Keyblades floating around him. Sora lifted from the ground. He shot like a rocket towards the Nobody, but suddenly halted to a stop. He put his hands on his head and began to scream. Riku, who was still fighting the Dusks, heard Sora's scream, he spotted him shaking like mad.
"Not again!!!" He shouted out, he quickly finished of the remaining Dusks and ran towards Sora's aid, but suddenly halted in disbelief of what began to happen with Sora. Sora was engulfed in a black aura; suddenly causing a blast of wind that threw Riku back off his feet. Sora's dark aura slowly lifted. Sora's body was jet-black: his skin, his cloths, his eyes, everything was engulfed in the darkness except his pupils in his eyes that were glowed yellow. He was still grasping a Keyblade, but it wasn't the normal Keyblade ... It was Riku's Keyblade of Darkness, from when Riku was used as a host for Xehanort (Ansem: Seeker of Darkness).
"That's my... my old Keyblade..." Riku gasped, gazing in horror.
Sora abruptly began to charge towards the Twilight Thorn, with dark energy flowing behind Sora like tails. Sora threw his left arm in front of him as he closed in on the Twilight Thorn, the Nobody reacted by releasing Twilight magic at Sora. Sora began to charge dark aura into the palm of his hand; it grew larger as every second past until it was about the size of a football/soccer ball. Once ready, Sora launched it, it sucked in all of the Twilight magic, causing it to grow double in size and even stronger than before. As it collided into the Twilight Thorn's head, it exploded on impact; black lightning flew around its head, showing that it was in a daze. Sora instantly struck with an uppercut, colliding with the Nobody's head. Then as fast as the speed of sound, flew around for more consecutive attacks. After a number of attacks, Sora lifted high into the air, closer to the ceiling of the dome and held his Keyblade high above him. He then twisted himself upside down and began to fly towards the Twilight Thorn like a bullet. The whole dome began to shake as Sora shot towards the Nobody's head. And then, as the tip of the Keyblade of Darkness collided with the Nobody, a ray of light pierced the Nobody from the sky to the ground, finally killing it. The Twilight Thorn fell to the watery ground with a crash. As it lay there, black lightning surged out of the Nobody and so the Twilight Thorn disappeared out of existence.
Suddenly Sora appeared out of the Twilight Thorn when the remains disappeared and strode up towards Riku, the black aura around him started to wither away into the air as he gradually got nearer to Riku. Riku, still in shock of what had just happened, gazed at him as he got closer and closer. The entire dark aura had finally disappeared, showing Sora was back to his normal self. When his was about half a meter from Riku, he suddenly collapsed. Riku caught him before he hit the floor. He gradually laid the unconscious Sora to the watery ground. Riku knelt on the watery floor beside Sora and watched over him, still clutching his Keyblade. He examined Sora’s new Keyblade, or to be more exact, the reappeared Keyblade of Darkness that was still in Sora’s closed hand. A year and a half ago, Sora had certainly destroyed it by releasing the Hearts of the Princesses. So the fact that his had now appeared as Sora’s own Keyblade is a mystery in itself, another added to the list of mysteries about this world. He then gazed at Sora, who seemed to be in pain even though he was unconscious. Riku then slowly said to himself,
"Darkness... is like torture."


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