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Chapter 1 - Vol 1: Class 13A

Dissidia Academy: A predigious school for the ambitious and talented, where students strive to accomplish their goals and dreams.

Follow the heroes of Final Fantasy as they tackle the many challenges and tribulations that await them throughout the eventful academic year!

Chapter 1 - Vol 1: Class 13A

Chapter 1 - Vol 1: Class 13A
Volume 1: Semester Begins!
Warrior of Light stepped through the large, towering gate that suddenly sprung open just for his welcoming. His long, neat silver hair flowing in the breeze. He kept his chest held high and had a strong grip on his plain yet posh rucksack.
He constantly checked his uniform to make sure that every part of his clothing and body had been neat and clean: his dark blue blazer was completely new and spotless; his long-sleeved shirt was as white as pearls with every button done up securely; his dark blue trousers was thoroughly washed and ironed just before he put them on; his dark blue tie was straight and neatly tied around the collar of his neck, ensuring that it wasn't too loose or too tight; even his smart, jet-black shoes were completely polished for the day just as they were every day since he bought them.
Once the final checks were done, he lifted his head and gazed at the large, office-like building that stood out amongst all other buildings in the district. Along its wall held its name in huge capital letters:
Today was possibly the most important day for Warrior of Light in his life so far. A new year at the Academy was beginning and Warrior of Light had become – Crowned, in his mind - the President of the Academy's council. For this very occasion, he had arrived 1 hour early even though he was supposed to arrive only 30 minutes early.
He entered the building with a proud expression strapped across his face, and began to climb up the winding staircase towards the top floor. The Academy had 6 floors: the 1st was where the Entrance hall, the Dining hall, the Theatre room and the Reception area was situated; the next 3 was for each year group and most of the subjects; the 5th held the Laboratory rooms, the Art rooms and the Tech rooms; and the top floor held the teachers offices, the school council room and the Headmistress' office. For this certain occasion, Warrior of Light had to meet with the Headmistress about his new role of the academy. Something he was anxious about yet was too stubborn to show it.
Finally, he reached the top floor. He passed the variety of offices which each had the name of the teacher across the doors. He passed the council room and caught sight of the door for the Headmistress' office, eyes locked on target like a hawk.
He knocked.
"Come in." A sophisticated female voice answered on the other side, giving off a soft and welcoming aura.
Warrior of Light opened to door and entered through, his eyes lit up just as he caught sight of the office. The room he entered was large and spaced out: with a bookcase on the left holding a variety of subject folders; a file cabinet holding information related to the academy; a cream sofa on the right for visiting guests; and directly in front was a desk that was as clean as could be. Accompanied with the desks were 2 seats that had been situated on either end.
Headmistress Cosmos sat peering out towards an enlarged window situated behind her desk, watching the clear blue sky in a peaceful daze. Just a small glimpse of her appearance caused Warrior of Light to skip a heartbeat in admiration. She had been wearing from top to toe a bright silver suit – including blazer and heels, matching perfectly with her long, soft platinum hair and bright eyes. In addition to this, she had a figure of a goddess, healthy in appearance and an aura of tranquillity – one could not fault her in any way.
Altogether, she gave an atmosphere of warmth and inspiration.
She swivelled her seat back to the desk with elegance and glanced up towards Warrior of Light. He bowed to her the moment their eyes met, feeling to would be rude not to do so.
"You must be very keen to arrive at such an early time, Warrior of Light." Cosmos cheerfully commented with amusement, noticing the digital clock that hung against the wall above the sofa.
It read 7:13am.
"My apologies Headmistress. I felt it would be better for me to arrive at this time." Warrior of Light admitted in response.
"There's no need for apologies, let’s just not make a habit out of it." Cosmos grinned coolly, a light chuckle escaping her voice. "Take a seat."
Warrior of Light did as he was told without hesitation, placing himself on the seat opposite the Headmistress.
"So … shall we begin?"
Dissidia Academy, 8:00am…
Hordes of students passed through the front gates, chatting amongst one another with cheerful expressions. There were around 1,300 students who attended Dissidia Academy, all with their own dreams and goals to accomplish.
Warrior of Light stood beside the gates with crossed arms, watching the students pass with a wary mind-set, hoping none of them were to misbehave or act rebellious in any way upon entering the academy grounds.
Even though he kept to his duty, Warrior of Light had thoughts rushing through his head, the entirety in relation to his meeting with the Headmistress. Most of it was based on his role as the new President of the School Council, in which he had been expecting. However, there were also topics that struck him by surprise.
For now, he decided to assure himself hat this was not the time to worry about such problems and concentrate on the task at hand.
Suddenly, Warrior of Light caught a loud commotion originating from the academy car park. He decided to take action.
"I'm sorry, sir, but you cannot park your Chocobo in the car park." A Member of the Council explained in a strict manner, agitated with the situation. “It is against the policy of the Academy.”
"Huh!? B-but I'm a student here!" A student argued back, keeping himself close to his Chocobo in refusal to back down.
Upon entering the car park, Warrior of Light recognised the student immediately.
Bartz Klauser.
Considered to be one of the class clowns of Dissidia Academy based on his laid-back attitude and his tendency to hang out with the wrong type of people. Sporting medium-long, light brown hair and a slim figure; he was a guy who enjoyed anything Chocobo-related and causing as much mischief as possible – even when he’s oblivious to his own actions.
"Rules are rules, Mr Klauser. You must have a permit from Reception in order for you to park any vehicle, air-ship or – in this case – Chocobo in this car park!" The Council Member continued on with a stern expression, beginning to fluster due to the nuisance. “The permit is also applicable for the Academy stables, where your Chocobo is meant to be!”
"Well, Boko is staying right here and there's nothing you can do about it!” Bartz stated proudly, folding his arms and showing a grin. “Isn't that right, Boko?"
The Chocobo, Boko, hooted and nodded in agreement.
"The funny thing about that is … we can.” The Council Member then admitted, abruptly taking hold of Boko's reins. “You see, Members of the Council are allowed to confiscate or restrain any mode of transport – Chocobo, for this matter – if a permit had not been issued to the owner. This will, in turn, be escalated to the Head of the Council."
"Wha-!? And who would that be!?" Bartz stubbornly questioned, as though attempting to keep the upper hand of the situation.
"That … would be me." A sudden, unimpressed voice answered from directly behind Bartz.
Bartz switched round abruptly, almost leaping out from his skin in fright. Warrior of Light had stood patiently behind him for a while, listening to the commotion in silence. His arms crossed and eyes glaring back with a serious tone, Bartz couldn’t help but quiver. Warrior of Light’s President Badge that was situated on the collar of his Blazer reflected the sun's bright rays with pride, proving to Bartz he was the real deal.
"Escort the Chocobo to the stables, please.” Warrior of Light commanded his fellow council member, pointing over towards the direction of the academy stables. “I'll deal with this … fool."
"Yes, Council President." The Council Member nodded back, guiding Boko away.
"W-wait, I beg you!” Bartz hastily called out in desperation. “Please don't take Boko away!"
Boko glanced over to Bartz, calling back to him with a loud yet worried screech.
"BOKOOOO!" Bartz cried out with tears streaming like waterfalls, falling to his hands and knees in defeat.
Warrior of Light glanced down towards the broken Bartz, scratching his head and wondered what in the world had just happened. He noticed many of the students watching in curiosity, the atmosphere surrounding the two tensing up, causing him to feel ever the more awkward.
Ultimately, he gave out a frustrated sigh and decided to keep his cool, kneeling down beside Bartz in order to issue him instructions.
"Listen to me, Bartz. Go to Reception and request for a permit, fill out the form and show it to me when complete. Mark my words; I'll give you your 'beloved' Boko back by the end of the day.” Warrior of Light explained to him clearly, knowing he has to be reasonable to everyone … including the idiots. “For now, though, he'll be well cared for in the stables."
He caught sight of a subtle nod from the sulking Bartz, accepting the Council President’s words bitterly. Warrior of Light then assisted Bartz to his feet, brushing off the gathered dust on his uniform. With that, he straightened himself up and stepped away, feeling relieved that the situation was sorted out without too much hassle.
However, this had been short-lived. Warrior of Light halted abruptly due to an individual shooting passed him with alarming speeds, a gust of wind trailing from behind.
"There, there Bartz. Don’t worry about Boko." An upbeat voice began to comfort Bartz. “You know as well as I do that the new Council President keeps to his word.”
Warrior of Light whipped round in an instant, noticing that the person who had sped passed him was a fellow student. However, this was no ordinary student. He was the ‘Partner in Crime’ to Bartz and ‘Mastermind’ behind most – if not, all – of the tricks and pranks caused within Dissidia Academy grounds.
He had light-blond tied into a long yet thin pony tail and clear-blue eyes. He was of short yet nimble build, able to beat any who oppose him in a race of speed. And most notable of all … he had a golden monkey tail.
"Are you sure about that, Zidane?" Bartz wondered curiously, sniffing out and cuffing away his tear-filled eyes.
"I'm positive!" Zidane answered with an upbeat grin. “Would I ever lie to you? … Actually, don’t answer that.”
Zidane rubbed Bartz on the back with cheerful spirit and began to walk away, tail freely swishing and swooping from behind.
However, just as he was about take his leave with his friend, Zidane glanced back to Warrior of Light, a devilish smirk showing as he began to pat his rear pocket. Warrior of Light watched him with confusion, cautious as to what he was indicating.
It was at that moment where he had realised, swiftly switching his sights down towards his blazer.
His President Badge had been stolen!
There was no wonder to Zidane’s known title amongst the Academy, known to many as: Zidane the Thief.
Warrior of Light hastily switched back to Zidane and Bartz’s position, only to find the two had disappeared in an instant. With no time to hesitate, Warrior of Light desperately leapt into a fast sprint in hopes of catching the mischievous thief.
He made his way around the Academy grounds as swift as he could, looking through every window, in every dustbin, passed every door and in every room.
No luck, there was no sign of Zidane.
Then, just as he had reached the fields of the Academy with the need to recover his energy, Warrior of Light heard a load calling-whistle originating from high up the Academy building. He switched towards the building and glanced up, noticing Zidane in an instant. He was swinging from a 4th floor window ledge like a pendulum, using his tail as an anchor and could be seen juggling the badge from one hand to the other.
"Looking for this?" Zidane called out as he held out the badge, laughing away in a cheeky manner.
"Give that back, Zidane!" Warrior of Light bellowed back, his frustration rising due to this pointless chase. “That’s Academy property! I could have you disciplined for this!”
"Hmm … you do have a point. But nah, I don’t feel like it!" Zidane coolly refused with a shrug.
With that, Zidane shot away through the open window. Warrior of Light gritted his teeth furiously and charged back into the building of the academy. He leaped up the staircase towards the 4th floor, refusing to stop himself for any given reason.
He reached the 4th Floor corridor in no time whatsoever and began to search the area, checking every room he passed along the way.
Not long into the search, Warrior of Light heard an echoing laugh coming from one of the far end corridors. Following the sound of Zidane’s voice, he leapt into a sprint and flew through the corridors, something he would normally disapprove of to the other students.
Just as he thought he was catching up to the thief, Warrior of Light skidded to a stop, noticing someone standing directly in his path.
A student with brown hair, a large scar running across the crux of his nose and a moody expression showing in his face stood in Warrior of Light’s way. At first, Warrior of Light was hesitant to approach the guy, feeling somewhat intimidated by his appearance. However, this approach was brushed aside as the student held up his right hand, showing off Warrior of Light's 'precious' badge in broad daylight.
"I believe this belongs to you?" The student spoke with an irritable tone, passing over the badge to its original owner.
"Err … Ah! Yes it is! B-but how did you-?" Warrior of Light tried to question back as the badge finally returned to him, having trouble to form words due to his lack of breath.
"I have the most unbearable curse of being mixed up in Zidane and Bartz’s constant shenanigans.” The student answered with a bothering sigh, keeping the same tone in his voice as though he was bored out of his mind. “Trust me … I know all of Zidane's tricks."
"I see … well, thank you for your help.” Warrior of Light appreciated gratefully, before curiously asking him. “May I ask … Who are you?"
"Squall. Squall Leonhart." He answered with his monotone. "And I suggest you keep your distance from the other two, especially since you're in the same homeroom class as us three."
"Right, I'll try my– wait … what?" Warrior of Light stuttered, unable to believe what he had just heard.
"I haven't got time for this…” Squall sighed out with a face-palmed, “I guess you haven't seen the-… Huh?"
Warrior of Light had suddenly disappeared within seconds of hearing the news, leaving Squall on his own in the middle of the corridor.
Squall shrugged out, placing his hands in his pockets and walking away silently like a shadow.
"Hmph … Whatever.” He murmured quietly. “At the end of the day … We're all screwed."
Warrior of Light was once again charging through the corridors in haste, some of his energy returning to him after the incident with Zidane. He soon reached the staircase and leapt down every few steps towards the 1st floor, cautious not to trip or lose his concentration during his descent.
And yet, his mind was racing even faster than his legs were.
He had not checked up on the homeroom group announcement board as he felt it had been inappropriate at the time. Now, he was seen cursing himself for following through with such a reckless decision.
Finally, he reached the bottom of the staircase, struggling to catch his breath. With no time to rest, he instantly ran towards the entrance of the building where he had noticed the students beginning to crowd around outside. Once exited the building, Warrior of Light twisted round to the direction of the crowd.
A large, elongated board could be seen towering over everyone, filled to the brim with Class arrangements for the academic year. All the students were gossiping to one another – either gleefully or in despair – as they found out where they were placed on the Class board.
Warrior of Light slipped his way through the vast crowd as hastily as he could, gaining the clearest possible view one he broke through to the front. He halted and gazed up to the board. An immense list of names filled up the board, thankfully in large enough print for most to see.
The top of the class board revealed the names in the Academy Council and the Head/Captains of the numerous Clubs. Underneath were the homerooms with the Class numbers and designated teacher names beginning each list.
Warrior of Light skimmed through the board until he finally caught his homeroom.
He read the list carefully:
Class 13A:
Teacher: Shantotto
Warrior of Light (Council and Class President)
Firion (Council Member)
Onion Knight (Council Member)
Cecil Harvey
Bartz Klauser
Terra Branford
Cloud Strife (Head of the Chocobo Racing Committee)
Squall Leonhart
Zidane Tribal
Tidus (Blitzball Captain)
After several checks, the daunting realisation finally set in.
It was all there, clear as day.
“No … why would they…!?” Warrior of Light breathlessly questioned, overwhelmed with horror.
"AWESOME!” An excited voice exploded from behind, causing him to jump out of his skin in fright. “This is great, Cloud! All of us are in the same class! We have to find Firion and Cecil and tell them!"
Warrior of Light span around upon hearing the ear-piercingly loud voice, feeling as though his eardrum had burst on impact. Two male students stood directly behind him: one with light-brown, medium-sized hair who seemed far too over-excited for his own good; whilst the other had blond, spikey hair and seemed to have an exhausted expression on his face.
Their names:
The Blitzball Captain: Tidus, and the Head of the Chocobo Racing Committee: Cloud Strife.
"You can go and tell them yourself … I'm getting a coffee." Cloud answered back in a tired, groaning voice, struggling to stay conscious.
"Coffee!?” Tidus leapt back in a surprised manner, over-exaggerating his actions. “Why would you want coffee!?"
"Because, Tidus … you called me at 3am for a game of Blitzball which went on non-stop for three – count them, THREE – hours!” Cloud explained to him in frustration, sounding as though he had constantly reminded Tidus previously of the dilemma. “You have done this to me for the past week! Right now, I'm beyond shattered and on the verge of collapse."
"Yeah, but … that's no reason to get a coffee!” Tidus laughed out as ushered Cloud towards the Academy building, not realising that his exhausted friend was in a dire state. “Come on! Let's go find Firion and Cecil!"
With that, Tidus grabbed the back of Cloud's collar and dragged him out of the large crowd, Cloud's feet dragged against the concrete floor as he gave out a low, quiet groan. In mere moments, the two were completely out of sight, leaving only a trail of dust cloud from where Cloud’s feet dug into the ground in failed protest.
Warrior of Light turned away and shook his head in dismay.
Great, just what I need … a Class full of idiots and lost causes!
He gave one last glance to the board with disheartened eyes before leaving the crowd.
Dissidia Academy, 8:45am…
The students of Dissidia Academy were entering the Theatre Room for the beginning of the academic year assembly. The students took their places along the rows of chairs and sat on whichever they desired with their friends, making the most out of their only opportunity to do so.
In the meantime, Warrior of Light was up on stage finishing up on last-minute preparations, feeling somewhat anxious.
His mind was running through the Headmistress’ set of impending announcements, repeating on a constant loop. Whilst the majority were harmless and to be expected, one notable announcement set him on edge. In fact, he could only imagine to the reaction of the Academy upon hearing the news.
Once the final checks were complete, he slipped behind the curtains to the backstage area of the Theatre Room– out of sight from the crowd. During that time, he noticed Headmistress Cosmos approaching him, causing him to abruptly stiffen up.
"Is everything ready?" She questioned him curiously, her kind smile as pure as ever.
"Yes, Headmistress." Warrior of Light answered formally, giving a nod.
"I told you many times, just call me Cosmos."
"Sorry Headmiss- I mean, Cosmos."
Cosmos let out a sigh, changing the subject, "I have a feeling the students will be shocked to hear the news I’m about to give them."
"It is to be expected." Warrior of Light agreed, hiding his own bitter feelings as he spoke. "However, they have the right to know, and they will endure it … just like I have."
Cosmos closed her eyes and gave out a small nod, silently thanking him.
She stepped out onto the stage in front of the crowd of seated students, all of who beginning to quieten down as they noticed her approach. Warrior of Light watched her step behind the microphone, her body tall and elegant.
He, along with many other students of the Academy, admired Headmistress Cosmos for her calm demeanour, approachable aura and overall position in the Academy – many considering her to be beyond omniscient. Having been Headmistress for 13 years, no one could deny how she had changed the Academy for the better.
Cosmos held up a hand and the whole room suddenly fell completely silent. She picked up the microphone and began her entrance speech.
"Welcome everyone to a new year of Dissidia Academy.” She spoke out to the room, her tone completely confident and proud. “I hope you’ve all had a much-needed break."
Many students silently answered the question, some nodded whilst others groaned.
"Well, whatever the case may be, it's time to focus back once again to your studies and commitments.” She continued on, her eyes gradually watching the crowd, one section at a time. “Many of you will have a busy year ahead and you will need to use this time as preparation for the future. But of course, there will be a variety of activities, clubs, and events throughout the year. Many new, many changed but all that meet your interests and abilities – some may even help set the future that is ahead of you."
The students hissed "yessss" amongst each other in excitement as they had heard the ‘variety of’ section of her speech.
"There are a few announcements I will be sharing with you before you head on to your Class Homerooms. Firstly, many of you have been asking about what this year's trip will consist of and I can confirm to you that there will in fact be two trips this year: one in February where there will be a skiing and snowboarding trip and the other in June; a first for the Academy, a Water-sports based trip."
Suddenly, the hall had gone berserk as almost the entirety of students cheered upon hearing the announcement. Cosmos put up her hand again calmly, silencing the crowd. The entire hall calmed down once again in an instant.
"Yes, I guess you all would be excited to hear that.” She lightly chuckled, “Next is – of course – the seasonal Academy events dates and times: the Halloween Festival will be on the 31st October; the Winter party will be on the 17th December – the last day before the Holiday Break; the Spring festival will commence on the 14th April; and – to finish off – the Summer Sports Festival will begin on the 10th July."
The students began to whisper amongst each other, struggling to control their excitement.
"And now, the last announcement of the assembly!" Cosmos called out over the whispers, her voice echoing around the hall.
But then the there was a pause. Students watched her curiously, wondering as to what she was about to reveal.
Cosmos took a deep breath.
"This may become a shock for all of you, however I do understand if it doesn't for some of you. On the last day before the Christmas holidays…"
Warrior of Light closed his eyes, bracing for what was about to come. Students were anxious, curious and confused by why she was constantly pausing.
It was then she revealed the truth.
"…I will be leaving Dissidia Academy."
What followed was a very uncomfortable silence, the students sat frozen in their seats. Cosmos gazed round cautiously, anxious about the reaction. Warrior of Light peeked out, glancing at the situation at hand.
And then, everyone abruptly leaped out of their seats in unison.


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