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Chapter 11 - The Broken Chains

Trapped in an unknown world swallowed in ultimate darkness, Sora and Riku must escape anyway possible! But someone lurks in the shadows ...

Its not the end of the world ... Its the end of the Universe!

Chapter 11 - The Broken Chains

Chapter 11 - The Broken Chains
Xaphire stood on top of the ridge of the tallest tower, overlooking the whole of The Castle of The Eclipse. The gust of wind blew heavily strong against him, and yet he wasn’t fussed in the slightest. He gazed towards the horizon, the blood red sky and pitch-black clouds looming over him as if it was trying to intimidate him. Xaphire had been bored out of his mind, having spent over a year stuck in this Castle with no communication or updates from the Organization. That was until a Dark Realm Portal appeared to his side. Xaphire turned to take a glimpse of who would appear from the portal, but turned back straight away in dissatisfaction when the figure appeared. The Organization member hid his face behind the hood of his cloak to hide his identity, but Xaphire knew straight away who he was.
“What is it Xemnas? And why should I care?” Xaphire spat out, his back turned to the hooded figure.
“There is no need to be touchy, Number XV; to speak in such a manner to your superior is … disrespectful.” Xemnas calmly spoke, unveiling his hood.
“Respect is for the weak and needy.” Xaphire stated in distaste, showing no sign of emotion, “I bow to no one.”
“Well, as least try to hear me out.” Xemnas began to recite, hoping to grab Xaphire’s attention. “Not so long ago, one of our members had decided to go cold on us and betray the Organization. Ever since then our plans have been … interrupted by his antics.”
“So, what you’re trying to say is … you want me to dispose of him.” Xaphire figured as he turned his head back slightly, knowing where this was going. “Why not get rid of the guy yourself?”
“My plans are on the final stages at this moment in time, I cannot afford wasting my time with such a meaningless adversary.” Xemnas answered, keeping a cool head. “This is why I’m appointing the mission to you. I know how bored you are guarding this Castle; I thought this would be the perfect thing for you to … kill off time.”
“Fine, who do you want me to erase?” Xaphire finally accepted, knowing anything would be better than having nothing to do.
“Number VIII: Axel.” Xemnas answered, a dark, eerie smile appeared across his face.
Xaphire gazed at him for a moment, taking in and considering whether to accept the task. But this did not take too long to decide at all.
“Leave it to me.” Xaphire nodded, no soul showing in his right eye. “Just make sure you are out of my sight by the time I’ve returned.”
Xemnas did not speak another word; he just turned, lifted up his hood, and strode through the Dark Realm Portal. Xaphire gave one last glance back as Xemnas took his leave, just until the Portal closed up. Xaphire then gazed down the drop from the ridge of the tower, no emotion showing whatsoever. He took a step back and grasped his two Great-Swords the appeared before him. He took in a slow, deep breath and leapt off of the ridge to the abyss below. Within one, flowing motion, he opened up the Dark Realm Portal below and fell straight through it.
Upon his arrival into the Dark Realm, Xaphire took a moment to examine the scenery, since it had been a while from when he last entered the Dark Realm. It was the same as it had always been, the horrific darkness looming all around him. There were still words that ran through the emptiness of the invisible floor. And of course the feeling of loneliness that ran through every soul who entered the dreaded place. It was the perfect home in Xaphire’s opinion. After a while he began to here footsteps heading closer towards him. Xaphire swiftly pulled up the hood of his cloak and hid in the darkness, patiently waiting to make his next move. The sounds of the footsteps grew louder and louder, till they came to a halt.
“What is this place?” A voice asked out, carefree and curious.
Xaphire took a glimpse of the trio who stood in the distance from him: A boy with brown, spiky long hair stood in front, innocent and full of enthusiasm. His companions either side of him were a Duck and a Dog, wearing ‘unique’ looking garments as if ready for action.
“Well, which way should we go?” The Duck asked the boy.
The boy ran further ahead and examined the area, “Riku! Kairi!” He shouted out, the hint of worry in his voice.
Where have I heard those names before? Xaphire wondered in his thoughts. But then an idea came to him; Well now, let’s add a bit of excitement into the game, shall we? He decided, feeling the need for action to take place.
Xaphire raised his arm slightly and clicked his finger-tips together; instantly, several Dusks appeared and surrounded the trio. The trio readied their weapons for the battle; the Duck grasped a magic staff, the dog gripped onto a round shield, and the boy clutched onto a … Keyblade!?
A Keyblade!? This may actually be interesting. Xaphire admitted; a slight satisfactory smile appeared across his expressionless face.
The battle raged on for a little while, Xaphire hidden in the shadows adding more and more Dusks as it progressed.
“It’s no use!” The boy shouted out, clutching onto his Keyblade tightly.
Suddenly, another voice echoed the Realm, “Don’t stop moving, or the darkness will overtake you!” the voice shouted out.
This caught Xaphire’s attention, knowing exactly who that voice belonged to. And upon taking a swift glance, he caught sight of his target. Axel leapt into view, taking out a few of the Dusks with his Flame Chakrams.
“Get goin’!” he commanded the trio, eyes staring straight towards them with urgency.
“Why?” The boy asked back in confusion.
“Don’t ask, just do it!” Axel demanded.
Suddenly, one of the Dusks launched itself on top of Axel, sending him to the floor. The boy ran towards the fallen Axel, striking his Keyblade against the Nobodies surrounding Axel.
“Are you okay?” The boy asked out to him.
Axel leant up, “I kidnapped Kairi, but she got away from me. After that, Saïx caught her.” Axel explained, punching his fist against the floor. “He’s a member of Organization XIII: Sïax. Got it memorized? Now go save her!”
Xaphire clicked his fingertips again; You two are going nowhere … Xaphire prevented.
Just then, another Dusk appeared from mid-air, gliding towards them to attack. Swiftly the boy turned and struck the Dusk with full force of his Keyblade.
“Leave us alone!” The Boy shouted out to the Dusks in frustration, allowing Axel to get to his feet.
Is this why you betrayed the Organization, Axel? For this wimpy kid!? Xaphire’s mind thought out, concentrating on the two of them, How pathetic.
The fight continued on; the Boy continuously swinging and executing attacks on the Dusks, while Axel swiftly throwing his Chakrams against other Dusk Nobodies. But, Xaphire issued out more and more of them, waiting for their energies to deteriorate. After a while, both Axel and the boy leapt back and stood back to back against each other. Large amounts of Dusks surrounding them.
“I think I liked it better when they were on my side.” Axel joked, keeping an eye on the enemy Dusks.
“Feeling a little … regret?” The boy teased, smiling cheekily as he turned round to Axel.
“Nah … I can handle these punks. Watch this!” Axel answered.
This is my chance! Xaphire’s thoughts bellowed.
Axel leaped far forward, and charged up his magic, his Chakrams floating either side of him. Fire began to heat up as the Chakrams span wildly around Axel’s body. Axel roared out and released the energy, causing mass amounts of flames to explode around him and the whole area to light up blindly. Swiftly, Xaphire appeared from the shadows and leapt towards Axel, Blades ready in hands. Within one fell swoop, he struck Axel from behind. Everything slowed down. Axel was caught out in shock, struggling as he turned head around to find out who stabbed him. His eyes instantly widened.
“Xaphire … you-!” Axel wheezed out, having trouble reaching his words.
“Go to sleep, Axel.” Xaphire told him, his right eye piecing into Axel like an arrow.
Xaphire swiftly hauled his Blades out of Axel’s body and leapt back into the shadows, disappearing from sight. Axel fell and tumbled across the invisible floor, ending up on his back, struggling to stay alive. Xaphire took a quick glance back at Axel, who laid there motionless. He then switched his sight on the boy.
This boy, Sora … He’ll be interesting to use in the future. Xaphire concluded in his mind, a dark smile showing across his face.
He turned and disappeared into the darkness, seeing no more of Axel’s last moment before fading away.

Roxas gazed into Xaphire’s right eye in horror, his body shaking not of fear … but of fury.
“So, to summarise: Axel didn’t sacrifice himself … I ended him.” Xaphire finished off, his face as expressionless as ever.
Roxas’ breathing rate quickened, the grip on his Keyblades tightened considerably. The fury continued to burn in his chest, so close to losing control.
“Xaphire … you … DEMON!” Roxas growled, trying to hold himself back.
"Roxas! Don't listen to him! He’s only trying to provoke you!" Riku shouted out to him, keeping Sora’s Heartless at bay.
“Is that all you have as a comeback?” Xaphire asked in an uninterested tone, but then drew back as rage filled Roxas’ eyes. "Oh come on! You don't actually care, do you!? You're a Nobody! Axel was a Nobody! And everyone in the Organization was a Nobody! Why won't you lot get it into your thick skulls that you don't have any true feelings, nor even a Heart! You didn't really care when everyone in the Organization began to fade into the darkness. You didn't care about Axel's demise! And I bet you didn't even care about Xion!"
That was when Xaphire had made his mistake. Roxas suddenly broke loose of the mental chains holding him back; he lost control of his own body. He began having sudden flashbacks of his past life in the Organization ... of when he hung out with Xion. Roxas struck Xaphire with both Keyblades, using his momentum for additional power.
"Why did you even think of bothering?" Xaphire provoked deeply, his sight locked on Roxas’ incoming attack.
Xaphire caught Roxas' incoming Keyblades and, still holding him, kicked him in the chest. Roxas was then thrown onto the floor; the pain was like torture for him ... but he didn't even care. Roxas instantly got to his feet and headed in for another strike. He leaped in head first and clashed the two Keyblades against Xaphire's Blades. Keyblades and Blades rapidly clashed against one another, Xaphire somehow struggling to keep up with Roxas’ sudden speed and ferocity in attacks. Roxas couldn't control himself anymore.
"Do you think I didn't care about them? ... DO YOU THINK I DIDN'T CARE ABOUT XION OR AXEL!? I might not have a Heart or any real feelings, but I can tell you this ... I CARED!!!!!" Roxas roared in fury, lashing all his might into his attacks.
"Roxas! Don’t you understand!? He wants you to be angry! He’s leading you right into his grasp!!!" Riku bellowed out at the top of his voice, trying his best to make Roxas come to his senses.
Suddenly, Sora's Heartless swiftly changed its position to appear directly in front of Riku, the Keyblade of Darkness pointing straight towards his throat.
Roxas struck Xaphire from every direction possible, causing Xaphire to lose his sense of direction. In retaliation, Xaphire span his whole body like a propeller, swinging the Blades around him at a tremendous speed. Roxas spotted the incoming counter and evaded it just in time by bending his whole body backwards, the Blade narrowly missing his body. He then forced himself to straighten his body back, fatigue beginning to increase. But he ignored the warning and full on swung his whole body and struck Xaphire’s chest. Xaphire doubled back, taking a quick glance at the wound Roxas inflicted on him. Roxas leapt straight towards Xaphire with his whole might, closing in to clash the Keyblades against Xaphire once again. But, Xaphire retaliated to this and swiftly parried the weapons with his own Blades. Turquoise coloured Sparks flew around them as they kept clashing their weapons in various combo-strikes. Then, out of the blue, Xaphire rapidly chucked both his Blades high into the air, leaped towards them, caught them by the handles, and dropped to the floor like a bird of prey catching its prey. First he was seen in the air; then right behind Roxas, holding his Blades in a crossed position. Roxas suddenly felt his body rip; Xaphire had struck him in two places, the left shoulder close to the neck and through the collar bone, and across the right side of his waste. Darkness seeped out of his wounds as he fell to his knees. Roxas released the grip of his Keyblades and instantly they disappeared from sight. He weakly turned his head and gazed up at Xaphire. Xaphire, in return, turned his head slightly to the right, his eye piecing straight into Roxas’ mind. Then Roxas fell to the floor and blacked out, unconscious.
Riku brushed the Keyblade of Darkness aside, gazing straight into the Heartless’ eyes.
"Sora ... I refuse to fight you anymore." Riku said.
Sora's Heartless then lowered its Keyblade. But, then instantly it span clockwise with its Keyblade flying towards Riku. Riku swiftly leapt back and lifted up his own Keyblade, preparing to defend himself against the Heartless’ next attack. But that was when the voice of the one person he did not want to hear echoed the Throne room.
"Riku ... all you need to do is accept the Darkness once again, it is just that simple!" Xehanort (Ansem, Seeker of Darkness) attempted to persuade him, standing close behind his back.
"I told you to leave me alone, didn't I!?" Riku spat back, keeping his eyes on Sora’s Heartless. “Why can’t you just get out of my life!? As you can see, I’m not your puppet anymore!”
"… And yet you still use your dark powers in the midst of battle. If you just let Darkness become a part of you, those powers will be fully awakened and you’ll be able to grow with immeasurable strength and power!" Xehanort boasted on, keeping a cool head.
"You told me that the first time … and look how I ended up then!” Riku argued with despise.
“You were weak due to the lack of experience, and so your heart was unable to cope.” Xehanort admitted to him darkly. “But your heart has grown stronger now, along with your will to fight.”
“I don’t care what you think!” Riku bellowed back, swiftly switching round to Xehanort’s direction.
But Xehanort was nowhere to been seen, only to hear his voice echo the room.
“Remember this well, Riku; you are a part of the Darkness, and the Darkness is a part of you.” Xehanort’s voice finally faded away.
“Right … the amount of times I’ve heard something like that before.” Riku stated drearily, feeling rather gloomed upon.
Riku then turned to face Sora's Heartless again. But, as he did, Sora's Heartless was nowhere in sight. Riku scanned the area, but did not catch sight of him anywhere at all.
"Where did Sora ... What the-!?" Riku shouted out in shock, switching his gaze to the sky.

“Come on, Roxas, is that all you got?” A voice teased coolly.
“That voice, it can’t be ... Axel!?” Roxas thought out, caught by surprise.
Roxas couldn't see a thing at all; there was nothing but Darkness covering the whole area around him. The atmosphere began to mentally choke him, feeling rather claustrophobic. But, in the distance a speck of appeared before him. Within seconds, it flashed with blinding light and Roxas instantly found himself in the place where he would never have thought to return to again. He found himself standing on the beach, watching the ocean in the beautiful, peaceful horizon. He found himself standing on the beach of Destiny Islands.
“There seems like no matter what confict this island has been through, it still stands tall and proud.” The same voice pointed out pleasantly.
“Axel!?” Roxas called out, swiftly switching his head around to find him.
Instantly, Axel appeared to him, causing Roxas to jump.
“Still got my name memorized I see, that's good to hear.” Axel joked, putting on a smile.
“Heh heh, yeah …” Roxas nodded cheerfully, but then fell to sorrow upon what he needed to confirm next. “Is it true ... is it true that Xaphire was the one who finished you off?”
“ ... Yeah, he did." Axel admitted gloomily.
“That … heartless fiend.” Roxas murmured in despise.
“Roxas, listen to me! Xaphire has just been toying with you this whole time, not even close to his true strength!” Axel explained worriedly to Roxas, he was completely serious. “You have to take Riku and get out of that horrid Castle ASAP! Got it memorized?”
“What!? But, how do you know about that!?” Roxas hastily questioned him, unable to believe this information.
“Trust me; I was on a mission with him one time before you arrived to the Organization. There was a time during the mission where we had to battle against a large mass of Heartless, all he needed to do was a flick of the wrist and they were all gone within a second!” Axel continued on, “So ... at his full potential, his plans of destroying the Universe ... will be a guaranteed 100% success! All he needs is Sora’s Keyblade to unlock the door.”
“But, why does he toy with us!? And, why does he need Sora's Keyblade!?” Roxas kept on pressuring Axel.
“That’s because ... his strength and power are unmatched. The whole of the Organization feared him the moment he became a member, even Xemnas kept his distance.” Axel hastily explained. “To be able to destroy the Universe, Sora's Keyblade is the only key to unlocking the passage to the Heart of the Universe. Once he’s there, he would most likely plan on destroying it!”
“But we have to stop him before he reaches it, otherwise its game over!”
“I told you before, you can't beat him, he's unstoppable! But ...”
Before he could finish, Axel suddenly faded and disappeared from view. Seconds later, the island began to follow and fade into darkness.
“Axel? Axel!?” Roxas called out, but there was no sign of him.
The area around him had almost disappeared. That was except for the tiny island where Sora, Kairi and Riku (also Roxas, Xion and Axel) hung out to watch the sunset. Roxas instantly caught a glimpse of someone gazing over the horizon. Roxas sprinted towards that area as fast as he can, making sure he outran the incoming Darkness. Once he got there, he saw that this person also was wearing the Organization's hooded cloak; Roxas thought at first that the figure was Axel. But now he realised that figure was the exact same height as Roxas.
“W-who are you?” Roxas hesitantly asked.
The hooded figure did not answer.
“Hey, I asked you a question! Who are you?” Roxas demanded, getting frustrated.
No answer. The Darkness was getting closer at an alarming speed.
“I don't have time for this!!!” Roxas bellowed out anxiously.
He ran close up towards the hooded figure, and swiftly unveiled the hood. Roxas was then shocked to find out who was hidden behind the cloak. He noticed that the person had light brown, long, spiky hair. The motionless figure then slowly turned his head around to meet eyes at Roxas. Finally, he spoke.
“Dead By Sunrise, Oblivion By Sundown.”
“Sora!?” Roxas shouted out.

Roxas slowly opened his eyes; his body was throbbing painfully all over. He had awoken back in the Throne room. Upon scanning the room, he caught sight of Xaphire perched on his throne, with his arms crossed, eyes locked on Roxas. Roxas pushed himself to his feet gradually, there was barely any strength left in his body as he stood up.
“So you finally woke up?” Xaphire called out to him, cracking his dreaded smile. “How were your dreams?”
“That’s none of your business!” Roxas spat, body shaking from the tiredness. “W-why haven’t you erased me?”
“That is because erasing you now would just be boring and anticlimactic.” Xaphire answered, a slight chuckle escaped.
Roxas scowled at him upon hearing this, but then noticed something was off. Riku was missing! Roxas worriedly scanned the room, but there was no sign of Riku anywhere, and even Sora’s Heartless.
“Looking for someone?” Xaphire asked curiously, the usual dull tone in his voice.
“What have you done with Riku!?” Roxas shouted at him, his nervousness showing.
“See, I would tell you …” Xaphire began.
At that moment, he casually rose up from his throne, and Sora's Heartless suddenly appeared on the left of him, as if awaiting orders. Xaphire then treaded down the steps to the platform, followed closely by Sora's Heartless, eyes continuously locked on Roxas.
“… but, I would rather show you.” Xaphire then finished.
Just then, Riku appeared from the darkness hovering in the air above them, arms and legs spread out. He was completely imprisoned on the spot.
“Roxas! Get out of here!” Riku commanded Roxas, struggling to release himself from his position.
"Release him!" Roxas demanded to Xaphire, his voice echoed throughout the room.
"Oh, don’t worry, I will. But first I’m in need of something that he bears." Xaphire
Xaphire held out his right arm towards the trapped Riku.
"No, don’t do it!" Roxas shouted out in protest.
Roxas hastily used what was left of his strength and ran towards Xaphire, not bothering to summon his Keyblades. But it was too late.
"Memory Shatter!" Xaphire roared, tensing his muscles.
Riku suddenly became paralysed, his whole body motionless. His eyes grew wide and lifeless, as if his soul had been forcefully ripped out of him. Within seconds, he fell unconscious. Roxas seized Xaphire by the cloak and rammed him against the steps that lead to the Throne. Xaphire’s just chuckled mockingly, causing Roxas’ anger to rise even more.
"What did you do to him!?” Roxas bellowed at him furiously. “WHAT DID YOU DO!!?"
"You'll see." Xaphire answered, smiling eerily in response. “I have all I need, so I’ll take my leave.”
Just then, a pool of Darkness appeared behind Xaphire’s entire body. He began to descend inside the pool, eyes locked on to Roxas callously. Roxas instantly released his grip on Xaphire’s cloak, preventing his chances of stopping Xaphire’s escape.
"Wait!" Roxas shouted out in frustration, leaning in to grab Xaphire again.
The pool of Darkness disappeared against Roxas’ will, losing sight of Xaphire. Roxas then swiftly switched his sight onto Sora’s Heartless, but only caught a glimpse of the Heartless disappearing in a flash, probably following Xaphire’s lead.
"Darn! We lost them!” Roxas shouted out in annoyance, clenching his teeth.
All of a sudden, Riku was released from his trap and fell to the platform floor. Roxas caught sight of this instantly and ran to catch him just in time. Roxas laid him cautiously on the floor. He then waited for him to wake back up, sitting on the bottom of the steps that rose up towards the throne. He began to reflect on the battle and everything that had happened to him, feeling as though it was all a set up. An hour or two later, Riku finally opened his eyes. As he sat up, Roxas noticed instantly and rushed to his side.
"Riku, are you hurt anywhere? Did anything happen to you?" Roxas hastily asked.
"I … don't think so." Riku woozily answered, clutching his head.
"Was Sora’s Heartless the one who imprisoned you?" Roxas then asked him, wondering how Riku ended up trapped in the first place.
"... Who's Sora?" Riku drowsily asked back.


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redgirl44 on December 13, 2009, 3:32:48 AM

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redgirl44THIS IS FCKING SCARY! its AWESOME! yea but WHAT HAPPENED TO RIKU! he didnt forget kairi too did he!