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Chapter 9 - Vol 3: Investigation

Dissidia Academy: A predigious school for the ambitious and talented, where students strive to accomplish their goals and dreams.

Follow the heroes of Final Fantasy as they tackle the many challenges and tribulations that await them throughout the eventful academic year!

Chapter 9 - Vol 3: Investigation

Chapter 9 - Vol 3: Investigation
Zidane took a step back, his body uncontrollably shaking in terror. Onion Knight, in retaliation, took a cautious step forward, his intense glare refusing to deviate from Zidane. Zidane glanced over toward Terra and the unconscious Rydia. A small gasp escaped his voice as he switched back towards Onion Knight.
"I-I … I didn't do it!" Zidane blurted out, pleading that Onion Knight and Terra would believe him. "I swear to you … this wasn't my doing!"
Onion Knight took in a deep breath, wishing he could believe his classmate. But he needed answer about what happened, how it happened, and why. He couldn't let Zidane walk away from this, not unless he had a believable alibi.
"I cannot let you go, Zidane." Onion Knight sorrowfully shook his head, glancing around the entirety of the room as he spoke. "I need to know everything in order for me to believe anything you say."
Zidane hesitated, sweat droplets seeping from his face whist he inhaled anxiously.
"I got here just before you guys did." Zidane desperately explained to them, his hands violently shaking. "I heard a crash and a scream and I-"
"What's going on here!?" A commanding voice interrupted, causing every conscious student in the room to jump up in fright.
Onion Knight swiftly sped his body round towards the direction of the voice; even though, to his displeasure, he knew exactly whose voice it had been. Upon the second his eyes caught sight of the person, his heart jolted anxiously. Warrior of Light stood at the open door; his eyes wide with horror and mouth dropped open in shock. His eyes were scanning around the room as he took in the extent of the incident in great detail. Onion Knight hastily glanced back towards Zidane, who had stood frozen in position with terror of seeing Warrior of Light; and then towards Terra, who continued to cradle the unconscious and injured Rydia in her arms whilst tending to her wounds. The atmosphere was cold and silent, the breeze from the smashed window creeping in and the feeling of a thousand eyes glaring into the room. Onion Knight couldn't think at all; the situation continued to tense up and with the inclusion of Warrior of Light's appearance … everything for Zidane was about to become ever-so worse. Finally, however unpleasantly, Warrior of Light had been the first to break the silence.
"What have you done to that girl, Zidane!?" Warrior of Light bellowed out in disgust, eyes locked onto Zidane like daggers prepared to strike. "What were you trying to steal from her that made you commit such a heinous act!?"
"W-wait! You've got it all wrong!" Zidane pleaded back, stuttering and shaking violently as ever. "I would never-"
"She's missing a valuable hair ornament; something that she would always wear wherever she goes." Onion Knight analysed, remembering the times in the past he had seen her around in the Academy. "The only time I would suspect she wouldn't wear the ornament is during P.E. or at home. Even then, jewelry of such value would certainly be kept somewhere safe and away. To see her in such a condition and with the room in a damaged state; it is a strong possibility that there had been some resistance before the 'culprit' committed the final blow and stolen the ornament whilst the 'victim' fell unconscious due to the inflicted injury."
Warrior of Light nodded in silence, taking in what Onion Knight had stated whilst glaring towards Zidane with despise. Zidane, on the other hand, glanced towards Onion Knight with a terrified expression, not knowing how to defend himself from these allegations. Just then, another student appeared from behind Warrior of Light, hearing the commotion from the distance. It was Firion. The moment he caught sight of the crime scene, he gasped with shock. Warrior of Light then swiftly turned towards Firion; keeping to his strong, confident posture and tone to show that he knew what to do in this situation.
"Firion, I need you to go get help from the Medical Room so that this girl – Rydia – can get treatment for her wounds." Warrior of Light demanded calmly, keeping a cool mind as he spoke. "And make sure it is as soon as possible."
Without hesitation, Firion nodded and rushed off towards the direction of the stairs, racing with haste in hopes to get to the Medical Room as soon as possible. As Firion disappeared down the staircase, Warrior of Light turned back round, this time directly towards Onion Knight.
"Onion Knight, once Firion returns with a Medical staff member; I need you to head towards the Headmistress' Office and get her to hurry back here and assess the incident." Warrior of Light commanded, having no desire for any conflicts between the two of them. "In the meantime, however, I want you to close off this room so that students wouldn't come across the crime scene. This room doesn't have an upcoming lesson so there shouldn't be any complications with timetables and groups."
"Wait, then ... what are you going to do?" Onion Knight questioned cautiously and in confusion. "Are you not the one who would normally head towards the Headmistress' Office?"
The was a moment of silence as Warrior of Light once again locked his eyes towards Zidane, who had cautiously shuffled back.
"Normally that would be the case. However, I'm going to do something that I should have done since the first day of the Semester…" Warrior of Light began to answer, eyes lighting up like flames. "… and detain the Thief."
"You're going to WHAT!?" Both Onion Knight and Zidane spat out in shock.
Just then, as though it had all been over in a flash, Warrior of Light launched his body towards Zidane and threw him to the floor. Warrior of Light had made sure that they were far away from the glass shards that had fallen on the floor from the smashed window. Warrior of Light hastily turned Zidane onto his abdomen and grasped hold of his arms like hand-cuffs. Zidane didn't resist whatsoever, still completely shocked of the situation and unable to think of what to do.
"You won't get away from me this time, you filth!" Warrior of Light spat whilst gritting his teeth, forcing himself and Zidane to stand back on their feet.
"Hold on, President! We're still not completely clear that Zidane is the culprit of this whole mess!" Onion Knight began to object, finding Warrior of Light actions entirely absurd. "We should at least hear what he has to say."
"He's called 'Zidane the Thief' for a reason." Warrior of Light argued back, beginning to move Zidane towards the door. "Stealing is his specialty, and I'm completely sure he would place the blame on Bartz when he had the chance, just like he had done many times before. But not this time … this time he'll be locked up in the Detention Room and soon he'll be kicked out of the Academy."
The moment those last words were stated, Zidane's eyes lit up with worry and horror.
"No, Light! You have to understand!" Zidane suddenly resisted, refusing to let this happen to him. "I didn't-"
"SHUT YOUR MOUTH!" Warrior of Light abruptly roared, his eyes burning with fury. "You will NEVER call me by that nickname!"
As the two moved past the door, Onion Knight could only watch as Zidane was taken away by Warrior of Light's unbreakable force. Before they disappeared, Onion Knight caught a glimpse of Zidane's final expression: He was completely mortified.
Onion Knight gave out a loud groan, soothing his head as though he was trying to get rid of a headache. He turned towards Terra, who had been keeping strong pressure against Rydia's head injury. To his surprise, Terra's expression was something he had rarely seen from her: a combination of sadness and regret.
"Do you really believe that Zidane iss the culprit?" Terra hesitantly wondered, her eyes serious and pure. "I mean ... seeing his reaction and everything, is it really true?"
"Zidane was the only person in the room when we discovered the crime scene; it's no surprise that he's a suspect." Onion Knight explained, however, he began to question this as well. "It doesn't help either with the records of his past mischievous antics."
"But would Zidane go so far and commit such a crime just to steal the hair ornament." Terra began to argue back, showing a personality that Onion Knight had never seen before, "I've seen Zidane do some mischievous acts in the past, but he has always been considerate towards everyone he's met."
Onion Knight raised an eyebrow with curiosity, falling silent as he gathered his mind. He considered Terra's argument, agreeing about the fact the Zidane wouldn't normally go as far as intentionally injuring someone for the sake of stealing. If injuries did occur, it would normally be accidental; such as with Sephiroth during the 'Great Globe Incident'. Onion Knight glanced around the room, examining for large clues that may help understand the situation any better. To his dismay, the only way he would be able to grasp the incident thoroughly would be to investigate the scene to the smallest detail. Right now, he did not have to time due to making sure Rydia is safe and secure and prevent other students of the Academy to stumble upon the crime scene. To add to that, the bell indicating the end of Lunch Break and the start of the next lessons would sound off anytime now. Onion Knight would have to do as Warrior of Light requested before assembling further investigations. He switched back round to Terra, and began to figure out a way to investigate the situation.
"If we're going to find out the truth behind this incident, we will have to form a structured plan." Onion Knight began to explain to her, feeling determined to find out if Zidane was truly the culprit. "First of all, we'll continue with Warrior of Light's orders and maintain the area securely. Once Rydia is safe in the Medical Room and the area is fully closed off, we'll join with the rest of our class in the upcoming lesson."
"But, wouldn't that mean abandoning the crime scene and the investigation?" Terra wondered worriedly, biting her lip in the process as she cradled the unconscious Rydia in her arms. "We can't just walk away!"
"Don't worry about that; it will only be a temporary setback." Onion Knight assured, understanding Terra's worry. "As soon as the lesson ends – or before if possible, depending if the teacher would allow for us to head out early – we'll return hear and fully investigate the room. By that time however; the Headmistress, other members of the Student Council, and possibly the public services would also be investigating the scene. So it may be difficult for us to get anything that hasn't already been found."
Terra nodded with a confident expression, taking in everything Onion Knight had told her. However, as she glanced down towards Rydia, a question formed in her mind.
"But … how are we going to convince both the Headmistress and the Student Council about who the 'real' culprit is?" Terra cautiously questioned, thinking the situation through. "I mean ... if there is a strong possibility that Zidane is innocent."
Onion Knight drew in a deep sigh, raising his head and crossing his arms as he questioned that himself.
"Yes, I was wondering about that myself." Onion Knight spoke out, trying to solve the problems at hand. "Consulting the Headmistress wouldn't be too much of a problem, but the rest of the Student Council will certainly be tough. Especially with Warrior of Light's intense grudge against Zidane, he'll be almost impossible to convince."
Dipping his head, Onion Knight glanced towards Terra in silence, desperately attempting to figure out how to pass the obstacle. But in the end, he gave out a small shrug.
"Well, for now, we'll continue as we were told." Onion Knight sighed, deciding that thinking about it any further would waste the precious time that they had. "I'll stand in front of the door and wait for the Medical Staff to arrive and you can continue with managing Rydia's injury."
Terra gave a determined nod, accepting her current role. Onion Knight turned and stepped outside of the room, securing the scene of the incident and looking out for Firion and a member of the Medical Staff. Onion Knight closed the door most of the way, allowing a small open gap between the door and the frame so he and Terra can communicate. Only a minute after Onion Knight began standing guard, the Academy's bell rang throughout the building. Onion Knight drew in a deep breath, expecting for students to appear at any moment. Students began to appear from the staircase, gossiping cheerfully and freely. Many walked past Onion Knight, most of them ignoring him as he continued to stand in front of the room. However, some of the passing Students glanced towards him curiously, wondering why he was standing so tensely in front of the door.
Just then, Onion Knight noticed his fellow classmates appearing from the staircase. Cloud Strife, Squall Leonhart and Tidus appeared as a three-man group. Tidus had been leading the other two as he constantly ranted on, Cloud and Squall however both seemed as though they were bored out of their minds. Between the two, Squall had fallen into a very gloomy expression whilst Cloud seemed to be close to nodding off; something that was the norm for them. Abruptly, Tidus caught sight of Onion Knight and began to run over to him, much to Onion Knight's sudden displeasure. The one of two people Onion Knight truly did not wish to see at this moment in time, the other being Bartz Klauser due to having similar annoying character traits to Tidus. Cloud and Squall decided to follow Tidus, hoping to accompany Onion Knight with knowing and hoping completely that he was someone who had a sense of sanity. Onion Knight took a swift glance back and peeked through the gap of the room, checking of Terra and Rydia before he had to deal with Tidus and his curiosity-filled personality. As he confirmed to himself that they were safe, he switched his sight back towards the trio. To his sudden shock, Tidus had loomed over him with a cheesy smile, causing Onion Knight's whole body to suddenly shiver. Cloud and Squall stood either side of Tidus and enclosed Onion Knight in a minuscule, claustrophobic space. With Cloud's drained expression on the left, Squall's gloomy expression on the right, and Tidus' hyped expression in the middle; Onion Knight struggled to breathe through this enclosing space.
"Hey man, what's up?" Tidus innocently greeted him, his cheesy smile showing off completely.
Onion Knight began to shuffle his feet back, struggling to keep a strong mind.
"I-I'm fine …" Onion Knight stuttered, feeling tense by the three crowding round him. "I-is it possible if y-you could take a step back?"
"Why's that?" Tidus curiously wondered, unable to grasp the reason behind Onion Knight's request.
"I-it is just that …" Onion Knight struggled to answer, unable to form his words as he continued to feel the tension of the classmates looming over him. His mind, on the other hand, began to call out in frustration: Please don't make me say it…
"It's just what?" Tidus echoed in a confused tone, his mind unable to click that he was causing Onion Knight to lose his stability.
"Well, I …" Onion Knight murmured, feeling his legs beginning to shake whilst his mind yelled out in pain: Just get the hint already!
Unlike Tidus, Cloud suddenly snapped into reality from his daze and realized Onion Knight's problem, taking a step back. Squall glanced over to Cloud in with a confused expression, but decided to follow his action and give Onion Knight some space. Tidus, however, did the exact opposite.
"And besides, why are you standing here when the classroom for our Food-Tech lesson is across the other side of the corridor?" Tidus added to his curious questions, abruptly shuffling forward towards Onion Knight and beginning to cheekily peer into the room behind Onion Knight. "Is there something happening in this room?"
I'M GOING TO SAY IT! Onion Knight's mind cried out in agony, biting his lip and whole body shaking. "Please, just ..."
"Uh, Tidus …" Cloud called to his friend with caution, noticing that Tidus wasn't noticing the situation he was causing.
"Huh, what's the matter?" Tidus wondered and he glanced back.
But it was too late, Onion Knight's mind had snapped completely.
Tidus instantly leaped back with shock, allowing Onion Knight to regain his senses again. Other Students passing the corridor suddenly glanced over towards them with surprise and curiosity, wondering as to what was going on. Onion Knight began to take in deep recovery breaths with relief; however, his eyes were wide and pupil's dilated as though he still had terror in his mind.
DAMN! I SAID IT! Onion Knight's mind bellowed out, feeling foolish himself for admitting about the problem with his height.
"Ah, I'm sorry, Onion Knight." Tidus innocently apologized, giving a sorrowful expression. "I didn't mean to trip you out."
"N-no, don't worry about that, you didn't know." Onion Knight hastily answered back with a calm smile, hoping to brush away the problem that had occurred to him. However, his mind had been had a different thought altogether: Yes, don't worry ... I'll kill you in your sleep …
"Is something wrong out there, Onion Knight?" Terra called out curiously, hearing his sudden outburst.
"Hey, is that Terra? What's she doing in there?" Tidus instantly began to wonder, trying to get another peek into the room.
"Don't concern yourself with what she's doing; she's just treating someone's wound at the moment." Onion Knight hastily spoke back, still taking in air but blocking the door from Tidus' curious sight.
After a moment of recovery, Cloud felt it was necessary to bring up the question again that Tidus had asked a moment before.
"So, why are you standing here?" Cloud questioned, curious as to what was currently occurring. "You said something about Terra treating an injured person in the room behind you."
Onion Knight straightened up his posture and nodded to Cloud, accepting to speak about the incident but on a mild level. As quick and simple as he possibly could, Onion Knight addressed the situation to Cloud, Squall, and Tidus. He made sure that key points were left out such as who the victim and the actual culprit were.
"That's horrible … I hope the girl is ok." Cloud sympathized, feeling sorrowful for the person even though he only knew that it was a female student.
"I'm sure she'll be fine, I bet you that she's a trooper!" Tidus cheerfully admitted, acting as optimistic as ever.
However, Squall shook his head with a bored expression, his statement caused Onion Knight to jump up in surprise.
"Whatever ... I'm sure the culprit will get what he deserves." He murmured, showing no sympathetic expression whatsoever. "… It'll save me from any further hassle in the future."
HUH!? He knew that Zidane could have been involved with the incident! Onion Knight's mind suddenly exploded with thoughts, causing him to begin raising suspicions. But … how did he know!?
Just then, four members of the Medical Staff had finally appeared with first aid equipment, including a wheelchair that would be used in order to move Rydia safely from the room of the incident to the Medical Room. Onion Knight stepped to the side as the team rushed through the door; Cloud, Squall, and Tidus also had moved out of the way to allow leeway for the Medical Team to move in and out of the area. Onion Knight then noticed Firion appear from behind the Medical team, stopping beside Onion Knight the moment he reached the group. Onion Knight watched as Terra assisted with moving Rydia safely onto the wheelchair, Rydia seeming to still be completely unconscious.
"Aren't you guys supposed to be in lesson right now?" Firion suddenly questioned the other three fellow classmates, causing Onion Knight to realize the time. "I'm sure Food Tech has already started."
"Argh ... do we have to go!?" Tidus complained suddenly, as though hoping to get away from the lesson. "This looks so much more fun though!"
"This isn't a silly fun event, you know …" Squall commented to him, giving off an un-amused aura.
"I know, I know." Tidus sighed in but frustration and sorrow, looking down on himself. "I just felt like skipping the lesson. But ... what about you guys?"
Tidus had directed his attention towards Onion Knight and Firion, whilst also implying Terra. Onion Knight and Firion glanced towards each other, wondering to themselves about what they should do. In the end, however, they both felt it was necessary to assist with investigation the incident.
"We'll be in the lesson once we've finished our service with this." Onion Knight answered, keeping a determined mind. "Please inform the teacher about the reason for us being late."
"We will." Cloud accepted, smiling as he nodded. "We'll make sure she understands the situation."
With that, the three classmates began to make their way towards the Food Tech room, however Squall halted his movement. He glanced back towards Onion Knight, showing a sharp glare in his direction.
"Oh, by the way Onion Knight …" Squall called out, feeling the need to speak. "Choose your friends wisely; you wouldn't want to end up with any odd-balls."
As Squall followed the other two, Onion Knight watched him disappear with a suspicious expression. Onion Knight struggled to understand why he spoke like that, similarly to the earlier comment he spoke of. However, Onion Knight's intuition began to spark up, suggesting that Squall maybe linked to Zidane and his 'supposed' crime. Unfortunately, he needed more information to go on in order to make full assumptions.
"Anyway, I'm going to inform the Headmistress." Onion Knight hastily stated, shaking his head and placed the intuitions towards the back of his mind due to having to deal with more important current issues.
"Go on ahead, I'll hold down the fort." Firion nodded, smiling coolly as he stood strong beside the door.
Onion Knight thanked him and hurriedly rushed up the staircase, hoping that Headmistress Cosmos was either still in the Council Room of her Office. The moment he reached the 5th floor however, he noticed Headmistress Cosmos rushing towards him.
"S-sorry for the delay – (huff … huff ...) – I heard about the incident." Cosmos apologized through her rushed and concerned voice, trying to regain her breath. "Is the Female Student safe?"
"Don't worry, she's being treated by the Medical Staff and is currently being moved to the Medical Room." Onion Knight explained with a serious nod, giving a confident expression.
Cosmos gave out a sigh of relief, feeling slightly more relaxed thanks to learning about her main concern.
The moment they got back to the 4th Floor of the Academy; Cosmos and Onion Knight had entered the room, both examining the scene with tense eyes as they stood between the scene and the door of the room. Firion had also entered the room; however, he seemed to be in deep thought with a full investigation of the area. He had been wearing clear rubber gloves and kneeling down on the floor to conduct his investigation, seeming as though he was a real Detective. Terra had decided to stand out of the way, taking time to recover herself from managing Rydia's injury and safety. Onion Knight took in the scene with great detail in his mind, trying to figure out the many holes to this whole ordeal. At first the room was almost completely silent, apart from the gust of wind echoing through the room from the smashed window. However, Headmistress Cosmos had been the first to break the silence.
"Has the culprit of this incident been detained?" Cosmos questioned tensely, her eyes locked on the area of the crime scene.
Onion Knight first hesitated due to difficulty with finding the correct words, but did not take long to reply.
"A suspect had been taken in by Warrior of Light; in fact he is a fellow classmate of ours: Zidane Tribal." Onion Knight admitted to her, although gaining mixed feeling about how to approach the topic. "Terra and Myself had found him here when the incident had occurred; it had only been him and the victim who was at the scene when we entered."
Cosmos nodded slowly as she took in everything Onion Knight, "Was there any crucial details about the victim: Rydia?" She then wondered, keeping a clear mind.
"She had a head injury from colliding against the wall in –what my guess was – some sort of conflict that occurred during the incident. She was also missing a Hair Ornament that she would regularly wear." Onion Knight answered, remembering everything that he noticed when he and Terra first found Rydia.
Cosmos then drew in a deep breath, closing her eyes as she thought about the details of the information. Onion Knight glanced over towards Firion; who had been taking photos of sections of the area including the broken window and the small, cracked blood mark on the wall. Firion had also been taking notes about the crime scene with a small notepad he had taken out of his pocket, bullet-pointing important facts about the incident as he continued on. It was like he had been prepared for this type of event to occur!
"Firion, did you find anything during the examination?" Onion Knight called out to him with curiosity, wondering if he picked anything unexpected.
"Well, I found evidence that would certainly work against Zidane." Firion began to state, initially causing Onion Knight to feel cautious. "However, there's also evidence that doesn't seem to add up correctly with what we know about the incident entirely."
"What do you mean by that?" Onion Knight wondered as his mind began to open up more from hearing the statement.
"There are a few strands of long brown hair found in the area that does not belong to either Rydia or Zidane, who have green and blond hair respectively. And they certainly don't belong to either of us." Firion explained to him, confusion lighting up in his expressions as he look out a small, clear plastic pouch containing the hair-strands. "Additionally, there were small pieces of fabric that hung on the shards of glass from the smashed window."
"Is that so?" Onion Knight commented, intrigued about the finding. "But, what's the fabric got to do with not adding correctly to the incident?"
"It may seem relatable at first but as I looked closely, the direction of the torn fabric indicates the possibility that the culprit had made an escape through that window." Firion continued on.
"Huh?" Both Onion Knight and Terra expressed with confusion, with Onion Knight carrying on with his thoughts and questions. "Wait, but Zidane was found inside the room! Could it just be possible that the clothing of either the culprit or Rydia's Academy Uniform got caught against the glass?"
"See, that was what I first thought as well. But as I watched Rydia get wheeled out of the room, her whole visible clothing seemed to be fully intact." Firion quickly added, shaking his head. "And the state of the fabric on the glass seemed that it was rather unlikely that it was a mere coincident."
Onion Knight raised an eyebrow to this statement, finding the evidence rather odd. But as the information seeped through his mind, more holes seemed to suddenly appear.
"I've just realized!" Onion Knight leaped up, noticing more flaws to the incident. "When we found Zidane here through to when he was taken away by Warrior of Light, the Hair Ornament wasn't anywhere in his possession. However, we found him immediately after the incident occurred. Surely, if he was truly the culprit, he couldn't have hidden the Ornament in time, could he?"
There was a small moment of silence in the room, all of them deep in thought with figuring out the answers to the rising number of questions. Abruptly, Headmistress Cosmos clapped her hands together, causing the three students - Onion Knight, Firion, and Terra - to leap up in fright.
"Well then, it seems a difficult ordeal has been brought upon us." Cosmos suddenly announced cheerfully, as if she was planning to speak out in riddles. "But we won't be able to find our answers standing around idly like this; we'll have to move this investigation up to the 'next' level."
The unexpected statement made by Cosmos caused the three students to become speechless, unable to answer back. This sudden change of emotion had been completely out of the norm for the Headmistress. Onion Knight, however, was able to break this tension.
"What do you have in mind, Headmistress?" Onion Knight questioned, somehow curious about what she had been going on about.
But, to his shock, Headmistress Cosmos shot him an unexpectedly dark glare, as though he had pushed the wrong button.
"Oh, just call me Cosmos …" The Headmistress murmured in a threatening tone, her eyes stabbing into Onion Knight's mind.
"Err … um … Sorry, Cosmos." Onion Knight hesitantly apologized, completely baffled by the Headmistress' sudden switch in personality.
"Anyway, I have an idea in mind that may help us solve the case." Cosmos continued on, switching back to her usual, caring personality like nothing had just happened. "But this will mean I'll have to prepare everything within the next hour. So, for now I'll have this room boarded off from the rest of the school and set up the plans ready for the Academy's Assembly."
"What do you mean by these plans?" Terra, who stepped up in view next to Onion Knight, questioned her with curiosity.
"Don't you worry about that for now, I'll tell you all after you have finished the current lessons." Cosmos assured the three of them, keeping her secrets to herself. "So for the time being, it's best we hold the investigation till when the lessons are finished."
Onion Knight, Firion, and Terra glanced towards each other with odd expressions, unable to grasp what the Headmistress was speaking about. But, in the end, they agreed to follow Cosmos' suggestion and began to make their way out of the room. But before Onion Knight stepped outside the door, a small glint caught the corner of his eye. As he turned towards the direction of the glimmer, he instantly caught sight on an object lying on the floor in the distance. He stepped up towards the object and knelt down, examining the details. To his surprise, it was a red, crystallized jewel. He carefully picked it up and analysed to jewel in its entirety. He then began to wonder if it belonged to Rydia's missing Hair Ornament. But for the time being he placed in a secure section of his Blazer pocket and swiftly caught up with Firion and Terra.
As the three entered the Food Tech Room, they could instantly smell the filling texture from the ovens. The noises of their fellow Class 13A students talking with each other as they were working together in order to make exquisite food. Firion and Terra took in the smell with great appreciation, unable to resist. Onion Knight, however, couldn't bring himself to appreciate the smell. He turned his head with frustration, refusing to make eye contact with the teacher of the lesson.
"Sorry we're late miss." Terra called out cheerfully, unable to notice Onion Knight's sudden scorn expression.
Onion Knight drew in a deep breath, wishing Terra didn't call out to her. Footsteps then approached the three of them from the distance.
"Don't worry; we've only just started with making scones." The Female teacher answered back, a smile showing on her face.
Onion Knight grunted, refusing to look eye to eye with the teacher whatsoever. The teacher then turned to Onion Knight's direction, looking down on him with sudden intimidation.
"Well now, Onion Knight, is something not to your liking?" the teacher questioned, giving a dark, low chuckle.
"N-no … it's nothing." Onion Knight regretfully answered back, biting the inside of his lip as he spoke.
"Then look me in the eye when you're speaking, you ungrateful child." The teacher then abruptly spat, crossing her arms in a strict position.
Hesitantly, Onion Knight turned his head back and glared towards his Food Tech teacher. He could suddenly taste the blood from his lip due to his teeth digging in when he heard one of his most 'hated' words being called to him. The Teacher had been wearing a neat, white chef uniform and a smooth, black office miniskirt. Her long hair was dark silver and had been held back by netting. She had very strict expressions, especially when talking to Onion Knight. Her name: Cloud of Darkness.
"S-sorry … Miss." Onion Knight stuttered, giving off his unusually hesitant expression.
"Apology accepted." Cloud of Darkness nodded, but her expression did not change. "Now then, you and Terra can pair off and begin making your scones whilst Firion can help Bartz seeing as he's on his own this time."
The three of the nodded and moved to their designated work place within the room. The Food Tech room was styled exactly like a large, open kitchen. Filled with various cooking equipment and several machines, the walls were covered in various posters and sheets of paper informing about the ideal diet and unique recipes. Air vents were situated around sections of the ceiling to allow for steam and smoke to be vented out efficiently, meaning that there wouldn't be any problems with fire alarms or lack of visibility.
For the next 30 minutes, Onion Knight and Terra had set u and begun helping each other to cook the scones. However, every attempt on the scones Onion Knight had done seemed to keep getting burnt or even crumble, much to his frustration.
"Onion Knight! Throw them away and try again!" Cloud of Darkness demanded the moment she spotted Onion Knight's failure, her voice raised over the noises in the room to a strong level. "You are wasting such valuable ingredients."
"Again!? But it's my 5th attempt!" Onion Knight complained back, feeling ever so annoyed that every cooking attempt he had made so far had failed in various ways.
"Tch, Such irony! You call yourself the 'Onion Knight' and yet you cannot even cook something as simple as scones!" Cloud of Darkness cheekily mocked, giving out a low, dark giggle. "Maybe you should look at Squall's fantastic masterpiece! It may even give you a bit of inspiration!"
Onion Knight turned towards Squall's position, only for his mouth to abruptly drop to the floor and his eyes widen with complete shock. The rest of the group had gathered around Squall's work area with shock and awe, gazing at his tray of perfect scones with admiration. Squall showed off no expression whatsoever, finding the attention frustrating and an invasion of his personal space.
"Woah! How did you make them SO TASTY!?" Tidus wondered with awe, chomping down on one of the scones. "Are you a part-time chef or something!?"
"Er … not really." Squall shook his head with his usual bored expression, finding this all irritating. "My pathetic Dad refuses to cook at home with using his usual 'leg cramp' excuses, so I just do it myself."
"Wow, this is amazing!" Bartz shouted out cheerfully, feeling the tastes excite his mouth.
Onion Knight dipped his head in depression, feeling completely useless with his terrible cooking skills. Terra placed a hand on his shoulder and quietly giggled, giving her usual sweet smile.
"Don't worry, Onion Knight." Terra comforted him, looking over towards Squall's work table in the process. "I'm sure you'll get the recipes correct one day."
"Yes, but it doesn't help with Miss 'Strict' over there constantly dragging me down to the ground whenever I slip up." Onion Knight pouted, glaring towards Cloud of Darkness with stabbing eyes. "She's been mocking me about my poor cooking skills since the start of last year."
"Well, look on the bright side, at least Warrior of Light isn't here." Terra sweetly pointed out, allowing Onion Knight to notice that Warrior of Light isn't anywhere in sight. "I'm positive that he would have added his own comments to the fire in some way to another."
"That is true." Onion Knight raised his head back up, looking around. "Where is he anyway?"
Just then, however, the door to the Food Tech Room suddenly opened up. One of the Medical Staff entered in a rush and caught sight of Terra and Onion Knight. The whole of the Class turned and watched the Medical Staff with curiosity, wondering as to what was happening.
"Onion Knight and Terra Branford!" The Medical Staff Member hastily announced, trying to gain back his breath. "Rydia has just gained consciousness, and wishes to speak to you!"
Onion Knight jumped up, his eyes wide with sudden ambition as he knew this had been his chance to escape the lesson. He turned towards Cloud of Darkness, hoping she would approve him leaving the lesson.
"It's fine, they can leave." Cloud of Darkness accepted formally, nodding towards the Medical Staff Member.
Onion Knight felt his heart leap with joy, packing up his work surface as fast as possible and leaving the room with Terra in no time whatsoever. Cloud of Darkness glared as the two left, wondering as to why they were in such a rush.
Onion Knight and Terra reached the Medical Room in barely any wasted time. They entered the room with expressions of respect; taking in a deep, meaningful breath. As the door opened, they both noticed Rydia sitting up on the bed, looking rather distant to the world.
"How are you feeling, Rydia?" Onion Knight politely asked, stepping up beside the bed with Terra beside him.
"I'm feeling fine, thank you."Rydia nodded cheerfully, turning her head towards their direction. "I wanted to say 'thank you' to both of you for helping me when I was attacked earlier."
Onion Knight and Terra smiled with appreciation, feeling cheerful that Rydia was making a safe recovery. However, her eyes still seemed rather distant and unfocused, causing Onion Knight to begin to wonder. He sat down on the chair beside the bed and locked his sight towards her.
"Rydia, there is something important I'd like to discuss with you, and I'm sorry if I'm treading to far with this." Onion Knight began with a serious tone in his voice. "Do you remember anything about the incident? Who was the person that attacked you? Why did that person attack you? And, why were you in that room?"
Rydia hesitated, having trouble to form her words correctly.
"I…" She finally began, tears suddenly welling up from her eyes. "I don't remember … I can't remember the incident at all!"
Just then, she abruptly placed the palms of her hands against her face, hiding it from the two as she broke down in tears. Terra instantly sat down next to her on the bed and comforted her, feeling saddened that Rydia was in such a state.
"M-my Hair Ornament …" Rydia continued in a struggle, unable to stop sobbing. "It was a gift from my Mother, I m-must get it back!"
Onion Knight leaned back on his chair, gritting his teeth in frustration. Without Rydia remembering anything about what had happened in the incident. It was going to be ever so difficult for him to solve the case. He struggled to bring up any solution in his mind towards solving this incident. Just then, the door to the room opened suddenly with Headmistress Cosmos stepping in, showing an unexpected proud yet also excited expression about her.
"Don't you worry, Rydia. We'll solve this case and get you your Ornament back in no time." Cosmos assured her, smiling kindly as she stepped up to the bed.
Onion Knight and Terra glanced towards each other with odd expressions, wondering why she was acting like so.
"What do you mean, Cosmos?" Onion Knight questioned, looking up towards her curiously.
"Well, it's simple." Cosmos began to open up, giving a rare, excited smile. "During the Student Assembly, the Academy will have a Court Trial that will determine the Case of the incident."
Onion Knight's mind suddenly shattered with shock, unable to grasp what he had just heard.
"A Court Trial!?" He echoed as he leaped up from his seat. "But who will be the Lawyer and Prosecutor of the Case!? And, what about the Judge!?"
The Headmistress gave out a sudden small chuckle.
"I'll be bringing in an old friend of mine who is an official Court Judge." Cosmos answered with pride. "However, I have decided that two 'Gifted' Students will take the roles of Lawyer and Prosecutor."
Onion Knight and Terra listened in, wondering what Students will take the role.
"Warrior of Light will take the role of Prosecutor. Whilst you, Onion Knight, will take the role of Lawyer and defend Zidane in the upcoming Trial." Cosmos announced, giving a sweet, cheesy smile.


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